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Hiiiii! I’m so tired – I’ve been cleaning my room all day, but at least the work payed off! XD

Loren, I used 8 prompts :)



“MISSING: 17 Year Old Boy”

“17 year old boy goes missing.”

“Teenage boy is missing.”

It was all anyone was talking about. People clear across the world knew about the missing boy, but I was the only one who knew where he was and what he was doing. I knew because that boy that everyone knew about was my brother.
“Amy, you are the only living relative your brother has. You saw him last. We need you try to think of what happened and what his last words were to you.” The detective demanded of me.
His last words to me? Each word rang clear as a bell in my mind, but the struggle I had was telling the detective everything. If I told, I’d be betraying my brother. But if I didn’t – I’d be in a lot of trouble.
I have to protect myself…. And the world.
“My brother said he was leaving to fix some things. He didn’t say what.” I informed the detective.
“Did he say where he was going?” He inquired.
“No.” That was where I lied. I wasn’t going to give my brother away – not that easily. The detective didn’t take his eyes off of me for a few moments, and I felt my heart beating a million times per second in my chest. I was beyond relieved when he opened the door and said I could go.

I ran all the way home, back to the apartment my brother and I had shared and bustled about. I took my purple sweater off the hanger in my closet and snatched the flashlight out of the drawer in the hall. Then I darted out the door and traveled deep into the woods.
The moonlight cast an eerie glow through the trees and I wanted to turn back countless times, but I pressed forward. I had to find my brother.
At length, I reached a dead end. Sighing exhaustively, I sat on a rock and placed my chin in my hands. It was very dark now and I felt like something was watching me from all corners.

“Hunter!” I called out in the silence, like he would actually hear, like he would actually care. A sob escaped my lips and within moments, tears were streaming down my cheeks.
“Hunter… I need you.” I hugged my chest and rocked back and forth. I felt so alone. So lost.
My head jerked up and I shone my flashlight toward the voice.

“Hunter!” I shouted as I leaped up and threw my arms around his neck.
“What are you doing out here?” He asked as I let my arms down.
“I had to talk to you. Hunter, everyone is looking for you. You’re not safe here. I need you to tell me what you’re doing way out here.” I insisted, but Hunter seemed reluctant to share anything.
“I’m fine. You’re the one who’s not safe. This world isn’t safe anymore, for either of us. Come with me, you’ll see what I mean.” He offered.
“Hunter, I’m not going to sleep out in the woods.” I scoffed.


“I’m not staying in the woods. I’m staying in another, fantastic world. The Ferrymen told me you were here searching for me.” Hunter explained. My jaw hung open as I stared at him in disbelief.
“Do you know what you sound like?” I asked, tears filling my eyes.
“Amy, I know it’s hard to understand, but this isn’t our home. We belong in a different land full of faeries and dragons, knights and kings… We belong in a castle.” He stated, a grin on his face.
“A castle?”
“You’re saying we’re royalty?” I inquired and he nodded. I couldn’t help but laugh. “You have lost your mind.” I confirmed as tears trickled out of my eyes.
“No, Amy – ”

“I’m sorry, Hunter. I know who I am, and that’s not me.”
“Amy, please. I need your help. We have to bring peace to our kingdom!” Hunter exclaimed desperately. He sounded so urgent and the look in his eyes – I wanted to help him, but how could I help him with something that was a figment of his imagination?

“I- I can’t. I can’t help you. At least not with that.” I said, my eyes full of tears. “Get as far away from here as you can. I’ll try to stall the detectives for as long as possible.”
I stepped closer to Hunter and grasped his hand in mine, staring into his eyes that showed brokenness and disappointment.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered and headed back to my home, knowing that I would probably never see my younger brother again.

Over the years I realized that not all haunted places are houses, for that last look in my brother’s eyes, the look of pain, disappointment, and a broken heart, haunted me every day for the rest of my lonely life.


When I finished reading this, I literally said – “I’m terrible.” XD


Cheerio, my friends! (That’s an interesting greeting… XD ) I’m back tonight with the next entry for CWWC! Here are the prompts I used:

Yep, just three this time! I’m honestly getting so tired of reusing all the other prompts, so it’ll just be the new ones from now on- unless I notice that another prompt will work into my story, then I’ll add it, but I won’t go trying to make that happen 😉

Now, here is the story:

I leaned over the edge of the roof and inhaled deeply. The air was more fresh up here, the moon and stars seemed brighter, and I felt- free. Free from hatred, free from darkness. Free from my unloving home. 

If only I truly were…

“Katy, what are you doing up there?” My best friend, Nicole, exclaimed in horror.

“Just getting some fresh air.” I called down.

“Do you have to be on the roof to do that?” Nicole inquired.

“Yes. The air is just- different up here…” My voice trailed off. I didn’t quite understand it myself, but it was true.

“Well, please come down. It’s dangerous up there! You could fall – or worse!” Nicole demanded in sheer fright. I knew she didn’t mean death. She was referring to the Dust Storms; rumored to be more dangerous and have inexplicable consequences.

“Oh, alright. If you insist.” I agreed despite how badly I wanted to remain up there.

I climbed down and joined my friend on the safety of the ground.

“So what’s up?” I inquired. Nicole looked me in the eye and frowned.

“Take a walk with me.” 


“There’s something you’re hiding from me.” Nicole observed while we walked along the shore.
“Nope. There’s nothing.” I replied simply.

