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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hello there! I’m back again with another movie review. Today I will be talking about Jurassic World! As with all of these posts, there will be major spoilers and these ones you’d definitely want to be surprised by, so if you haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, please DO NOT read the words that aren’t in bold and crossed out 😉

The Story:
In my opinion, I think the story was GREAT! For me it was very believable and it all felt so real. When first seeing the trailer, I knew it was going to be a good movie, but it wasn’t. It was an AWESOME movie!! It is very intense, so I know that this movie won’t be good for some people to watch, but if you’re like me and like intense adventures that keep you on the edge of your seat, then you MUST see this movie! 😀

My Favorite Scene:
Oh, gosh. I don’t know if I can pick…. Maybe the ending scene! Oh my gosh it is so epic!!!!!! When the T-Rex comes and starts fighting The Indominous Rex and then oh my gosh!! I totally thought that Blue had died!! So when he came and started helping, too I got SO excited!!! 😀

The Cast:
I think the cast did a great job! Chris Pratt was awesome and it was so interesting for me to see Bryce Dallas Howard in it because she’s Ron Howard’s daughter!! I kept thinking “Oh, my gosh she totally looks like Opie!” LOL!

The Feeling:
Okay, let’s start at the very beginning of the movie when you see “Universal Studios” on the screen and you hear the music – I literally smiled so big! Just by THAT I knew how awesome this movie was going to be! Throughout the entire movie my eyes were widened and I had my hand over my mouth in suspense and fear the entire time! I even slammed my hands down on my legs (not super loud or hard, though 😉 ) in one scene because I got mad LOL! When I walked out of the theater I was so hyped up and excited, I wanted to scream!  I really think this is the most intense movie I have ever seen and I’m really looking forward to watching it again! It’s on my list of top favorite movies 😀

I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars!! I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! 😀

Until next time! :)


I have been working on writing a book, but I’ve barely done anything with it. I can see what’s going to happen in my mind, but I just can’t write it. Does that sound weird? It’s just that, the way I write is I can’t just start writing and everything flows well. I have to be inspired. But that totally goes against a quote I wanna work by which says, “Serious writers write, inspired or not. Over time they discover that routine is a better friend than inspiration.” ~ Ralph Keyes. I have been able to just start writing when I’m uninspired a couple of times, but most of the time, it doesn’t work out. The weird thing for me right now is that I feel inspired to write, but I’m somehow finding it hard to start. I don’t know why, though. I honestly don’t know how long it’s been since I worked on my book. It’s been over a month for sure. Probably going on 2 months!
So I’m wondering…. What do you do when you just can’t seem to write? Do you force yourself into working on your story? Or do you just keep waiting until you feel ready? I really miss writing and I’d love to start having my writing days again, but I’m just so confused and don’t know what to do….

Any advice or inspiration would be really appreciated! :)


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