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My Team Won 1st Place in AAWC!

My Team Won Second Place in CWWC!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry that I’ve missed a couple days of Star Wars posts, but I’ve been really busy and I barely had enough time to write my entry for CWWC. :(

Here are the prompts I’m using:




And now, here is the story! :)


I woke with a start in my bed, sweat dripping down the side of my head. I had just had the craziest dream and I just had to tell someone about it. I slid out of my bed and slipped on my Ugg boots, then tip-toed silently down the stairs. I walked out the front door and once I was in the middle of the street, I raised my whistle to my lips and blew as hard as I could. Then I went into my backyard and waited in the tree house. Before I knew it, I saw a head peek over the ledge.

“Jenny! Are the rest coming?” I inquired urgently and Jenny nodded her head. “Yep, they’re right behind me.” She assured me and I allowed myself to relax.
Following Jenny, came ‘Lazy Susan’, which was a perfect nickname for her considering how lazy she was and her name was Susan. Then after her came Billy and following absentmindedly behind him came Phil.

“I’m glad you all came so quickly. I just have to tell you all this crazy dream I just had!” I exclaimed, but everyone else groaned and Phil just stared blankly at the floor.

“Alice, did you really just call us all here so you could tell us another one of your dreams again? This is the third night in a row! I need my sleep!” Susan complained with a loud yawn.

“In all the years I’ve known you, Alice, none of your dreams have been true. You don’t have visions of the future.” Billy said discouragingly.

“I do, too! What about the dream I had about the mayor?” I reminded him.

“Alice, that wasn’t a vision! Everyone in town knew he was going to resign soon. You had a dream that he resigned because you heard talk about it everywhere you went.” Billy contradicted and Jenny chuckled. I glared at her and she stopped almost immediately.

“Well, this dream wasn’t like all the others, guys. This dream was scary and everything about it felt so real. I just know this one is a vision.” I declared and the others sighed.

“Alright, Alice. What is it?” Jenny inquired, sounding completely uninterested.

“Okay, I dreamed that the new factory being built on Baker Street isn’t a factory at all. It’s just made to look that way so no one will know the truth. It’s really headquarters for a superhero!” I squealed.

“A superhero? C’mon, Alice! Superheros don’t exist, right, Phil?” Billy nudged Phil’s arm for backup.

“Indeed.” Phil agreed as he quickly opened his eyes.

“There’s more, Billy.” I said, growing annoyed with him. “Now, in my dream, after we had all found out about the HQ, everything got weird. I saw flashes of us wearing cool outfits with armor and capes and we were fighting and-” I stopped. Something important was missing from my dream. It was what had caused me to wake up so suddenly, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

“Well, go on, I don’t have all night.” Susan grumbled and I rolled my eyes at her, then turned my head away in thought.

“Alice? What’s the matter?” Jenny inquired with a worried look in her eyes. I gasped. I remembered what it was, but not fully.

“I-I couldn’t remember something, but, I remember now. One of us….died.” I said slowly as tears formed in my eyes. Everyone looked up at me in fear.

“Who died?” Susan asked forcefully.

“I can’t remember.” I said softly.

“Maybe it was Phil.” Billy suggested jokingly.

“Indeed!” Phil yawned.

“Billy, he’s not listening. He’s used the word ‘indeed’ like, five times.” I exaggerated.

“It’s only been twice, actually.” Billy corrected.

“Well, whatever. You know what I mean.” I said sarcastically and sat down on the hard wooden floor. I had to find out who died in my dream.

“Maybe the superhero from my dream can help us!” I suggested, leaping to my feet. As I headed for the ladder, Billy and Jenny blocked my way.

“Alice, don’t even think about it. There’s no way to get inside. The whole building site is surrounded by tall wire fences and the entrance is locked tight.” Jenny informed, trying to discourage me from going.

“Jenny, you underestimate me. I can get inside any building.” I said proudly.

“Oh, boy. What’s your plan?” Billy asked, although I knew inside he wished he hadn’t.