“You’re lying. I saw the cabinet.” Nicole stated as she halted in her steps. I froze. 

“Did you look inside?” I asked worriedly.

“No. I wanted to give you a chance to tell me.” Nicole replied. I turned to face her and we fixed our eyes on each other. We stood in silence, neither of us saying a word for the longest time. How could I tell her? She couldn’t know the truth about me. She would never understand. But I was caught. I could lie, though I didn’t want to. There was no other option. I had to tell her the truth.

“Alright. You win. I have been keeping something from you.” I sighed, and continued, “I have this gift… A special power you might say. I can create unique powders and dusts that can do wonderful things, but I can’t have anyone else knowing. They wouldn’t understand.” I didn’t dare look Nicole in the eye. I knew she’d freak out. But, oh! I was so wrong. She did the unexpected – she started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, bewildered at the sight.

“I just can’t believe it! All this time, you’ve had this power!” Nicole laughed. 

“Oh. I thought so.” I said, sadly.

“No, no! Katy- I have that power, too!” Nicole announced, smiling broadly. I literally gaped at her. 

“What?! Why didn’t you say anything?!” I shouted, completely astonished.

“It doesn’t matter now. What matters is that we are the Sisters of Pointitia.” Nicole declared, full of pride.

“The legend… You really think we’re the missing sisters?” I asked in disbelief.

“Well, yeah! Doesn’t it make sense? We’re best friends, neither of us knew our birth parents, we both have the sacred power – it just all makes sense!” She stated. She sounded so certain, but could it really be possible? 

I sighed and said, “There’s only one way to find out for sure if this is all true…”


I lead Nicole to my chambers where my cabinet was kept. I wrapped my fingers around the carved butterfly handles and pulled the doors open gently, revealing dozens of bottles full or half full of colorful powders. It created a beautiful rainbow and just looking at them made me smile. 

I reached my hand in and grabbed a jar full of blue and pink powder. I labeled this my “cotton candy jar.”

Carefully, I lifted the lid off the jar and reached my hand inside, scooping up a handful of powder and sprinkling it on the ground in front of us. The house shook and my bare feet suddenly felt wet. I looked down and found that we were standing in an ocean, but we were rising higher and higher into the sky. Nicole and I danced and splashed in the water as magical, colorful dust fell all around us. 

The ocean continued lifting us higher until we were actually in the clouds. Nicole and I both caught sight of the castle at the same time and a beautiful griffin flew in from the East to greet us. 

“Greetings, Sisters of Pointitia. Your kingdom awaits.” The griffin announced, swooping his wing for us to go on ahead.

Nicole and I glanced at each other and smiled in awe. This was our kingdom. And we were sisters. At last I realized why I felt so drawn to the high points, where I would sit and feel free. It was because my home was in the sky, and at last, I was where I belonged.

I would now be forever loved and forever free.


Aaah… A happy ending. Although I did think of a way that it could all go wrong, but that would make my story way too long, so it’ll just remain the way it is XD



Hi everyone! I’ve got another story for you all today! YAY! XD

Loren, I used 10 prompts:










I peered around the corner of Ashley’s house, my hood over my face and my bow in hand. The coast was clear.

Swiftly I ran around to the front of her house and barged in.
“Ashley!” I called out her name in the silence, like she would actually hear, like she would actually care. I glanced around, but I didn’t see anyone home. However, I was quite wrong…
“What are you doing here?” Ashley whispered in disgust as she stepped out of the kitchen.
“I know you don’t want to see me-”
“That’s an understatement.” She interrupted. I bit my lip and stared at the ground.
“I need you to come with me. You know the world’s not safe anymore. I can take you to the faeries. They can help you.” I offered, but she scoffed and said,
“I’m not going anywhere with you. Do you even realize what you’ve done to me? Do you know what I’ve gone through?”
A part of me wanted to cry, the other wanted to scream. I was always so conflicted. Whenever I thought I was doing something right, it ended up being wrong. I couldn’t find the balance, no matter how hard I tried.
“Look, I know I’ve put you through a lot, but please, trust me just once more. Let me try to make up for at least a little of what I’ve done.” I coaxed. Ashley stared at me for the longest time, her eyes full of tears. I could sense how badly she wanted to trust me, but I wasn’t sure if she really would. She needed a hero, and I wanted to become that for her. I just didn’t know how. All I knew was that what I was about to do, was not even close to being her hero…
At length she finally said, “Alright. Take me to the faeries.”

Ashley and I traveled deep into the forest until the sign was in sight.
“Here be faeries.” Ashley read aloud. “I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before.”
“I was surprised when I found it myself.” I stated. “Come on.”
I lead her to the faerie village, where I spotted the faerie I had spoken to only hours before.
“Luna, this is Ashley, the young lady I told you about.” I introduced. Luna looked up at me with sparkling blue eyes.
“We’ll take care of her.” The faerie assured me and motioned for Ashley to follow. Ashley glanced back at me and I looked deep into her eyes. I wanted to remember her with that faint spark of love in them, before it disappeared forever.
It’s for the best. She needs to forget what we once had….

2 months later…..

