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Hi everyone and Happy Sunday! XD

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about making a Facebook page where I could share quick writing updates, inspirational quotes, and the like because I want to post about writing, but I don’t feel like I have a lot of ideas these days for in-depth blog-worthy posts.

So I made a Facebook page today and if you have a Facebook, I’d love it if you followed me there! You can see it by clicking here. :)

Also if you know any teenage writers with Facebook accounts that might find my page enjoyable, I’d appreciate it if you shared it with them 😀

And don’t worry – I’m still going to post about writing on here, but just only when I have a specific topic to discuss. 😉

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)


Wow! I am so glad I remembered that this was due tonight – I was super close to forgetting all about it! XD

This was taken in October when I went with my siblings on a road trip to San Francisco. We saw and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and it was absolutely amazing! As we were driving back on the freeway, I got this shot which pleasantly caught me by surprise. I had only intended to get a picture of the sunset, but was excited to see the bird silhouettes in the shot, too! 

That day was so much fun and definitely my biggest adventure yet 😀

What was your biggest adventure? 



Hi everyone!!

I’m way too excited not to make a post about this, but have any of you noticed that I completely redid my blog?! 

I was telling my mom this morning that I wanted to change the look of my blog and officially switch it over to a writing/fandom blog. Almost instantly, she made me the amazing new banner that you see above! I just can’t even. It’s so pretty and me and I just LOVES IT! *dies*

I’d love some feedback if you have any! 😀



Hey everyone!

I just wanted to pop in real quick and let you all know about this super fun giveaway that Katie is having at A Writer’s Faith! She’s giving away an adorable journal and some pens, so make sure you head over to her blog and enter – the giveaway ends soon 😉

Also, just gotta encourage you to browse around her blog because she is amazing and hilarious. I guarantee you will laugh out loud at SOMETHING! XD

Okay, well, that’s all for tonight! I’ll be back with a new post soon :)


I FINALLY HAVE WIFI!!! *celebrates* *cheers* *dances around like crazy* 

Yes, I’ve been suffering without my wifi. XD

Okay, so this story turned out kinda long, but I think you’ll all enjoy it! Prepare yourselves for a cliffhanger… XD

I used these 8 prompts, Loren:




Okay, now, let’s take a look at the story:

My feet carried me as quickly as they could as I passed through the village cemetery. The White Shadow was hot on my trail. No one knew exactly what this creature was or where it came from. All we knew was that it was cunning, it was brave, it was brutal, it was relentless – and it was hunting us down. 

I glanced over my shoulder, my long, blonde hair whipping in front of my face. I saw two White Shadows emerging from the trees in the Ragoul Forest, their wide eyes fixed on me.

I ran on breathlessly until I saw the sign I’d been searching for nailed to a tree, saying; Here be faeries.

I smiled in relief and made a quick right turn, entering faerie territory, where the White Shadows dared not go. The one thing they feared were faeries, which was a mystery to us all. The White Shadows turned around in fright. I was safe now.

I slowed to a walk and headed for the falls where others brought their pet dragons for refreshing water. I saw one of my good friends, Elodie, perched on a fallen tree, reading a book to her dragon. My heart ached as I watched them together and memories flashed before me. Bad memories. Ones that I preferred to leave unopened. Yet every now and then, I found that I needed to open up that box- no matter how much pain it brought me.

“Maybell, are you alright?”

I entered back into reality and quickly wiped the tears away that flooded my eyes.

“I’m fine, Graham.” I replied stiffly. 

“You’re thinking about her again, aren’t you?” He inquired, his eyes showing concern.

“Yeah.” I choked, barely able to speak of it. 

“It’s been three years since you lost Atta. How long do you expect to go on like this?” Graham wondered. 

“She was all I had left, Graham. When I lost her, I lost a part of me, too. I don’t know how to go on without her.” I sobbed. Graham placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “I know it’s hard. Atta fought bravely alongside the rest of the dragons. But, Maybell, you have to move on. You can’t spend the rest of your life grieving. Find happiness again.” He encouraged, but I couldn’t accept his words. I couldn’t let her go.

“I can’t. I can’t be happy. At least not until I avenge her death. Until every last White Shadow is destroyed.” I said with a scowl. Seeing there was no changing my mind, he stepped away.

5 months later….

My fingers curled tightly around the rope, I pulled myself up the mountain. Every inch hurt and my hands burned from the rope rubbing against my skin.

Almost there, almost there.

I encouraged myself as I climbed. At last I reached the mountain’s ledge and hoisted my body up. I lied on the ground, despite the fact that ice lay all around me. White Shadows lived in the mountains where they spit ice cubes everywhere for their nests. They were close to becoming the dominant species and I wasn’t about to let that happen. The world needed a hero, so that’s what I became – in my mind at least. It hasn’t happened yet, but I knew it was about to.