“Well, I do have some pretty nice grip gloves. And my dad did buy me a gun for my own protection when I’m home alone.” I stated with a grin and they both groaned. I pushed them out of my way and took my first step down the ladder. “Well, who’s coming with me?” I asked expectantly. Billy and Jenny sighed and said in unison, “I’ll come.”

I stared up at the large fence and looked at the sign which read, “Private Property. No Trespassing.” I gulped. Why was I always interfering with the law? I just have to know. I said to myself and clasped my hands onto the fence and began climbing. Billy and Jenny didn’t want to get in any trouble, so they stayed put and watched me climb up the fence.

At last I was on the other side and I stealthily ran through the dark toward the “factory.” I pressed my hands and back up against the side wall and slid against it until I came to the edge. I peeked around the corner. The coast was clear. I dashed up to the door and grabbed some tweezers out of my pocket. I twisted, bent, and angled them in many different ways until at last I heard the delightful little click. I pulled the door open and stepped my right foot inside. So far so good. Then I slid my left foot in and took a few more steps, but then a siren blared throughout the whole building and all the lights clicked on, blinding my eyes. I shielded my eyes from the light and stumbled backwards. When I looked up, I saw a young man and an older man looking down at me. The old man looked very cross, but the young man looked confused. The young man helped me up and I bit my lip. I was caught.

“Would you mind explaining to us, young lady, just what exactly you’re doing here?” The old man inquired angrily.

“I-I came for help.” I squeaked.

“Oh, did you? You climbed over the fence, ignoring the sign, and broke into this building because you needed help?” He shouted and I jumped.

“Silas, calm down. You’re scaring her.” The young man intervened and looked at me with concern. “What’s your name?” He asked gently.

“A-Alice.” I stuttered.

“Alright, Alice, why don’t you tell me just why you’re here?” He suggested and I gulped.

“Well, I had a dream tonight. And well, in that dream there was a superhero living here. This building was his headquarters. And in my dream, one of my friends died, but I can’t remember who. I just needed to find out, so I came here, hoping that the superhero could help me remember.” I explained, but I felt quite silly and awkward after I had finished. He must think I’m crazy.

Instead of laughing at my explanation, he smiled warmly at me and the old man didn’t appear to be grumpy any longer. “Silas, I believe this is the one we’ve been looking for.” The young man announced and Silas nodded his head.

“Yes, I agree, Sir.” He agreed with a slight grin.

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked in bewilderment.

“Alice, for a long time now, Silas and I have been looking for a young child who had visions of what was to come in the future. Someone who was brave and most importantly, willing to risk their life in order to save other’s. You see, I am the superhero from your dream, but I am ready to retire. You are the one we’ve been waiting for to replace me. However, each superhero needs a sidekick or two, so we will give you some time to choose, but please, return soon. I must retire as soon as possible.” He explained everything to me and I just wanted to scream. Finally, one of my dreams was correct! But then I felt sad again.

“Sir, I’m honored, but before I choose a sidekick, I have to know who dies. If everything else from my dream is true, then that part of it must be, too, right?” I inquired and the superhero sighed.

“I’m sorry, Alice, but I can’t answer that question. You must find that out for yourself.” He explained as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Yes, Sir. And thank you so much!” I said gratefully and as I turned to leave, I called back, “Don’t worry, I’ll return soon!”


“Oh, my gosh, Alice! Thank goodness you’re safe! We heard the alarm go off and well, I thought something terrible happened to you.” Jenny said with relief.

“I’m fine, but come on! We have to get back to the tree-house!” I exclaimed and began running down the street.


“Wait, that guy was a superhero?” Susan asked, not believing anything I had just told her.

“Yes! And I’m supposed to replace him and I get to choose a sidekick or two! But really, I’d rather choose four.” I said with a smile on my face.

“You mean you want all of us to be your sidekicks?” Billy asked in shock and I nodded my head enthusiastically.

“Alice, I’m sure we’re all flattered that you want all of us, but we’re just kids. We aren’t supposed to be heroes.” Jenny stated.