She walked out of her humble abode that night, a flaming torch in hand. I knew she was searching for me, but I didn’t dare come out. Not just yet anyway.
I watched as she raised her hand to her mouth and called out, “Who are you?”
“You know who I am.” I answered back, my voice not much louder than a whisper, but on a bleak, silent night as this, it didn’t matter. You could hear a pin drop from a mile away.
“Why do you linger in the shadows? Come out so we can talk.” She insisted.
“I’d rather not. We can talk just fine.” I rejected. No response came after I said that, I wondered if she was disappointed? Was it possible that she had wanted to see me, as much as I wanted to see her?
“I know you’ve stolen something from me.” She said after a long silence. I looked down at the white box in my hands and stroked it fervently with my gloved hands.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What could I possibly want from you?” I fibbed.
“Everyone knows you’re the greatest thief in the entire realm. All the Ferrymen are after you and are left with the conundrum on how you sneak past them through the mirror portals to make your quick getaways. I could turn you in right now, but I won’t, if you tell me what you took from me.” She proposed. I knew I couldn’t refuse her. Not only was I anxious to remain hidden from the Ferrymen, but – well. It doesn’t matter now….
“Alright. I’ll tell you.” I agreed and emerged from the shadows of the trees. We looked each other in the eyes. So tenderly, yet so fearfully. I knew what she was afraid of, but she knew not my fears. Not in the least.
“Well, what was it?” She urged, breaking the awkwardness between us.
Hesitantly, I held out the box, just enough for her to see what was written all over it; “Bad memories. DO NOT OPEN!”
She grimaced at the words and looked up at me in utmost confusion.
“I’ve never seen this before… What is it?” She inquired.
“Bad memories, just as the box says. They are your bad memories, Ashley.” I revealed, feeling shameful for what I had done.
“You – took – my bad memories?” She repeated, eyes full of tears. I nodded my head. “Why?”
“Because these memories, inside this box, are ones that you and I shared together. Ones, that quite frankly, I regret, but treasure at the same time. I felt that you didn’t need them haunting you any longer, so I went to the faeries for help in extracting them. They placed your memories inside this box and gave them to me for safe keeping. Until I felt the need to return them again.” I thoroughly explained everything to her, not leaving out a single detail.
“Return them to me.” She said insistently.
“No!” I shouted, and she drew back in fright. I took in a deep breath and continued, “I will never return these to you.”
“They’re my memories! I want them back!” She demanded.
“Kyle!” My heart skipped a beat when she said my name. I’d waited to hear that for so long… “Return them to me.” She ordered, but still I didn’t move.
“You’re not safe anymore. I can’t protect you forever, but I can protect you from the past. I can protect you from myself.” I told her, lovingly, then finished, “Forgive me.” I pulled a mirror out of my satchel and set it firmly in the ground. A swirling vortex opened up inside of it.
“What are you doing?” She asked fearfully.
“Protecting you.” I replied and sent her through the portal. The mirror landed face down on the ground and I lifted it gently in my hands.
I bent my head over the mirror and closed my eyes, allowing tears to fall onto the glass. “I’m so sorry, Ashley. I had no choice….I love you.”


*SNIFF* Okay. That broke my heart. Now I need to go watch or do something to make me happy XD

Hope you enjoyed (this is personally one of my favorite short stories so far!)!


Why, heeeelllooooo! Today I present to you – The World’s Hero! Honestly, a tear trickled down my cheek and I got teary like twice as I read and wrote this. I hope you enjoy! 😀

(Loren, I used 10 prompts! And Misty, I included the word “silent” and a swan :) )

My two younger sisters and I waited on the stairs for our parents and older siblings to come out from the meeting. We weren’t allowed to go inside and hear what was going on.
“It’s grownup talk,” Papa had said, “We’ll be discussing things your little ears don’t need to hear.”
So we waited, though we did so rather impatiently.
“How long has it been now?” Alisha, the youngest of us, moaned.
“About two minutes longer since you last asked me.” I replied, getting a little annoyed by how much she had asked me that same question.
“What do you suppose they’re talking about?” Britta inquired, her voice barely audible. I knew she was scared, I could see it in her big eyes. I looked at her with sympathy and said,
“I don’t know. But I’m sure everything will be fine.” I assured her, though I wasn’t sure if that was true. I was almost as scared as she was. Two months ago, things began to change. Paul, my older brother who was eighteen years old, had been leaving early each morning with a weapon and returning late each night. Myra, our older sister who was sixteen years of age, started to say in her prayers,
“And, Lord, please keep us safe.”
Mother was being curiously frugal with the money and was making sure that we had plenty of food stored up in the cellar. Father was working over time at the shipping yards and had been attending more and more meetings.
I didn’t know what was going on exactly, but I knew something definitely wasn’t right.
A group of people suddenly emerged from the closed room, their faces were solemn and full of worry, especially those of my family.
“Girls, we need to tell you something.” Papa said gravely and Britta, who was always emotional, instantly began to cry. Mama placed her hand on Britta’s knee and shushed her, though Mama’s eyes were full of tears as well.
“We have to send you away.” Papa announced, getting straight to the point, as he always did.
“What? Why?” I burst, my eyes welling up with tears.
“The world’s not safe anymore, Julie. We have to give you your best chance.” Mama explained.
“We’ll see you all again, won’t we?” Alisha inquired with a glimmer of hope.

“No, my darling. No one ever comes back if they cross over the border, what lies beyond is unknown. We have to say goodbye now.” Mama choked.
“Please, Papa, don’t send us away!” Britta cried.
“We have no choice, sweetheart. We have no choice.” Papa stated, as tears trickled down his cheeks. Mama and Papa wrapped their arms around the three of us as we all sobbed. When I looked up, I saw that even Paul and Myra were crying. I knew then that they truly did love us little ones, no matter how mean or bossy they acted. And I would miss them desperately.

