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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Do ya’ll realize how close NaNoWriMo is? Huh? Huh?¬†


Okay. But seriously. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner (*whimpers*) and I’m beginning to feel like I am doomed.

Alright, yes, I admit, I’ve been feeling this way for a long time. BUT NOW IT’S REALLY KICKING IN!!!

Let’s take a look at what I’ve done so far in preparation for this dreaded -yet, anticipated – writing challenge:

1. I have gone through depression, being brain dead, and feeling completely uninspired.


“YEAH, I’M SO PREPARED!!!” She said sarcastically… XD

2. Inspiration has struck – Plotting accomplished!

*celebrates* *eats donuts* *hugs BB-8*

3. Characters have been created – Character Worksheets complete!

Ugh. This took foreeeeevvveeerrr…. And I still need to think of last names which is super hard!! *cries*

4. Typed up extra little facts and tidbits on the computer – WAIT IS THAT A PLOT HOLE?!?!


I have a few plot holes that I need to work on…. And I really don’t want to… And I need to do research, too and – well – that brings me to my 5th step….

5. Procrastination.


Mmmmm hmmmm…. Lots and lots of procrastination…. *smiles innocently*

Now for the final step….

6. Self doubt.


*stares blankly at screen* *whimpers* *sobs*


I have my dad’s birthday, my brother moving, a craft fair that I really need to prepare for, Thanksgiving, the craft fair itself, and I’m gonna be redoing my room!

Last year, I didn’t even reach 6,000 words, guys. There’s just – there’s just no way.


So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to start preparing for the craft fair now.

I’m going to create a plot board for the book that I can refer to.

I’m going to create a well-balanced schedule to make sure I have enough time to write and do the other things I need to do throughout the day.

And I’m going to hang on to hope and try to believe in myself. NaNoWriMo feels impossible to me, but I want to do it. I want to make this work.

So tell me, are you doing NaNoWriMo? Are you going through doubts? What will you do to make sure you meet your goal?

I’m probably going to host some Word Wars on here during November… do you think I should?

Best of luck, my writing friends. We can pull through this together!! ūüėÄ


I was going through my drafts today and thought I should post another Character Study! These are so fun :)

image (1)

Character Studies is done by Morgan. So basically what you do, is you copy and paste the questions from her blog and then have your character answer them. My main character, Connor, in the book I’m writing will be answering the questions below :)

1 РThe world ended (literally or figuratively, your choice).  It was your fault.  If it had been an accident, what happened?  If it had been intentional, what happened, and why did you do it?

If it was an accident – I probably punched the hero out of anger unintentionally just as they were about to save the world from destruction, causing them to fail. If it was intentional…. Well….. I’d probably be getting my revenge.

2 РWhat is something that would ruin a friendship for you?  Something completely and utterly inexcusable, even if your closest friend did it.

Like I’ve said before – lying and tricking me. Also picking on my height.

3 – Somebody wants you to do something you don’t like. ¬†What’s the best way for them to get you to do it?¬† (Bribe, blackmail, etc.)

By telling me how I’m the only one who can do this, that I need to be a hero if I want a chance at losing my anger.

4 – Somebody is getting on your nerves¬†and you really want them to go away¬†but they don’t seem to get the hint. ¬†What do you do?

If they don’t stop whatever it is they’re doing that’s irritating me by seeing my signs of suffering, I flat out tell them to stop before I punch them in the face.

5 – What is, in your opinion, the worst thing you’ve ever done? What would you have done differently?

Left a certain someone to die. I don’t think I would have done anything differently.

6 РSomebody you used to trust betrayed you in a big way, and then begs for you to forgive them. Do you and why or why not?  If not, is there something they could do to get you to change your mind?

No, I wouldn’t forgive them and I don’t think there would be anything they could do to change my mind…. (he actually just lied, and no, I will not tell you what it is.)

7 – What’s your opinion on lying? ¬†In what situations would you lie? When do you feel it’s important to tell the truth, No matter how painful it might be?

Lying is fine for me to do and I lie about my personal feelings and tell the truth about others. I hate it when people lie to me, though.

8 – You’re confident that you can do something great. What could someone do/say to destroy that confidence? Would you let them know their comment hurt you?

They would probably say something like – I’m not capable of doing something like that because I have such a bad temper and I’m never going to change. No, I’d never show my true feelings to them, but I’d definitely yell at them, telling them they’re wrong.

9 – What’s your opinion on loyalty?

I don’t know. I don’t have much experience with that.

BONUS: Do you like the rain?

Yes, but only if it’s storming.