“And plus, what about your dream? If everything from it has been true so far, then that means one of us will die. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not ready to die yet.” Susan said sadly and everyone mumbled in agreement.

“Please, guys. I need you. Besides, this is the first dream that has really been true. Maybe that part of it will be wrong.” I said hopefully.

“I don’t know, Alice. Like I said, we’re just kids. We haven’t lived out our whole lives yet, and I’d like to. If you knew for sure it wasn’t me, than I’d be in.” Jenny explained, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

“I told you, I can’t remember. I just remember that someone died and you, Jenny, were looking over the person crying.” I explained a bit more from my dream.

“I’m sorry, Alice. I just can’t.” Jenny apologized and climbed down the ladder. Billy followed, and then Susan, and Phil. I let out a long sigh. I was going to get them to agree to be my sidekicks somehow. And I had to do it soon.


So what did you think? I’d definitely love some feedback! :)


Hello! I’m sorry that this post is coming so late, but we had family over today, so I didn’t have a chance to post until now 😉

Okay, isn’t this journal just adorable?! The artwork was done by Jerrod Maruyama and his art is always just adorable! But you know what would make this journal better? Do you? If you know me and Star Wars you should. Okay, I’ll tell you….. If BB-8 was all huge and chubby right in the middle of it! Actually, I need a journal with just BB-8 on it. Yes. That would be wonderfully amazing :O

I found this journal at The Wonderground Art Gallery in Downtown Disney. I think it was somewhere around $15-$20 :)

The Force be with you, may it be 😉



Yaay! It’s time to share something else Star Wars-y! 😀

(Photo found on Facebook. Credit to whoever owns it.)

This. This is me beyond words. All of their reactions is so how I would be if I was getting my own real BB-8! Whoever made this is amazing 😀

What gift would make you act like the princesses in the picture?



Oh, my gosh!! I’m so excited for today’s story!! I hope you all are, too! 😀

Here are the prompts I’m using:




(Oh my gosh, this prompt is so similar to what is said in one of my pirate stories. The final one to be exact. *cries*)


With a forceful push, the guard threw me into the dungeon. I quickly arose to fight my way out, but the cell door had already been locked.

“You can’t keep me in here! What did I even do to deserve this?” I demanded of the guard, but he didn’t say a word. He stood erect and stared at the stairs. I didn’t know what he was looking at, but then I heard a deep thud every two seconds. Someone was coming down the stairs. I watched, waiting to see the face of this person. And then there he was. A tall, strong looking man wearing thick, heavy boots with gold spikes. He wore black armor and the shoulder plates had gold spikes as well. Atop his head he wore a black spiky helm which hid his face from me.
His head was directed right at me and we stared for what seemed like ages.

“Bow before me.” The armored man commanded in a deep, raspy voice.

“Why should I? If anything, you should be bowing before me.” I retorted. He swiftly turned his head to the guard.

“Gustav, why is this impudent young child in my dungeon?” He inquired of the guard.

“I found her in the woods aiding a carousel horse. I watched for a few moments and I heard the horse say that she is of royal blood, so I took it upon myself to arrest her, as I thought that would be your wish.” Gustav quickly explained. The armored man faced me again and came close to me.

“So, you’re a royal, are you? What’s your name?” He inquired.

“Scarlet.” I answered in a small voice.

“Princess Scarlet?” He asked and I answered, “Yes.” His head tilted slightly.

“Does this place look familiar to you?” He questioned, mysteriously.

“No, how could it? This is my first time here and I didn’t even know it existed.” I explained.

“You’ve actually been here before. I just made sure you forgot.” He informed and left the room with Gustav following after him.

I slid down to the floor and hugged my knees against my chest. He was the man the carousel horse had warned me about. Was I going to die? Or was I to be kept here in this dungeon all my life? I bit my lip and sobbed, burying my face into my knees. But then I slowly lifted my head as I recalled what he had said before he left. I’ve been here before?

I awoke the next morning with a pain in my side. There were no cots in the dungeon cells or even any straw lying around, so I was forced to sleep on the lumpy stone floor.

