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Hey guys! I’ve been super Star Wars-y lately, so today I am watching A New Hope and working on my order for a Rey costume. How appropriate, right? 😉


Aaah… I just love Star Wars!! My love (or perhaps I should say obsession) for it finally  began to grow this year. I can’t wait for The Force Awakens to come out!!! It’s less than 2 months away now!!! EEE!!! 😀
I better go now, but I’ll be posting again soon about my trip to Disneyland! Bye for now! :)

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?



18 Responses to Feeling Star Wars-y

  • That’s awesome, Jaclynn!! 😀 I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies yet (I know, I know…. 😉 ) so I can’t really say what my favorite is of course. 😉 I think my dad may have seen one of the Star Wars movies a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away, LOL), like, even before he met my mom, but I’m not sure. (I’ll have to ask him again. 😉 )
    I can’t wait to hear about your Disneyland trip! I’ve always wanted to go there. Hopefully someday! 😀 And hey, maybe I’d be able to meet you there…that would be so much fun!

    • Thanks! 😀 Oh, yes, you definitely must see them! They’re so good 😀
      LOLOL! Oh wow! I wonder if he liked it… 😉
      I’m glad you’re excited to hear about it! I can’t wait to share about it with all of you 😀
      Oooh!! That would be so much fun!! I’d love to meet you in person :)

  • Okay, two weird things about me: one, I hadn’t watched Star Wars until about a month ago.
    And two, I don’t really like Star Wars! Haha! I can see why everybody else likes it, though- really neat plot line.

  • I am not as big a Star Wars fan as say, you or my sisters, but I really really really REALLY like LEGO Star Wars and Episode 2..and Episode 4…I think those are the one’s I like best. Especially the wedding of Padme and Anakin! I mean her DRESS IS GORGEOUS! LOL.
    I’m not super excited about Star Wars Land, but that’s mostly because of the crowds it will bring…We’re like less than 10 minutes away. Traffic on weekends — not fun.
    But I’m sure it will be super fun!

    • Ooh you mean the LEGO Star Wars movies?? I LOVE those!! 😀
      Yeah, Star Wars land is going to be PACKED! But I’m SO excited for it!! It’s going to be AMAZING!!! 😀

  • Oh, yes! Ha ha, I am a fan of Star Wars. My favorite movie is probably Return of the Jedi, although that may change when the next movie comes out…I was also Rey for Halloween, LOL!

  • You should search Google for “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away”. I won’t tell you what happens, but it is awesome! Only search on a laptop or computer, it doesn’t work on a tablet or phone.

    For all you Star Wars fans,
    * Norah *

  • I actually just watched the 1st and 2nd movies and I love them! Before, I didn’t know a thing about Star Wars and didn’t really have any clue why you guys liked it so much, but I really like it too! I just finished reading the 3rd book, (Return of the Jedi) and have yet to watch the movie, but it was really cool. The ending was really sweet. :)

    • Oh my goodness, YAY!! Welcome to the Star Wars Fangirl Galaxy! ;D
      I’m really excited that you’re enjoying the movies as well as the books! I haven’t read the books yet, but I hope to someday :)
      Do you think you might see The Force Awakens in theaters? :)

      • I might, I don’t know yet. :) But I am sad because I saw a comment on another blog saying that Han Solo dies in it. He was my favorite character (along with CP-30) because he’s so funny. I hope they didn’t change it much. I wish there were lots more older movies. :)

        • Oh, well I hope you are able to! Seeing it in the theaters was really amazing :)
          Awww… I’m so sorry that was spoiled for you… Han Solo was my favorite character, too. He’s always been, so when it happened, well, I cried my eyes out. :'(
          Oh, and just to let you know, it’s C3-PO :)
          Yeah, I wish there were more of the older movies, too! But have you heard that they are going to make a few “older” movies? They are making a Boba Fett movie and a Han Solo movie that we know of so far! I’m really excited about that, but also worried, because finding someone else to play Han Solo when he’s younger…. Hmm… I hope he looks similar to Harrison Ford and plays his part well :)

          • I guess it’s probably for the best… if I didn’t know, I would probably be even more sad. 😉
            Thanks for telling me! I can never get his name right. I never knew his name, but I’ve known R2-D2 for a long time! My dad loved Star Wars when he was young, so he had lots of spaceships and action figures. He left them at our grandma’s house, so we played with them every time we went to her house. I liked Princess Leia (because she was a princess, of course) and R2-D2. I only knew those too. While we were watching the movies one of my siblings would always say, “Oh, that’s a Lego set! Grandma has that ship!” It was funny. :)
            I’m kinda worried too… They could really mess those up, especially the Han Solo one. It will be interesting to see who they get to play him.
            I just watched “Return of the Jedi” last night. I finished reading the book and I was like, we need to watch the movie soon! And we did! One of my favorite parts was when C3-PO was a “god” and Han said, “Well, why don’t you use your divine influence to get us out of this?” That was funny. :)

          • Yeah, I understand. It’s kind of predictable anyway in the movie. The whole time I was just waiting and dreading the moment when he would die. :(
            You’re welcome! I’m still getting some names down myself. Up until recently I didn’t know a Tie-Fighter from an X-Wing XD
            Awe, that’s so cute! :)
            I agree. Maybe they could use Harrison Ford still and do some stuff to his face to make him look younger XD
            Oh yay!! I LOVE that one! Which of the movies is your favorite? :)
            Oh yes! That part is so funny! XD

  • I’m not sure… I like them all! The Empire Strikes Back has some really funny parts in it too. :) I love memorizing funny movie quotes and then saying them at relevant times. 😛 I love having the trilogy in book form so I can just read all the funny sayings. :) My mom got it at Barnes and Noble. :)
    I have heard of people making other people look younger in movies, but the concept of it is sorta strange to me, I don’t know why.

    • It’s definitely hard to pick a favorite! I love them all so much, but I think TFA is probably my absolute favorite one, but then I could just be saying that because it’s new… Who knows? 😉
      I LOVE The Empire Strikes Back! LOL! It definitely has some great lines in it! 😀
      Oh that’s really cool! :)
      I agree with you, it is very strange… But kinda cool at the same time ;D

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