“Keep going, Britta! Alisha, keep up!” I shouted as my sisters and I dashed through the village, trying to escape the monsters that were chasing us.

They were white, almost invisible, but everyone knew that they looked a lot like lizards. Giant lizards that walked on two legs and snatched up their prey with their long talons.
Faster, faster. I kept repeating that over and over to myself. I could barely see them, and they were close. Too close.
“Julie, help!” Alisha cried from behind me. I whipped around and held my lantern out so I could spot her.
“Alisha!” I shouted and flew to her side and helped her up, just in time before the monsters got hold of her.
We met up with Britta in our safe haven, where those who used to live in the village chose to live after the monsters had destroyed every last building.
“Julie, there you are!”
I spun around and saw Erica, a friend of mine, rushing toward me.
“What’s the matter?” I inquired once she reached my side.
“You have to come quickly. They’re holding a meeting at the swan’s lake.” Erica explained. My heart skipped a beat. That was never a good thing.

“We must find a way to stop them before they destroy all of us and the world, too!” Our leader, Mr. Perkins declared. His eyes lit up as he saw me arrive and he motioned for me to join him.
“I’m sure most of you know Julie already. She’s an excellent survivor and I wanted her to be with us during this meeting so I could ask her a very important question.” Mr Perkins explained, then turned to me and asked, “What do you know about these monsters?”
I froze, completely speechless. Why was he asking me to do this? He knew I wasn’t a good speaker.

“Um… Well, they’re cunning, they’re brave, and brutal. They’re relentless and….They’re hunting us.” I declared and the crowd went silent, as though they were waiting for me to say more, so I went on, “I don’t know why they’re hunting us, or even where they came from. What I do know, is that if we don’t find a safer place to live, the human race will be wiped out and all that will remain is a broken world.”
“What do you propose we do? There is no where else to go!” A man with a long beard shouted.
“What about all the children? We have to find a way to save them at least! We have to give them their best chance!” A tall, redheaded woman stated. My heart leaped in my chest and my mind traveled back in time….

“The world’s not safe anymore, Julie. We have to give you your best chance.” Mama explained.
“We’ll see you all again, won’t we?” Alisha inquired with a glimmer of hope.
“No, my darling. No one ever comes back if they cross over the border, what lies beyond is unknown. We have to say goodbye now.” Mama choked.

What lies beyond… It couldn’t be….Could it?
“Mr. Perkins, I just had a thought!” I exclaimed, making poor, old, Mr. Perkins jump up.
“Goodness sake’s, what is it, child?” He inquired.

“The mirrors. The Legend, what if it’s true? What if there are Ferrymen that guard mirrors? And what if those mirrors do lead to different worlds?” I suggested and I could tell that Mr. Perkins was in deep thought.
“I don’t know, my dear. I think all they are, are legends.” He said thoughtfully.
“My mama once said to my sisters and I, No one ever comes back if they cross over the border, what lies beyond is unknown. What if the worlds where the mirrors lead are what’s beyond?” I exclaimed, my head spinning with thoughts and excitement.
“And what if they’re not?” Mr. Perkins wondered, doubtfully.
“It’s sure worth finding out, Sir.” I determined.
“Very well. Get together a scouting party and go hunting for one of those mirrors. I leave this in your capable hands.” Mr. Perkins agreed and I wrapped my arms around him in a grateful hug. Now all I could do was hope that we could find a mirror.

I ducked underneath a low hanging branch and meandered through the forest. I caught sight of the sign my sisters and I had placed on an old oak tree several years ago. It said; Here be faeries. Oh, how we loved to believe faeries were real! If only they really were…
“Well, perhaps they are, Julie!”
“Who said that?” I inquired as I looked around, knowing that no one was around.

“Down here!” The voice called out. I looked down at the mossy ground and saw a tiny girl with blonde hair and glowing blue eyes staring up at me.
“Wh-wha-who- who are you?” I stammered, not really knowing what to say.
“I’m a faerie, you should know! But I’m sure you didn’t know that this forest truly is where faeries live.” The little faerie explained.
“You mean, faeries are real?” I asked, full of awe and wonder.
“Oh, yes! But enough of this, I’m here to help you find what you’re looking for.” The faerie said, quickly changing the subject.
“How do you know what I’m looking for?” I inquired.
“I’m small and quick as a firefly, I can sneak around and pick up on things. What you seek is real, Julie. I’ll take you to it. Follow me!” She commanded and flew off, but I ran after her, trying to keep up. She was definitely fast!
She lead me to a deep, dark part of the forest, but I could see myself running forward. This doesn’t make any sense…Wait…. It’s my reflection!
“Here we are! This is the Grand Mirror – the biggest mirror in the entire world! It circles the entire forest. All you have to do is walk through, and it will take you somewhere safe.” The Faerie explained.
“What about the Ferrymen? Are they real, too?” I inquired.
“They are, but I’ve already spoken with them. After much deliberation, they’ve finally agreed to let you all through!” She exclaimed and I nearly screamed for joy.
“Oh, thank you ever so much! I don’t know how to repay you.” I said out of utmost gratitude.
“You don’t have to repay me. Just get everyone here so you can go through and be safe.” She instructed and flew away before I could say another word.

