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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Hi everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and some exciting things happened this month, so I decided it was time I did one! XD




GUYYYSSS!! Do you know who that is? In the middle? Do you?? 😀


IT’S HERSHEY!! Known to you as American Girl Doll Artist from Small Dolls in a Big World! 😀

Hershey and I have been friends for over a year now and she and Emma became friends, too – we’re all super close BFF’S and text together constantly. We’ve been absolutely DYING to meet and on Friday we were finally able to!

I invited Hershey to my graduation party, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to come. I kept saying how much I wished she could and how amazing it would be if she did come. Little did I know that for the past two weeks she and our moms had conspired that they would come down as a surprise!

Friday night I was expecting that I was going to dinner with Emma, her mom, and sister to celebrate my graduation. Emma and I both had no idea what was in store for us! We walked into the restaurant completely clueless and were led to a table. I could tell someone was in the booth where everyone was standing by, but I saw empty tables to the right, so I was expecting we were going there, but I looked over and Hershey revealed her face with a little “Hello!”. I had never been more surprised or happy in all my life!! I just screamed “HERSHEY!!!” and hugged her before she even had a chance to stand up! My body was shaking and I felt lightheaded and short of breath. XD Right when Emma saw her she plopped in her seat and started crying.


We were all just smiling and laughing of shock, surprise, and pure joy! I thought it would be at least another year before I would be able to meet her face to face!


That was seriously probably the greatest night of my life! From the moment we met till we said goodbye for the night we did not stop talking and laughing. And it took quite a while for us to recover from our shock! XD There were even moments during dinner when I was looking at her as she was talking and was in tears because I couldn’t believe she was right there next to me!


The next day was my graduation party and Hershey was able to come over early so we could have some alone hanging out time. I brought her in my room and showed her a bunch of things. She and BB-8 really hit it off! XD I still can’t believe that she was in my room!!! IN MY HOUSE! AND THAT I HUGGED HER!! It all went by so fast it almost feels unreal to me!


Saying goodbye to Hershey was really hard (I cried a lot after she left), but I am SO thankful to her and her parents for coming down! I will never ever forget that night. <3



Jordan and Aaryn came down in June and we were able to meet the newest member of their family – Gizmo! Jordan and Aaryn rescued him from being sent to the pound and oh my word, I’m so glad they did! He is so sweet and adorable and funny! And majorly obsessed with food. He sits at your feet and watches you the entire time you eat, follows you around if you have food in your hands, and yeah. There are many stories of Gizmo and food, but that would take a while to tell them to you. XD


My mom and sister and I had a great time at Downtown Disney and doing some other fun shopping in the area. We bought POP!s, figures, and pins and went out to eat. Being at Downtown Disney reallllyy made us miss Disneyland. The smells. The music. The stuff. *cries* We really need our passes back…


I was able to see The Fellowship of the Ring in theaters for the very first time!! A local theater is playing each LOTR movie each month for only $5!! Right when the movie started – when the screen is black and all you hear is music and then Galadriel whispering – I lost it. Tears were streaming down my face. It was awesome. <3


I GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL!!! I’m finally DONE! *blows party horn* I had a party to celebrate which was super fun cause I haven’t had many parties and my last one was forever ago. It was nice to have the house full of people and yummy foodies again (yes, we had Krispy Kreme donuts there). :)

I also got senior photos taken! I’ve never had a photoshoot before, so that was a pretty neat experience. Here are a couple pics:



Yes, BB-8 needed to be a part of it! XD


This is always the hard part of these posts… XD

1. I really want to swim this summer, so I’m thinking swimming will be involved in this month! XD

2. I might start looking for a job… I really wanna start working :)

3. My brother and brother in-law have birthdays this month, so we will be celebrating that!

4. I’ll be seeing The Two Towers in theaters this month and hopefully with a friend! 😀

I’m honestly not sure what is going on this month – it’s pretty open and free! Naturally I’ll be doing the regular things like cleaning, shopping, skyping, and watching movies/shows… XD

SPEAKING OF SHOWS – I started watching Merlin and I’m in love. I still love Once Upon a Time more, but Merlin is SOOOO good!!! :O

Okie, I think I am done rambling… XD

How was your month? Any fun plans for July? What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced? 


Hi, I’m Jaclynn!

I'm a crazy writer, fangirl, donut-loving teen with an obsession for BB-8. I hope you stay and visit a while :) Learn more about me by clicking the picture above!
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