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I know everyone is probably saying this, but seriously…..

….like seriously……


NO I AM NOT JOKING. I’m stuck in the past you guys. My brain can not fathom that 2018 begins at midnight. That sounds too far away for how close it is.

Okay, I’ll stop freaking out now… but I’ll still be freaking out inside. *makes explosion sounds*

After going through a very emotional year in 2016 and still feeling affected by everything at the start of 2017, I didn’t really have high expectations for this to be a great year,  (though there were certainly things I was excited for) but looking back now I am amazed at all that has happened this year and just what a great one it turned out to be. :)

Highlights of the Year:

Moving- Ever since last year we have been up and down with the thought of moving looking at houses both in and out of California, but for now we have finally placed everything on hold. We might move out of California someday, but right now this is where our family is at and we want to stay together for the time being. :)

YAY MY BIRTHDAY (which is apparently a little over a month away, how) –
This year I turned 18 – which makes me a legal adult. Only legally though. I’m still a kid. And always will be. *angel face* Though I was super excited to turn 18 and have all the pleasures that it brings (like more makeup – heehee), I had a lot of fear about the whole thing. I didn’t feel ready to be an adult and I was scared that all this responsibility was going to be flung at me the second I turned 18 and I did not think I could handle it. After tears, prayers, and long talks with my loved ones I was able to see the reality in it all and really have a peace about it. My whole world didn’t change just because I leveled up 😛 But my birthday was SO special and just everything I hoped it would be. <3


Writing: Woe is me –
Several times this year I started brainstorming a new book idea, wrote a little bit of the book, and then stopped. For some reason I don’t seem to be able to actually write the thing, though the ideas come naturally. It was really discouraging at times and there was a season where I wondered if I was really supposed to be a writer. If that was something I really should be pursuing. But, lo and behold it was just a dry season and I snapped out of it shortly. I tend to think the worst rather quickly. XD
I stepped into the unknown this year in my writing doing something I expected I’d loathe (not kidding) but actually ended up enjoying – EDITING. Which then turned into – Oh my gosh, this book is horrible, LET US REWRITE THE WHOLE THING, OKIE DAY? – So yeah. Rewriting has begun and is sorta in progress… I haven’t worked on it in months, but I’m not quitting, don’t worry. XD


Then of course there was NaNoWriMo. I was super proud of myself because I think I started preparing for this 2 months before it started? Like what?? ME actually preparing for something? Me the major procrastinator?? Honestly, I was impressed with myself. XD It was super fun preparing for NaNoWriMo and I felt so ready for it until… IT CAME. IT HIT ME SUDDENLY AND I WAS LIKE – NOOO GO AWAY PLEASE. Especially since I was trying to write 50K in one month which I have never done before – and still have not. Yes, I failed NaNo, but I have excuses. I over tasked myself in November and was feeling so stressed out (so much so I just started crying) and I had to drop something – NaNo was the only thing logical for me to drop. I was super upset to do so, but it is what it is. I haven’t written very much since then, but all in all – I’d say this was a good writing year for me. :)

Fangirling – Apparently I died (as I often do over wondrous things) a lot this year.
Beauty and the Beast. THAT MOVIE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL. From the moment I saw that movie and going on into the following six months or so, I was listening to the songs all day on repeat nearly every day. Though as the months dragged on, it got lesser, but ya know. Same thing. XD
Moana. I was not only listening to the Beauty and the Beast songs on loop 24/7, but also I was listening to the Moana songs on loop 24/7. Beat that if you can. XD
Pirates of the Caribbean. I LOVE THIS MOVIE OH MY WORD.
War for the Planet of the Apes. Kinda slow and tragically sad, but sooo good! <3
THE LAST JEDI. AAFGSAJFGEQREYLO!ADBSDHS (there’s one word in that gibberish which sums up the movie for me.) I’m so in love with this movie I literally can’t even. Like. How did they make me love Kylo Ren after I hated him so much? How did they do it?? O_O


God – I have grown so much more spiritually this year and that just makes me so happy. God has shown me so much and I’ve cried often over awakenings He has worked in me. He continues to amaze me. <3
I read an amazing book called Lady in Waiting (which I’m actually in the middle of reading again) and the very first chapter was about reckless abandonment to God and finding joy and satisfaction in Him. It had me in tears as I realized what that meant and honestly this is something I am still going through. It’s about dying to yourself and giving yourself up to God. I went through a ton of my things this year that I am working on getting rid of and selling – even some of my AG dolls because I realize I need to give up my earthly belongings that I have obsessed over – I need to do this FOR Him. It’s hard. I’ve cried over the pain of letting things go that I love and that’s just proof to me that I need to let it go. Because it has too hard a hold on my heart where God should be instead.


I’m also learning about what it means to be attached to the Vine and produce fruit – meaning the Fruit of the Spirit. My dad has studied and been teaching us so much and it really is messing me up in a good way. <3

Family Time –
Going on a road trip to be with Jordan and Aaryn and my grandparents for Easter. <3
Celebrating Star Wars Day with my mom and sister – getting yogurt and putting Star Wars character toothpicks in our bowls. 😀
Getting a Disneyland pass again to go with my sister. We’ve gone a few times together and it’s been SO much fun each time. I love having this special sister time with her. She makes me smile and laugh so much :)


Bingeing shows with my mom. Particularly The Adventures of Merlin. Oh, how we died together! <3
Going to Bible study with my oldest brother, Jacob. We don’t hang out much and that’s just a nice bit of time we get together that I am so thankful for :)
Family gatherings – each time we’re all together as a family is the greatest thing ever. <3