“Mr. Perkins! Mr. Perkins! Mr. Perkins!” I shouted over and over until I spotted him sitting on a log bench, reading a book.
“Good heavens, child! What is it? Please tell me it’s not another ambush!” Mr. Perkins fretted.
“No, no, Mr. Perkins! I found it! I found a mirror and the Ferrymen agreed to let us all through!” I explained and stopped to catch my breath. Mr. Perkins looked into my eyes and I saw the tears entering his.

“My dear, girl. You’ve done it. The world needed a hero, and that’s exactly what you became. I’m so proud of you. And I know that, if they were here, your parents would be, too.” Mr. Perkins affirmed. A smile spread across my face and tears trickled down my cheeks.
“Thank you, Mr. Perkins.” I said gratefully and he gave my hand a squeeze then went to announce the good news to everyone.
Word had reached my ears several years ago that my parents had passed, but even though I didn’t have them with me, I could feel them smiling down at me. Mr. Perkins was right, they were proud of me. And knowing that made my heart soar.


*Sigh* It’s about time I had a story end with a happy ending XD

Go Dragons and Swans!!! 😀


I FINALLY HAVE WIFI!!! *celebrates* *cheers* *dances around like crazy* 

Yes, I’ve been suffering without my wifi. XD

Okay, so this story turned out kinda long, but I think you’ll all enjoy it! Prepare yourselves for a cliffhanger… XD

I used these 8 prompts, Loren:




Okay, now, let’s take a look at the story:

My feet carried me as quickly as they could as I passed through the village cemetery. The White Shadow was hot on my trail. No one knew exactly what this creature was or where it came from. All we knew was that it was cunning, it was brave, it was brutal, it was relentless – and it was hunting us down. 

I glanced over my shoulder, my long, blonde hair whipping in front of my face. I saw two White Shadows emerging from the trees in the Ragoul Forest, their wide eyes fixed on me.

I ran on breathlessly until I saw the sign I’d been searching for nailed to a tree, saying; Here be faeries.

I smiled in relief and made a quick right turn, entering faerie territory, where the White Shadows dared not go. The one thing they feared were faeries, which was a mystery to us all. The White Shadows turned around in fright. I was safe now.

I slowed to a walk and headed for the falls where others brought their pet dragons for refreshing water. I saw one of my good friends, Elodie, perched on a fallen tree, reading a book to her dragon. My heart ached as I watched them together and memories flashed before me. Bad memories. Ones that I preferred to leave unopened. Yet every now and then, I found that I needed to open up that box- no matter how much pain it brought me.

“Maybell, are you alright?”

I entered back into reality and quickly wiped the tears away that flooded my eyes.

“I’m fine, Graham.” I replied stiffly. 

“You’re thinking about her again, aren’t you?” He inquired, his eyes showing concern.

“Yeah.” I choked, barely able to speak of it. 

“It’s been three years since you lost Atta. How long do you expect to go on like this?” Graham wondered. 

“She was all I had left, Graham. When I lost her, I lost a part of me, too. I don’t know how to go on without her.” I sobbed. Graham placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “I know it’s hard. Atta fought bravely alongside the rest of the dragons. But, Maybell, you have to move on. You can’t spend the rest of your life grieving. Find happiness again.” He encouraged, but I couldn’t accept his words. I couldn’t let her go.

“I can’t. I can’t be happy. At least not until I avenge her death. Until every last White Shadow is destroyed.” I said with a scowl. Seeing there was no changing my mind, he stepped away.

5 months later….

My fingers curled tightly around the rope, I pulled myself up the mountain. Every inch hurt and my hands burned from the rope rubbing against my skin.

Almost there, almost there.

I encouraged myself as I climbed. At last I reached the mountain’s ledge and hoisted my body up. I lied on the ground, despite the fact that ice lay all around me. White Shadows lived in the mountains where they spit ice cubes everywhere for their nests. They were close to becoming the dominant species and I wasn’t about to let that happen. The world needed a hero, so that’s what I became – in my mind at least. It hasn’t happened yet, but I knew it was about to.

I entered the cave where I knew whoever was behind this would be waiting. Ice filled every inch of the cave and my teeth chattered. Each second it seemed to get colder. I wrapped my arms around me and shivered. Then it happened. That tingle. That terrible tickle in your nose. I fought it, but sometimes there’s no stopping it. I sneezed so loudly, you could surely hear it from a mile away. I placed my hand over my mouth as I gasped in fright. I heard what sounded like dragon wings flapping and then something heavy landed behind me.

“Oh, Maybell. You couldn’t stay away, could you?”

“Elodie!” I exclaimed in complete shock. “You’re behind this?”

Elodie huffed and said, “Yes, Maybell, it’s all me.” Before I could grasp my head around what was happening, Elodie grabbed something from her pocket and then my world went black.


*bites bottom lip* I have a feeling you’re all gonna hate me right now XD



Hey there! This has to be quick cause I’m doing it on my phone right now and I don’t have wifi (yikes!), but I have to get this up tonight, so here we go!

I’m using these 4 prompts :)

Misty, I included a variation of the word “smile”, saying “smiling” instead 😉 I also included a swan in my story :)

I Can Fly:

I opened my eyes, surprised to discover that I was no longer in my bed. So where was I exactly?

