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True Colors

I started writing this in February of 2016 and finished in mid September of 2016.
This is the first book I’ve ever written. Well, the first book where I reached the end of the first draft anyway 😉

Book Blurb:

Far away in a small town you’ve never heard of; everyone’s personality is determined by the color of their hair. It’s a place where, no matter how hard you may try, you cannot hide who you really are. It’s understandable then that the people of Shano are outraged when head of the town council, Zachariah, appoints Connor – a redheaded, hot tempered, grump – to lead a group of young adults; Astrid, Alina, and clumsy Sawyer to seek out and destroy the prophesied Dark Warrior. Why would Zachariah choose someone as hot headed as Connor to lead this group on such a dangerous mission when they have well trained soldiers who are beyond qualified for such a task?

As the four depart on their journey into The Wild, they all must do their part to help Connor stay on the right path, but with some bumps along the road things don’t go quite as they had expected. With Connor’s hair blackening more and more each day, they begin to lose hope of ever succeeding. Astrid, however, is determined to help Connor overcome his evil in any way she can – at least until she learns some distressing news that would jeopardize their whole mission.

Will they be able to work together to find and destroy The Dark Warrior? Or will petty arguments and disagreements get in the way of their mission?


Painting Away the Darkness

Painting Away the Darkness is the sequel to True Colors, but right now they’re both combined as one. I’m in the editing stage for both of them at present and I am hoping to have them published some time in 2018. :)

Book Blurb:

“There used to be four of us… Now I’m alone.”

It’s been a year since Astrid, Connor, Sawyer, and Alina set out into The Wild to destroy The Dark Warrior – only to discover too late he was Connor himself.
Since then Astrid has been living alone; too ashamed of her failure to keep Connor in the light to return to Shano and face Zachariah. She decided to settle down in The Wild for the rest of her days, but when she receives a message of utmost urgency from Alina and Sawyer, she doesn’t hesitate to return to the aid of her friends.

Meanwhile, Connor has a thirst for vengeance and is ready to return to Shano in search of an old relic – The Eagle’s Flame – which will give him the remaining power he needs to destroy the old town he once called home and everyone in it – especially Astrid.

Connor is coming. Everyone is busy trying to think of a way to kill The Dark Warrior, but Astrid doesn’t believe he is all that dark and is determined to guide him back to the light.

Will Astrid be able to save Connor before the others kill him – or worse – before he kills them?



This is a book I started writing in November of 2015 and I haven’t worked on it since. I reached over 5,000 words on this and I do hope to continue it someday.

I don’t have a blurb for this one, but basically it’s about a crazy guy who’s banishing everyone in Kreplach and then this other guy Alastair is trying to figure out why… That’s about all I can think to say about it. XD


NaNo Novel for 2016

This story is set in the 1800’s and is about a respectable young lady named Lillian and her family. Her brother went missing 11 years prior to when this story takes place. Lillian becomes secretly engaged, knowing that her parents would disapprove as the man she loves is beneath her.
When shame befalls upon her family, they decide to move away. In this new city, Lillian finds clues to her long lost brother’s whereabouts and begins to wonder if she may have a chance to see him again after all.

I have put this book aside for now because I wasn’t enjoying it. Maybe someday I will come back to it again 😉


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