Adulting – It was bound to come sooner or later, but when it came, it came FAST. XD From banking to having an 11 year old call me “ma’am” (seriously that was so weird. I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS) to job interviews to actually getting a JOB and WORKING I’ve been doing lots of adulting. My thoughts on it? One day – This is fun!! – the next day – I CAN NOT ADULT TODAY.
It’s a love/hate thing. XD
Near the beginning of the year I had no desire for a job. I found the whole idea terrifying and just – no. Me and people? No go.
But God worked on me a lot throughout the year and I found myself less afraid and more confident in the fact that God is with me and He is protecting me and won’t let anything happen to me. So In August I had my first job interview. I was SO nervous, but it went pretty well! It felt so weird walking into a store all on my own… I’d never done that before in my life. O_O So I didn’t end up getting that job and I waited a couple months before I said to my mom that I wanted to go to this candy store my sister in-law worked at and had been recommending to me ever since we met and just check it out. I took home an application and when I returned it I was surprised to have an interview with the owner right then and there and he hired me on the spot. It happened so fast I didn’t even really know what to do with myself.

22688891_374915676281331_6471749446095770259_n (1)

I love that job SO much. It’s been such an incredible experience working there, helping to make the candy canes, dip some chocolates, converse with and wait on customers, work the register – I just love it all, so, SO much!! Working there in December was insane. I hadn’t expected for it to turn into a full time job, but it did and I ended up working the busiest day in the history of ever for that store. God gave me such strength to go on it was amazing. I was sad with how fast my December went by because of it and I hardly got to enjoy the Christmas season, but I loved it so much, I don’t think I’d change much of anything. :)
Now the job is pretty much over (since it was seasonal), but I’ll be back again for the busier holidays. I miss it so much and I can not wait to go back! <3

I also graduated highschool this summer which is AWESOME!! No more school for me!! *blows party horn* I had the best party with my family and friends to celebrate and also had senior pictures taken. I’d never had a photoshoot before so that was super fun to do! 😀


Friends –  This year I have stuck so close to my friends and I am so thankful for the relationships we have! Being able to text and Skype so much is the greatest ever. We have made so many inside jokes and made such awesome memories together – it’s really been such a great year of Frenship :) NOT TO MENTION that HERSHEY CAME DOWN AND SURPRISED ME AND EMMA IN JULYYYY!!! I can’t believe it’s almost been half a year since I’ve seen her! Meeting her in person was one of the best days of my life and I can’t wait to save up enough money to fly out and see her again! Oh, how we laughed and cried and talked non-stop when she came… I just wanna relive that day! <3


And, yes, Emma and I are remaining completely insane psychos. We bought onesies together (mine’s a dragon, hers is a unicorn) and we watched the movie Emma in them and ballroom danced with the movie. We ate almost half a pound of ribbon candy at the craft fair which made us crazy hyper and sick to our stomachs. We died laughing over the most ridiculous things. We wrote together and procrastinated writing together and made plans to run away to the sewers with Hermie the Hermit Hut. Not much has changed with us. Just two normal, innocent friends. *more angel faces*


I also went caroling with my young adult group at church which I had never done before and it was SO fun!! I hung out with one of my old friends all night and we had a great time together! It was also freezing. My fingers were pained from the cold. O_O

Chubs – I’ve really made a lot more connections with the kids at work this year. Having a three year old boy say he wants to go to your birthday party, give you his penny he was so excited to have, and say “I love you”. Having a two year old boy kiss your arm. Having three kids wanting to sit with you at once. Playing the same game with your favorite kid all day that when he comes back he still remembers the game and wants to play it with you… *happy sigh* I love kids. <3
I also might start babysitting one of the chubs soon which I’m SUPER excited about!! 😀

There is obviously so much more that happened this year, but these are the highlights. I know it was a lot to read, but man, a lot happens in a year and I just have a lot to say about these things! XD
I really think the word to describe this year is – beautiful. So much happened, so much changed and it all works together to produce one beautiful year. I’m still learning and growing and I just feel so excited for 2018. I wonder how my life will change in the year ahead – and how I will continue to change….

So far in 2018 I am looking forward to Jordan and Aaryn moving back down at the end of January and one other thing that I am not at liberty to say just yet, but it is something so incredibly exciting I can hardly stand it!! 😀
I really don’t know what 2018 has in store and I like it that way. It’ll be a year of surprises for me and I honestly can hardly wait to see where God will take me this year. <3

What were some of your highlights of 2017? What are you looking forward to in 2018? I’d love to talk about it with you! 😀 




7 Responses to Thus Ends 2017 – Highlights of The Year

  • Sounds like this was a wonderful year for you! Hope the next one is even better. ???

  • Happy New Year! The biggest thing in my life this year was starting college and shortly after, the birth of my third baby sister, Sage!


  • Oh my goodness, it looks like you had an excellent year! AND YES HOW DID KYLO GET SO RELATEABLE? About halfway through the movie my mom elbowed me and was like ‘from that angle he almost looks attractive’ and then a little while later I was like ‘did I just actually laugh at something Kylo said? darn i don’t want them to kill him off anymore!’ That’s good storytelling right there. 😉 also working at a candy store sounds AMAZING.

  • The Last Jedi akhjhcj chvvgbhhchjbvjkb!! Nuff said
    You’ve done a lot this year wow! Annual passes?! I got annual passes for 2017 too! I love Disney❤️ CAN I JOIN YOU AND EMMA IN THE SEWERS? PLEASE? I PROMISE ILL BE A GOOD HERMIT!

  • An 11-year old called you Ma’am? Whoa! Although once a little boy came up to me and said ”Excuse me, miss, but I can’t find my mom.”

  • Sounds like a fun year! Thanks for sharing these updates!:)

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