I’m realizing how much I miss Connor right now… And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to edit my book! XD

Do you enjoy these studies? Why or why not? :)


Lately I’ve been searching a lot for story ideas (NaNoWriMo, anyone? XD ) and during my thoughts while sprawled on the floor, I was thinking of the experiences I’ve had in life that I could incorporate into my writing. Here are a few examples:

1. When my step grandpa passed away, it was the hardest thing I’ve been through. It was hard to see him so frail and eventually gone. It affected me in a not good way. I’ve had countless dreams where I am reliving that night and I start bawling. It was a hard thing and obviously, very sad. But when I think about it, that experience can help me in my writing. I know now what it’s like to go through something like that, so, as sad as it is, I could write I realistic death scene.

2. I’ve been going through another hard time lately with my brother about to move out and get married. I’ve found myself crying a lot lately, but I’m trying to focus on being happy for him instead of feeling sorry for myself. This could work in a book also.

3. When my sister got married, I found myself actually feeling jealous and a little upset with my brother in-law because he was taking her away from us. Again, I’ve found myself going through some similar feelings with my brother’s marriage about to take place. I know it’s wrong, but it’s hard to let go of someone you love.

So those are just a few things that I could not only use, but the fact that I experienced those things first hand will help me to make them realistic and just feel – well – real. XD

Maybe you’ve experienced a terrible earthquake or tornado and your city went through a lot of damage – use it!

Maybe your family went through a rough patch in life financially and had to economize – write it!

Maybe you had to suddenly pack up and move out to some strange part of the world – use it!

Your experiences can help not only to¬†make scenes insanely realistic, but to inspire your writing, too. When you’re having writer’s block, go through that door in your brain full of life experiences. Even though they may seem boring or just like – that’s not exciting – you can always make them more dramatic or create a whole different reason for why your characters are going through that. The whole point is to get inspired and to use your experiences to add those realistic feelings that will touch your readers heart.

Have you used your personal experiences in life in your writing before?


Have any of you heard of or done a word war before? I just learned about them recently through Go Teen Writers. 

Word warring is where you set a certain amount of time, say 10 or 20 minutes and write with someone during that time. Then you go back and say how many words you got.

Honestly, I didn’t participate in any wars on GTW because I didn’t feel it would be something I could do. I am not a fast writer and I think a LOT when I write.

But then last week, my friend, Emma and I warred together. And I couldn’t believe how much fun it was! I wrote hundreds of words within just a few minutes, where before, I had written only a few hundred words in a few hours.

Warring seriously helps you to write and to get so much more done because you’re challenging yourself. You have a deadline and you have to give it your all.

Seriously, I’ve had days where I would write maybe 1,000 words total in a day. That night that we warred, I wrote about 2,000 words in barely over an hour. O_O


Photo via Matthew West


Guys, if you’re having trouble writing because the internet is calling to you, you don’t know where to start, or¬†you find yourself just wanting to eat as you stare hopelessly at the screen (admit it, you’ve done this XD ); I encourage you to war – whether with someone or on your own. You will get SO much done and you will find yourself in awe at what you are capable of!

I’d ask if any of you wanna war, but…. I don’t have anything to write right now… I MUST PLAN FOR NANO!!! INSPIRATION, PLEASE STRIKE ME!!! *cries helplessly*

Do you like to word war? How does that work for you? What do you usually do when you procrastinate writing?


Hi everyone!!

I’m way too excited not to make a post about this, but have any of you noticed that I completely redid my blog?! 

I was telling my mom this morning that I wanted to change the look of my blog and officially switch it over to a writing/fandom blog. Almost instantly, she made me the amazing new banner that you see above! I just can’t even. It’s so pretty and me and I just LOVES IT! *dies*

I’d love some feedback if you have any! ūüėÄ




You aren’t going to believe this.

I can still not even believe it myself.

Are you ready?


Here we go.

Last night.

I finished writing the first draft of my book. O_O


Let me tell you how it happened;

Emma and I challenged each other to write 100 words a day for this month. Well, we were just bosses with our writing (as I quote Emma ūüėČ ) and were dishing out thousands of words.

Suddenly, as we were writing together (we FaceTime and write all the time!) I realized I was trying to figure out how to drag out the story because I was nearing the end. I knew that if I kept writing, I would finish it that night.

Then depression struck me. I was not prepared emotionally to be done with this book. Yes, I know there’s still lots of editing and rewriting to do, but still. The story in itself was basically written. And that just made me really sad. I thought I’d be working on my book for over a year. I just wasn’t ready to be done.