“Wake up, miss!” A guard shouted in front of my cell. I rose to my feet and looked at him with heavy eyes that just wanted to close. I hadn’t slept well at all.

“The Master has decided your fate. You shall remain here for the rest of your living days. When you are older, you will be his servant.” Gustav informed me.

“You’re certain he will not kill me?” I inquired, my voice quivering.

“Don’t you worry, miss. He has vowed to never harm you.” He assured me and left me to myself. My head hung low. There are more ways to harm people than just physically.

Five years of toil passed by that is hardly worth mentioning. I served The Master from dawn till dusk and went to sleep in the dungeon. I tried tirelessly to find a way to escape, but I was only alone when I went to sleep in the dungeon, but it was locked tight every night. I was trapped. Each night I thought of my people. What trials must they be going through? And with the war, was my kingdom even still there?

“Miss Scarlet, it’s time to wake!” Gustav shouted as he normally did. I forced my eyes open and saw that it was still awful dark in the room. Something must be wrong. Why else would he wake me earlier than was expected?

“Gustav, what is it?” I inquired as I jumped to my feet.

“The Master’s son is returning today. There is lots to do in preparation for his arrival. You had better make haste.” Gustav advised. Despite the fact that he had arrested me all those years ago, we had slowly become friends. Gustav had told me once that he was sorry for bringing me here and that if he had it to do over again, he would have helped me escape.

I nodded my head in thanks and dashed up the stairs and into the kitchen, where the other ladies were already hard at work. I grabbed a broom and a dustpan and headed out the door, but then I paused. I just had to ask them all a question that I’d been aching to ask ever since I heard that The Master had a son.

“Ladies, is The Master’s son just as cruel and heartless as he is?” I asked hesitantly. All the ladies in the room stopped their work and looked at me in utter shock.

“Oh, heavens, no! He is a kind soul and when The Master is with him, well, I do believe that Elliot softens him up.” One of the servants, Beth, answered with a smile and I smiled back. But I was terribly confused. How could someone so cruel have such a kind son?

At precisely two in the afternoon, I stood behind The Master with the rest of his servants as we all waited outside the gate for Master Elliot to arrive. The Master seemed rather anxious to see his son and he seemed like he was looking for a reason to get me to return inside.

“Scarlet, did you remember to bring in the laundry?” He inquired.

“Yes, Master. And you asked me that five minutes ago.” I reminded him with the utmost respect. Why doesn’t he want me here?

At last we all spotted a young man riding down the path on his steed. He approached the gate and after dismounting, the stable boy took his horse and led him to the stables. Elliot pushed back his black hair and walked up to The Master and bowed.

“Hello, Father.” He greeted with a nervous smile.

“Welcome home, Son.” The Master welcomed and hesitantly outstretched his arms. Elliot smiled comfortably now, as though he was relieved to know that he was welcome, and he embraced his father in a loving hug. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing right now. For the first time ever I saw love in The Master’s eyes. He looked so happy. I didn’t think that could ever be possible.

“How was the academy? Did you learn all about slaying dragons?” The Master asked, making his voice sound tough.

“Actually, yes. And not only did I learn about slaying dragons, I slayed one myself. It was a tough battle and the ol’ beast had me cornered for a moment, but I bested him.” Elliot stated proudly.

“That’s my boy!” The Master praised, slamming his hand onto Elliot’s shoulder, then continued, “Now, come along. Let’s go inside and catch up on things.”

The Master walked straight into the palace, but Elliot stopped and shook the hand of each servant, greeting them all with a smile. When he came to me, he hesitated.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe I know you.” He apologized, his face confused.

“No, you don’t, Sir. I’ve only been under the service of your father for five years.” I explained, not making eye contact with him.

“Ah, I see, but um, I dare say, you do look familiar. Perhaps we knew each other when we were younger?” He suggested.

“No, Sir. I came here when I was thirteen and had never been here before then. Although I have been informed that I have been here before.” I told him, feeling a little awkward as we had never met. Elliot looked towards the palace and then back at me.

