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Monthly Archives: October 2016

*deep breath*

*deep breath*

*screams head off*


Speaking of sweet…. it is a well known fact that writers around the world depend upon chocolate to get them through the torturous writing days that seem to eat you alive.

Last year I had no chocolate. No yumminess of any kind. Perhaps that is why I failed. Because I had nothing to keep me going through the day.

I will not allow that to happen this year. So you know what I did? I got me some “extravagant gifts of deliciousness.”

Kettle corn to munch on in the day will be very helpful…

Cookies and Cream POCKY?! :O

And of course….

DARK CHOCOLATE. *mouth waters*

I’ve read that people usually reward themselves with a bit of chocolate after meeting their goal, so chocolate will be my rewarding treat.

Oh, and also, for those cold, rainy days that I pray are coming (Please, God!!), I also have some hot cocoa and an adorable s’mores snowman mug! <3

Do you have any snacks or drinks to get you through this time of peril (admit it, thousands of characters are going to be killed off during November and you will most likely be one of the murderers. Poor guys.)?

As each day passes I grow more and more excited for Nano and also a teensy bit worried that I’m being crazy and will not meet my word count goal… o_o

*glances at plot board* *sees list of characters* *becomes confused* Christine is a main character?? Huh. Okay. XD

On a side note, I’ve come to the conclusion that research is hard and I don’t know why I ever had the desire to do it.

Good luck to those participating in NaNoWriMo! *waves*


I saw Loren from Let’s Be Lost make a post like this and I thought it looked super fun and interesting to do!

1. Where do you see yourself job-wise?

Hmm… Right now I’m working in childcare at church (SO FUN), but I don’t think I’ll still be doing that in 10 years… Maybe working at the Disney Store or Carters? The Disney Store would be super fun because everyone there is super nice and fun, you get to hear Disney songs all day, and talk to little chubs like they’re princesses and whatnot. And Carters is just a really nice store and a very comfortable environment, so that would be great :)

2. Do you see yourself married?

YES, PLEASE!! I certainly want to be married by the time I’m 27! I’d like to be married before then, really! I think the latest I’d like to be married by is 24. XD Okay – I just need to say that it feels so weird to realize I’m going to be 27 in 10 years. That’s almost 30!!! :O

3. Do you see yourself having kids?

I’m hoping that I’d be married for about 3 years, so yes, I’d see myself having at least one kid. :)

4. What kind of house would you live in?

Um…. I’ll probably be in an apartment. I think it’d be more practical for that time in life :)

5. Where do you see yourself blog-wise?

I’ll definitely be blogging still! Maybe not as much, but I’ll still blog, for sure 😀

6. Do you see yourself having pets?

I don’t know, really. At least not at that time, but probably later in life for one of my future kids or something. I’d really like to have a dog :)

7. Do you see yourself having a car?

Absolutely. I’ll need to drive to Disneyland, my parent’s house, to stores – all that stuff. BUT DISNEYLAND IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE – STAR WARS LAND!!! *dies* (of course, I had to mention Star Wars somewhere in this post, right? XD )

Well… It’ll be super interesting to see if any of these turn out to be true in 10 years! It’s so crazy how you could so see a plan for your life before your eyes, but then – whoopsie! God has something else in mind. If I’m not even married by that time – I know several of those things won’t be happening. XD

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


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I'm a crazy writer, fangirl, donut-loving teen with an obsession for BB-8. I hope you stay and visit a while :) Learn more about me by clicking the picture above!
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