I entered the cave where I knew whoever was behind this would be waiting. Ice filled every inch of the cave and my teeth chattered. Each second it seemed to get colder. I wrapped my arms around me and shivered. Then it happened. That tingle. That terrible tickle in your nose. I fought it, but sometimes there’s no stopping it. I sneezed so loudly, you could surely hear it from a mile away. I placed my hand over my mouth as I gasped in fright. I heard what sounded like dragon wings flapping and then something heavy landed behind me.

“Oh, Maybell. You couldn’t stay away, could you?”

“Elodie!” I exclaimed in complete shock. “You’re behind this?”

Elodie huffed and said, “Yes, Maybell, it’s all me.” Before I could grasp my head around what was happening, Elodie grabbed something from her pocket and then my world went black.


*bites bottom lip* I have a feeling you’re all gonna hate me right now XD



Hey there! This has to be quick cause I’m doing it on my phone right now and I don’t have wifi (yikes!), but I have to get this up tonight, so here we go!

I’m using these 4 prompts :)

Misty, I included a variation of the word “smile”, saying “smiling” instead 😉 I also included a swan in my story :)

I Can Fly:

I opened my eyes, surprised to discover that I was no longer in my bed. So where was I exactly?

I stood on a dirt pathway that twisted and turned a corner, leading deeper into the forest I found myself in. Trees stood all around me and the green was unlike any green I had seen on trees before. It seemed so- magical. I looked to my right and noticed a wooden board attached to a tree. In bold, white letters it read:


“That’s not how you spell fairies.” I snorted.

“Actually, you are quite wrong.” A young girl’s voice came from above, but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Who’s there?” I called, shading my eyes from the sun as I looked up at the trees.

“Who do you think?” The girl giggled.

“I don’t know! I don’t even know where I am or how I got here!” I shouted, feeling exasperated. Saying that made me realize that this was real. I was somewhere I’d never been before and I didn’t even know how I got here. 

“Look, I don’t know where I am. Could you please come out and answer some of my questions?” I politely requested.

Suddenly I saw a floating blue light coming down from the tree tops. It grew larger as it approached me and I admit, I was slightly afraid. Before I knew it, a girl with luminous blue eyes was standing before me, her smile sweet and gentle. Several glowing blue butterflies fluttered by her- one she held tenderly in the palm of her hand.

“You flew here- to Pixie Hollow.” The girl informed.

“Pixie Hollow? Where’s that? Is it in England?” I inquired.

“Oh dear, no!” She chuckled, “You’re in Neverland!” She exclaimed as she twirled around in delight.

“Never heard of it. How did I get here?” I asked.

“You came here through your dream.” The girl stated and then went on to introduce herself, “Oh, I’m Carnation, by the way.” 

“I’m Peter. Wait, so, I’m dreaming? Or is this real?” I inquired in wonderment. 

“This is quite real, Peter. Weren’t you dreaming about flying?” She questioned.

“Sure! I’ve had dreams of flying lots of times, but this is the first time I’ve woken up away from home. It’s pretty amazing!” I exclaimed, taking in my surroundings.  

“And haven’t you always wished to never grow up? To not have any rules to follow? And to be able to fly?” Carnation inquired, counting on her fingers as she listed each thing.

“Yeah, how did you know all that?” I wondered, scratching my red hair.

“I’m a fairy. I’ve been to the Mainland before, where you’re from. I just know these things. And I’m here to tell you, Peter, that now all your dreams can come true!” She explained.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not sure how this could work.

“I mean, you are free to stay here now! In Neverland, there are no rules and nobody ever grows up. Do you believe you can fly?” She inquired, a playful grin on her face.

“Sure I do!” I nodded enthusiastically. Then Carnation grew smaller until she was fairy size again and flew around me, golden dust falling over me.

“What is this?” I asked as I rubbed the dust in my fingers.

“It’s pixie dust! Now, think of a happy thought and wait to see what happens.” She instructed, smiling broadly.

Happy thought, happy thought. I thought of never growing up, of being a kid for forever, and suddenly I felt my feet lift off the ground.

“I can fly! I’m flying!” I exclaimed.

“You’re doing great!” Carnation applauded as she watched me soaring through the night sky. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The wind in my hair, the sense of freedom, how light and carefree I felt. The sight below me was astonishing- Neverland was wonderful. I saw a mermaid lagoon, a cavern that looked like a skull, Indian territory, open sea and pirate ships. What more could a boy ask for? This place was my new home, I knew that much. 