I turned off the lights and draped a blanket over me so I could mourn. Emma screenshotted a picture of me:

Depressing, right? Now, yes, that was dramatic of me, but it literally was how I was feeling. It took me forever to continue writing.

After probably 20 minutes or so, I started writing again. And when the very end was in sight, I told Emma I had to go. I needed to give my undivided attention to my book.
This was the end. The tragic, depressing, terrible end.

And I wrote the last sentence. And I just stared at the screen and then into open space. When I clicked out of my document, I felt dead. Drained. It was similar to how I feel when I watch an amazing movie that kills me. Only, I feel like this was worse.

As I helped my mom make lunches for my dad and brother last night, I had the same expression on my face – so solemn. I looked like I just lost something.

Then, as we were watching The Andy Griffith Show, I read a post on Go Teen Writers about taking 6 weeks off after you finish writing your first draft. She mentioned how exciting it is and how you need time to celebrate and then I realized something – I wasn’t happy at all. I was depressed.

I decided right then that I was being ridiculous. Yes, it’s okay to be sad when you finish your first draft, but hey – YOU FINISHED YOUR FIRST DRAFT!!! That is a HUGE milestone! You should be happy and excited!
I mean seriously, this is the longest story I’ve ever written and I’ve made one step closer towards completely finishing it up and having it published!

So now, I’m not fully depressed anymore – I’m happy. Though there is still that sadness inside me (I CAN’T WRITE IT ANYMORE DURING MY FACETIME DAYS WITH COOKIE!!!! *sobs*) but I’m also so excited! I get to enter a new chapter in the life of a writer – editing. Oh, the horror. XD I’ve heard such terrible things and I know this book needs a TON of editing. *whimpers* ¬†BUT I’M EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S NEW AND EXCITING, NO MATTER HOW SCARY IT IS!!! XD

I’m placing my trust in God to help me get through the editing stage. But, you know. I’ll still need all the encouragement I can get from my wonderful writing friends! ;D

Hopefully it’ll be published next year? Maybe? It depends on how much I procrastinate which will definitely be a lot… XD


Well, a howdy-do to ya’ll! *waves* *tips hat* *bows* And all that fun stuff. XD

I was looking through my drafts today and found this insanely random story I wrote in February that makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!! Which is probably why I stopped writing it at such a terrible spot….

Anyways! I thought it would be fun to share it with you because – who doesn’t love random stories? I remember laughing as I wrote this… I honestly just wrote this story just to write. So yeah, enjoy. XD


Long, long ahead, in the the year 4087, a young girl slips out of her fluffy bed and sets her bare feet onto the cold, hard wooden floor. She flips her buttery blonde hair out of her face and stares at the wall blankly.
Today was another boring, uneventful, tiresome day. It was Saturday and the girl, named Avery, had no plans.

Avery put on her rainbow robe and unicorn slippers and walked drearily down the mahogany stairs, the scent of alfalfa waffles traveling into her nostrils.

“Good morning, Avery! How’s my little cupcake of a muffin?” Her mother cooed as she poured some honey over the crispy waffles.

“Fine.” Avery replied without any enthusiasm. She pulled out one of the bamboo chairs and sat at their table, which also, was made out of bamboo.

Avery’s mother, Mrs. Brown, set a plate of steaming cold alfalfa waffles, drizzled with honey in front of her daughter. Avery stared down at her plate and sighed ungratefully. “Mom, is there no more JuJu Berry Juice?” She inquired expectantly.

“No, I’m sorry, cupcake. The cows have been slacking off lately.” Her mother informed, apologetically.

Avery sighed once again and began eating her alfalfa waffles, spoon in hand. As she brought the spoon up to her lips, she closed her eyes and took a bite. When she opened her eyes, she saw a place¬†filled with millions of exotic plants and hundreds of cows. There were trees growing strong and tall, full of cupcakes, donuts, and wrinkly marshmallows. Growing closer to the ground were peanut M&M, raisin, and cookie bushes, but that wasn’t all. There were spaghetti flowers, banana split clouds, and a cheeseburger for a sun. The cheese rays were shining through the banana split clouds and highlighting a glaze river. Avery blinked her eyes about a half dozen times, but still she remained in this strange land.

“Where am I?” She wondered out loud and startling her out of her skin, a farmer who seemed to be half human and half a milk carton called out, “Why, you’re in Grubba Malanka – the capital of Sugvegmefruitatia!”

Avery’s mouth hung open. “Ummmm…. Okay.”


*nervous giggle* I hope you liked it! XD

Namarie! (I’m feeling so LOTR-ish lately, oh my gosh!!! *dies*)


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