I stood on a dirt pathway that twisted and turned a corner, leading deeper into the forest I found myself in. Trees stood all around me and the green was unlike any green I had seen on trees before. It seemed so- magical. I looked to my right and noticed a wooden board attached to a tree. In bold, white letters it read:


“That’s not how you spell fairies.” I snorted.

“Actually, you are quite wrong.” A young girl’s voice came from above, but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Who’s there?” I called, shading my eyes from the sun as I looked up at the trees.

“Who do you think?” The girl giggled.

“I don’t know! I don’t even know where I am or how I got here!” I shouted, feeling exasperated. Saying that made me realize that this was real. I was somewhere I’d never been before and I didn’t even know how I got here. 

“Look, I don’t know where I am. Could you please come out and answer some of my questions?” I politely requested.

Suddenly I saw a floating blue light coming down from the tree tops. It grew larger as it approached me and I admit, I was slightly afraid. Before I knew it, a girl with luminous blue eyes was standing before me, her smile sweet and gentle. Several glowing blue butterflies fluttered by her- one she held tenderly in the palm of her hand.

“You flew here- to Pixie Hollow.” The girl informed.

“Pixie Hollow? Where’s that? Is it in England?” I inquired.

“Oh dear, no!” She chuckled, “You’re in Neverland!” She exclaimed as she twirled around in delight.

“Never heard of it. How did I get here?” I asked.

“You came here through your dream.” The girl stated and then went on to introduce herself, “Oh, I’m Carnation, by the way.” 

“I’m Peter. Wait, so, I’m dreaming? Or is this real?” I inquired in wonderment. 

“This is quite real, Peter. Weren’t you dreaming about flying?” She questioned.

“Sure! I’ve had dreams of flying lots of times, but this is the first time I’ve woken up away from home. It’s pretty amazing!” I exclaimed, taking in my surroundings.  

“And haven’t you always wished to never grow up? To not have any rules to follow? And to be able to fly?” Carnation inquired, counting on her fingers as she listed each thing.

“Yeah, how did you know all that?” I wondered, scratching my red hair.

“I’m a fairy. I’ve been to the Mainland before, where you’re from. I just know these things. And I’m here to tell you, Peter, that now all your dreams can come true!” She explained.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not sure how this could work.

“I mean, you are free to stay here now! In Neverland, there are no rules and nobody ever grows up. Do you believe you can fly?” She inquired, a playful grin on her face.

“Sure I do!” I nodded enthusiastically. Then Carnation grew smaller until she was fairy size again and flew around me, golden dust falling over me.

“What is this?” I asked as I rubbed the dust in my fingers.

“It’s pixie dust! Now, think of a happy thought and wait to see what happens.” She instructed, smiling broadly.

Happy thought, happy thought. I thought of never growing up, of being a kid for forever, and suddenly I felt my feet lift off the ground.

“I can fly! I’m flying!” I exclaimed.

“You’re doing great!” Carnation applauded as she watched me soaring through the night sky. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The wind in my hair, the sense of freedom, how light and carefree I felt. The sight below me was astonishing- Neverland was wonderful. I saw a mermaid lagoon, a cavern that looked like a skull, Indian territory, open sea and pirate ships. What more could a boy ask for? This place was my new home, I knew that much. 

Jingle, jingle!

What was that? 

Jingle, jingle!

There it was again! I paused in the air and listened closely. 

Jingle, jingle!

It sounded like bells… I took off toward the direction of the sound until I came to the shore. I spotted a small fairy with blonde hair tied up in a bun and clothed in a green dress with her foot caught under a large rock.

“Hey there, lemme help you with that.” I offered. I tried lifting it, but it was too heavy.

“Look, human, find some lost things on the shore that you can use to split or pry up the rock so I can get out.” The fairy ordered, seeming annoyed.

“Lost things?” I repeated.

“Yeah, you know, the stuff that washes up from the mainland.” She answered, as though it were obvious. I searched around and saw many random items. I found silverware, springs, a portrait of a swan, a hairbrush, but the one thing I thought could help me most was a bronze pan.

I walked back over to the fairy and slid the handle of the pan underneath the rock and pressed down with all my might. The rock lifted just enough for the fairy to fly free. 

“Wow, thanks! You should be a tinker!” The fairy said gratefully. 

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“I’m Tinkerbell, who are you? What are you doing in Neverland?” She inquired.

“I’m Peter. I flew here.” I replied.

“Peter, huh? Well, as my rescuer, I hereby dub you… Peter Pan! In honor of the pan you used to free me!” Tinkerbell issued, proud of her name idea.

“Peter Pan, huh? I like it!” I approved, crossing my arms across my chest in pride.

“Great! Hey! Why don’t I give you a tour of Neverland? I could show you Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, introduce you to Tiger Lily, you’d LOVE her, and- oh! We’ll have to be careful of Captain Hook and his scurvy crew. He doesn’t like any of us.” Tinkerbell suggested and I gladly took her up on her offer. I liked Tinkerbell and it was no surprise to me that we became best friends.

“Peter!” I called out his name in the silence, like he would actually hear, like he would actually care. I was his friend first. I told him everything. I taught him how to fly. I thought we would be great friends. Then he had to go and meet Tinkerbell. The two of them had become best friends and partners- they were completely inseparable. You hardly heard one name without the other, since they were the heroes now. Always fighting off Captain Hook and his crew. 
Eventually, everyone in Pixie Hollow turned against me, because they always said I was jealous of Tink. So, I left Pixie Hollow for good and I shoved all those bad memories with Pan, as he was mostly now called, into a box, deep down inside myself that I would never open up again. 