Jingle, jingle!

What was that? 

Jingle, jingle!

There it was again! I paused in the air and listened closely. 

Jingle, jingle!

It sounded like bells… I took off toward the direction of the sound until I came to the shore. I spotted a small fairy with blonde hair tied up in a bun and clothed in a green dress with her foot caught under a large rock.

“Hey there, lemme help you with that.” I offered. I tried lifting it, but it was too heavy.

“Look, human, find some lost things on the shore that you can use to split or pry up the rock so I can get out.” The fairy ordered, seeming annoyed.

“Lost things?” I repeated.

“Yeah, you know, the stuff that washes up from the mainland.” She answered, as though it were obvious. I searched around and saw many random items. I found silverware, springs, a portrait of a swan, a hairbrush, but the one thing I thought could help me most was a bronze pan.

I walked back over to the fairy and slid the handle of the pan underneath the rock and pressed down with all my might. The rock lifted just enough for the fairy to fly free. 

“Wow, thanks! You should be a tinker!” The fairy said gratefully. 

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“I’m Tinkerbell, who are you? What are you doing in Neverland?” She inquired.

“I’m Peter. I flew here.” I replied.

“Peter, huh? Well, as my rescuer, I hereby dub you… Peter Pan! In honor of the pan you used to free me!” Tinkerbell issued, proud of her name idea.

“Peter Pan, huh? I like it!” I approved, crossing my arms across my chest in pride.

“Great! Hey! Why don’t I give you a tour of Neverland? I could show you Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, introduce you to Tiger Lily, you’d LOVE her, and- oh! We’ll have to be careful of Captain Hook and his scurvy crew. He doesn’t like any of us.” Tinkerbell suggested and I gladly took her up on her offer. I liked Tinkerbell and it was no surprise to me that we became best friends.

“Peter!” I called out his name in the silence, like he would actually hear, like he would actually care. I was his friend first. I told him everything. I taught him how to fly. I thought we would be great friends. Then he had to go and meet Tinkerbell. The two of them had become best friends and partners- they were completely inseparable. You hardly heard one name without the other, since they were the heroes now. Always fighting off Captain Hook and his crew. 
Eventually, everyone in Pixie Hollow turned against me, because they always said I was jealous of Tink. So, I left Pixie Hollow for good and I shoved all those bad memories with Pan, as he was mostly now called, into a box, deep down inside myself that I would never open up again. 

“Goodbye, Peter Pan. Goodbye, Pixie Hollow.”


Awww. Poor Carnation. I just have to say, I had a BLAST writing this story! I think it’s one of my facorites! 😀

I also used this prompt- it helped me get the story going :)



P.S. I’ll reply to comments as soon as I have wifi again! :)

Hi all! How’s your day going? :)

Well, suddenly today I had the urge to make a Christian blog where I could share advice, my own struggles and beliefs, and more with other Christian girls! I’ve been thinking about making one for a while and since I had thought of a few things to post about already, I thought, “Okay, I think I need to do this!”

So please check out my new blog, He Rights My Wrongs! I’d really appreciate it 😀


Hey guys! Soo you all know how Kathryn and Emma do that “Tea and a Read” thing? Well, I thought I’d give it a shot, but there’s a problem… I don’t like or drink tea. So, I have no idea what to call this… But anyways! Here we go! XD

All my essentials :)

The book I’m reading is “Writer to Writer – From Think to Ink” by Gail Carson Levine. I just got it yesterday (my mom got it for me as a Blogiversary gift ;D ) and so far I am loving it! My drink is just plain old water, but what makes it better is that I’m drinking my plain old water from a BB-8 mug. So that makes it quite amazing, doesn’t it, my friends? 😉

Here’s the back of the book! And I did answer “yes” to all of those questions… XD

Today I am going to start Chapter 12 and it’s all about villains! This will be interesting… :)

Well, gotta go read now! Bye-bye!

Do you have a favorite writing book?



Hey everyone! In October, my mom and I went to Disneyland and I took some pictures to share with you. Most of the pictures are of merchandise (I was in BB-8 Heaven by the way), but we went a few weeks ago with my sister and I got more pictures that day to show you as well :)

You can’t drive to Disneyland without listening to some fun Disney songs to get you in the mood! We listened to Disney’s Greatest Hits #1 on the way there. It has some great songs like Reflection, Strangers Like Me, Be A Man, Part of Your World, etc. 😀 And, yes, there’s me in the reflection of the case wearing my Candy Corn Minnie Headband that my mom made me. It’s probably my favorite headband and I always look forward to wearing it in the fall :)

We’re on the tram now!! YAY!!

Okay, time for all the merch ;D

This is an Angel plush. Isn’t she the cutest?! Yes, I gave her a hug :)

BAYMAX!!! I really want him! He’s so cute! 😀

These are new dolls that reminded me a little of Ever After High dolls. I guess cause they’re skinny with big eyes and colored faces LOL! Anyways, they’re called Attractionistas so they’re all dressed to resemble some of the rides at Disneyland.

Here’s a closeup of one of them. I think her name is Madi or something like that 😉

Aaah the magnificent Matterhorn. Isn’t it awesome? I wish they hadn’t changed the ride so much cause I remember liking it when I was little, but I don’t even want to go on it now. :(


This BB-8 pin is SO cute! His body spins and it says Join the Resistance! I think I’m going to need this…. 

This Han Solo shirt for guys is awesome! 

Kylo Ren!! This is a cool picture by the Build Your Own Lightsaber station :) Isn’t his Lightsaber awesome?! 

One of my favorite spots in all of Disneyland- the Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland! This is where I get all my AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC LEATHER BRACELETS!!! Which one do I want next… Hmmm…. LOL! 

I didn’t take a pic, but I got a gold leather bracelet that says The Force Awakens. Perfect. 😀

  The absolutely gorgeous view from our Bozone. It’s a long story, so I’ll tell you about the Bozone some other time when I feel crazy LOL! 

This is at The Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country on the deck area. It’s so beautiful and peaceful over here and we always sit right in the corner. I love when the Mark Twain Riverboat passes by cause it makes such pretty waves on the water. And the ducks are super fun to watch, too :)


Here’s me and my mom hanging out at the Bozone! LOL! I really gotta tell you about that sometime XD
  Okay, this mug is awesome. *dies*

Aaand we went back to Star Trader to look at BB-8 again. Literally, you have no idea how much I love him. He’s the most amazing thing *dies* (sorry for dying so much in this post XD )

OOOH! A picture of BB-8! XD

Shining, Shimmering, splendid! Isn’t it beautiful?! In case you didn’t know, Disneyland is celebrating its 60th Anniversary, so that’s why it’s all decorated :)

I love this spot. It’s right by Big Thunder Mountain and I always gaze into that cave and wanna go in there!!! Doesn’t it look so fun? 😀

Here we are again by a cute fall cart :)

So, I’m not too fond of adult Elsa’s face in this painting, but the little Anna and Elsa are adorable!!

Okay, now this is what we call “The Room” or “The Big Room”. It’s just like this big room with tons of huge screens that shows scenes, pictures, and art from movies while a song from that movie plays. I love this picture of Simba, so I took a pic to show you :)

It was hard to get pictures while Let it Go was playing, but I did my best :)

There are a ton of things to do inside this building, too! There’s Turtle Talk With Crush, Animation Academy, Meet and Greet Anna and Elsa, and also this other room where you can voice over scenes from Disney movies and it’s like Ursula is taking your voice away. And also where you go in this room that’s like a room from Beauty and The Beast with a fireplace, the picture of Prince Adam before he became the beast, and it’s just really cool! I’ll try to take pics sometime :)


Here you can see the different screens and how big they are :)


They also put projections on the floor sometimes that dance around :)

Alrighty, well now we’ve come to the end of our Disney day! But wait, there’s one more picture…

I GOT BB-8!!!! AAAAHH!!! Okay, seriously, we went back to Star Trader so many times that day just so I could look at BB-8! First, I really, really, wanted him, but he was $29.95 and I had no money. Then as we were eating lunch, I got an Etsy order for $35!!!! It was like SO meant to be! But then… I started thinking about his size and how I just had no room for him on my bed or really anywhere. So we went to the store to look at his size and I realized how impractical he was, so I sadly turned him down. I felt like I just walked away from a friend. Yep, that’s how attached I was. And I kept looking at my pic of him wishing I could buy him. And finally my mom told me to just get him because I’d regret not buying him and be so happy when I did. She was SO right!! This guy has been with me so much! He’s so huggable and cuddly that once I give him a hug, it’s hard to put him down! I’m so happy I have him, though. He’s just the best! 😀

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll try to get more pictures next time for sure! :)



Hey guys! I thought I’d pop in for a quick hello and to let you all know that I’m at Disneyland with my mom and sister and guess what?! WE’RE IN LINE TO MEET DARTH VADER!!! Agh! I’m SO excited!! 

Umm… Someone just threw up in line so now we’re in line to meet Chewbacca instead 😉 We’ll get back to Vader later :)


Anyways, here’s a pic of me and my older sister with my new BB-8 sipper!! Isn’t he cute?! 😀

Gotta go now, but expect a Disneyland post sometime soon! 😀



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