“Goodbye, Peter Pan. Goodbye, Pixie Hollow.”


Awww. Poor Carnation. I just have to say, I had a BLAST writing this story! I think it’s one of my facorites! 😀

I also used this prompt- it helped me get the story going :)



P.S. I’ll reply to comments as soon as I have wifi again! :)

Hi everyone! I’m here again with my second story for CWWC and my fifth for AAWC! I had fun with this one 😀


TEAM DRAGONS IS IN SECOND PLACE!!! GO GO GO!!! All prompts, folks! 😀


And Team Swan is in the LEAD!! KEEP GOING!! 😀

Here are the prompts for CWWC:

And Misty, I included the word “fade” and also a swan :)
Memories, Memories:
The school bell had rang 45 minutes ago and still I remained unmoved at my desk. My teacher, Mrs. Grady had asked how I was before she left, but I just told her I was fine and needed to think for a bit.
For as long as I could remember, I had always felt like something in my life was missing. Granted, I had a wonderful, loving family, tons of friends, and pure joy followed me just about everywhere I went. Everywhere, but my classroom. Each time I stepped in the room all my joy faded away from me and I felt – empty.
“I need a hero.” I whispered to myself. I was so desperate to be rescued from this emptiness that I actually said I wanted a hero. That’s stupid. I’m 16, I know that heroes aren’t real.
I stepped out of my seat and headed out of the classroom. Instantly, the joy came back and I forgot all about my problems.

“Iris, where have you been? You’re over an hour late home from school!” My mom fussed as soon as I entered the door.
“I-I don’t know. I’m fine, though.” I assured her with a smile. Mom glanced at Dad who was standing close behind her, his arms crossed tightly across his chest.
“Did you have a good day at school, Swan?” He inquired with an inquisitive brow. Swan was my nickname he gave me when I was little because I was always dancing around the house, flowing and gliding gracefully like a swan. Plus I had an obsession with Swan Lake, so it seemed to fit. My mind drew a blank. I couldn’t remember anything about school.
“I don’t know. I can’t remember…” I said slowly, trying my hardest to remember what I did that day. Dad muttered something to mom, trying to hide it from me. This wasn’t like my parents. They seemed so disturbed, this hardly ever happened. Everything was only ever perfect.
Mom disappeared into the dark hall and I saw her enter her bedroom. Something wasn’t right here….

I woke up in the middle of the night. It was very quiet and I knew it must have been very late. I felt an urge, almost a calling, to go downstairs. I jumped out of my bed and tiptoed down the creaking staircase. I noticed that the storage door under the staircase was open, so I went to close it. But just as I was about to, I saw a large white box on the floor that said; “BAD MEMORIES. DO NOT OPEN.”
Suddenly I felt that emptiness again. That terrible, lonely, heartache. I knelt down and placed my hands on the box before me. Something inside told me that this is what I needed to rid me of this emptiness.
I lifted the lid and saw hundreds of black papers with words in white filling each sheet. Carefully, I lifted one out of the box and began to read:

March 30th, 2008

I watched as my parents were hit by a car, just outside my school. I ran to them, but the officers wouldn’t let me see them.
“Please, you have to let me see them! They’re my parents!” I cried. One of the officers knelt down and placed his strong hands on my shoulders.
“What’s your name, sweetie?” He asked gently.
“Iris. Iris O’Brian.” I answered as I wiped away a tear.

“Iris! Th-that’s my name!” I gasped and continued reading;

“Iris, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do. Your parents died. Seeing them would only make it harder for you.” He explained and gave me a comforting hug. My heart broke and my throat ached from crying.
“Sir, we found this in the trunk.” Another police officer came over, carrying a bag with a birthday card and a new doll, just like the one I’d been wanting for ages.
“Those are for me. It’s my birthday today.” I sobbed. The officer handed me the doll and I held her close to my chest, letting tears pour onto her silky hair.

I paused again to check the date on the paper. “March 30th, 2008. My 8th birthday…” I said with a shaky breath. This couldn’t be possible, but I believed this girl was me. The facts were accurate. But everything happening…. That never happened…

“Iris, what are you doing?” My dad inquired as he and my mom entered the room.
“Mom, Dad, what is this? This girl, her name is Iris and she has the same birthday as me. But here it says that her parents died…. I don’t understand…” I trailed off, hoping they would explain. Mom and Dad looked at each other sadly and sighed as they sat on the floor beside me.
“Iris, that girl is you.” Mom stated.
“Why don’t I remember any of this?” I inquired.
“Because we made you forget.” Dad replied, his eyes full of shame.
“What? Y-you took my memories?” I asked in shock, tears filling my eyes.
“Yes. I’m the officer on the page who spoke with you and hugged you. I felt an attachment to you and your mother and I adopted you. Months passed on and you never smiled. You never spoke. You would stay alone in your room most of the day and sometimes we would hear you crying at night.” Dad began, and Mom continued, “So we went to see some scientists and they created a machine that could take away all of your bad memories so you could be happy. We used it on you then and we’ve been using it on you ever since because we’ve been too afraid of you returning to how you were. We only ever wanted you to be happy.”
“You needed a hero, Iris. So that’s what we became. Your heroes.” Dad finished, his hand rested on my shoulder.
I let tears stream down my cheeks as I said, “You may have taken away the memories, but the feeling was still always there. That painful emptiness that haunted me for years. If you want me to be truly happy and if you really want to be my heroes, please return my memories. Return them so I can feel whole again.”
“Of course. If that’s what you truly want.” Mom agreed and pulled me into a warm, loving hug, Dad wrapping his arms over us. At last, I could finally feel complete. I knew then that heroes are real. And I had two of them in my life who I was proud to call; Mom and Dad.


I hope you enjoyed! Feedback always appreciated :)

Who are the heroes in your life?


Hi everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long and that I haven’t replied to comments yet. I’ve had a lot going on lately…

Anyways, CWWC started again!!! YAAAY!!! I am SUPER excited about this and AAWC because, guess what? TEAM SWAN IS WINNING!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! 😀

I am on Team Dragon again in CWWC – WE WILL DESTROY AND CONQUER!!!! XD

Alright, here are the prompts I am using:

Awesome, right? Now, let’s take a look at the story…


It was a beautiful afternoon in Upago. The sun was shining, white fluffy clouds filled the periwinkle blue sky, and a breeze rustled the leaves in the trees around us. My sister, Millicent, and I came to our favorite spot in the forest, where we sat on a fallen tree that spread across the gap between the hills. The Loshon Falls were loud, yet peaceful before us as I read my favorite book to my older sister.
“….and drove away in state to meet and escort her guests the banquet.” I finished reading and closed the hardcover book, setting it gently on my lap.
“Molly, we should leave now, before they find out.” Millicent urged, spreading her ginormous dragon wings to take flight.
“Oh, Millie, don’t worry about it. I’ve been reading for years and nothing has ever happened. Stop being such a worry wart.” I teased, tucking my loose curl which had fallen from my messy bun behind my ear.
I know it seems strange that a dragon and a human could be sisters, but alas it is true. I am part dragon, however. I posses some of the qualities such as fire breath and flight. Wings will just suddenly appear when I need them and I let them carry me high into the sky, above the untouchable clouds. It was simply wonderful….
“Molly!” Millicent shouted.
“Hm?” I asked, snapping out of my daydream.
“Let’s get out of here.” She insisted.
“Oh, alright.” I said with a sigh. Just as we were about to take flight, the Ferrymen appeared out from the trees. Ferrymen guarded all the mirrors in the world, preventing anyone from going through their portals. This was the task that The Mirror bestowed upon them. The Mirror was like our king; it decided our fate and told the Ferrymen what to do.
“Molly, I’m afraid we have to take you to The Mirror.” One of the Ferrymen informed. I glanced at Millie, who’s eyes were wide in fear.
“May I ask why?” I inquired.
“Have you not been reading a book from the outside world? And is that not forbidden and punishable by banishment?” The Ferryman answered with his own questions. I froze, my heart beating so hard and fast that it hurt. I couldn’t believe that after all of these years, I had been caught.
Millie looked at me with tears in her big, dragon eyes. I knew how scared and heartbroken she was. Now, because of me, we may never see each other again.
“May I have a moment, please?” I requested and the Ferrymen nodded.
I took a few steps closer to my sister and placed my hand on her neck, stroking her cold dragon scales.
“It’ll be okay, Millie. I honestly doubt that I’ll be banished. The Mirror hardly ever separates families.” I assured her, though inside I was slightly doubtful.
“Just promise me you’ll never leave. If you do, I’d be all alone.” Millie said as tears poured out of her eyes, falling to the river below, sending ripples across the water.
“I won’t. It’ll be okay.” I promised, and wrapped my arms around her – well – as far around her neck as they could go.
“I’m ready.” I informed the Ferrymen, and they bound my hands with thick rope, leading me deep into the woods and down the dirt road up to the palace, where The Mirror was waiting.

“Mirror, we have brought you Molly, just as you requested.” A Ferryman announced as we stepped into a large room. The Mirror was over 100 feet tall and looked rather intimidating. I had never seen him before myself, and must admit, was rather afraid. Anxiety came over me like the clouds came over the sun. I was extremely nervous.
“What will be her fate, Mirror?” Another Ferryman inquired. Then the ground began to rumble and the mirror revealed a place that I had never seen before. There was water and golden dirt and people on strange flat boards gliding on top of the water.
“Wh- what is that?” I stammered.
“The Mirror has decided your fate.” The Ferryman closest to me informed, and before I knew what was happening, I was pushed hard through The Mirror, crashing into it and falling for what seemed like forever until I landed firmly on the ground.
I dragged my hands through the golden grain, that was dirt-like, but not quite like any dirt I had ever felt. It was burning hot and I slowly lifted my head to see what was before me. I saw shattered glass on the ground and as I looked further away, I saw hundreds of people in chair-like beds and sitting on top of blankets. They wore silly hats and eye coverings.
I stood up and turned around, facing water as far as the eye could see. And I saw the people gliding across the water on strange boards, like I had seen inside the mirror. This is so weird. I turned to my left, where a tall mountain sat full of houses and trees and other peculiar buildings.
“What is this place?” I wondered aloud.
“This is Florida, Molly.” A man from behind me informed. I twirled around to face him and stared at him in shock.
“How do you know my name?” I inquired, suspiciously.
The man smirked and said mysteriously, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Molly. Before I answer any of your questions, you’re going to answer some of mine. Let’s go somewhere where we can talk.”


Ooooh!! So mysterious…. And what a cliffhanger, right?! XD

I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Before I go….



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