“What’s your name?” He inquired.

I looked at him and replied, “I am, Scarlet, Sir.” And curtsied.

“It’s nice to meet you, Scarlet. And enough of this ‘Sir’ business, please, call me, Elliot.” He requested and I smiled with a nod of my head. Elliot studied me a moment longer and his eyes saddened. Without saying another word, he entered into the palace.

A week passed and Elliot and I became fast friends. We talked as though we had known each other all our lives and he was the one bit of happiness in my life.

One day, Elliot brought me to a secluded spot in the woods. He said he needed to ask me a question.

“Scarlet, you know most everything about me, but I don’t know anything about you from when you were a child. Who are you?” He gently inquired of me. I sighed and turned my head away. “It’s painful to speak of.” I told him and blinked tears away. “Please, Scarlet.” He pleaded and I knew I couldn’t hold back from him any longer.

“I’m not from here, Elliot. As I told an old friend once, I come from over and beyond the teacup. She didn’t know what I meant by that, though. Do you?” I inquired and he nodded his head. Thank goodness he knew that they were living inside a teacup.

“Well, in another life, I’m a queen. I have my own kingdom and it’s because of my royal blood that I was sent to the dungeon and forced to work for your father. I came here to find help. You see, my mother died when I was thirteen and my father died shortly after I was born, so I inherited the throne and became queen. My kingdom was headed to war and I was feeling discouraged with myself, so a friend of mine, who was like a father to me, told me a riddle, and it led me here. And that is when everything fell apart.” I finished with a sigh. Elliot had a slight grin on his face, but I couldn’t understand why.

“What’s so amusing?” I asked, feeling a little insulted. Did he think my story was something to be happy about?

“Forgive me for smiling, but I can’t help it. Scarlet, I’ve known something about you for a long time and I’ve kept it a secret, for I wasn’t sure how you would handle it. But now I must tell you. You’re my little sister.” Elliot said with a broad smile on his face.

I gasped. “How is that possible?” I asked in complete shock and bewilderment.

“My father, or rather, our father, was doing some terrible things for a time. I was four at the time and you were only two. Well, Mother and Father had an argument about his ways and they decided that Mother would take you away and I would remain with Father. But Father didn’t want you to remember him, so he used an invention of his to make you forget everything about him. But I have always known the truth. And I’ve always wanted to be reunited with my little sister.” Elliot quickly explained everything. Could it all really be true? Or was it all some trick? I looked deep into his eyes and I just knew that every word was the truth. A few tears trickled down my cheek and I gave him a big hug.

I looked all around the land and said with a sigh, “So this is it. This is my home…”


HA HA! YES! It was a continuation of Into The Teacup! I thought that the prompts worked really well with the story :) Now, I really need to finish writing this one. I’ve thought of such a good plot twist for it… 😀

Sorry this one was SO long! Hopefully my next story will be shorter 😉


Hey everyone! In October, my mom and I went to Disneyland and I took some pictures to share with you. Most of the pictures are of merchandise (I was in BB-8 Heaven by the way), but we went a few weeks ago with my sister and I got more pictures that day to show you as well :)

You can’t drive to Disneyland without listening to some fun Disney songs to get you in the mood! We listened to Disney’s Greatest Hits #1 on the way there. It has some great songs like Reflection, Strangers Like Me, Be A Man, Part of Your World, etc. 😀 And, yes, there’s me in the reflection of the case wearing my Candy Corn Minnie Headband that my mom made me. It’s probably my favorite headband and I always look forward to wearing it in the fall :)

We’re on the tram now!! YAY!!

Okay, time for all the merch ;D

This is an Angel plush. Isn’t she the cutest?! Yes, I gave her a hug :)

BAYMAX!!! I really want him! He’s so cute! 😀

These are new dolls that reminded me a little of Ever After High dolls. I guess cause they’re skinny with big eyes and colored faces LOL! Anyways, they’re called Attractionistas so they’re all dressed to resemble some of the rides at Disneyland.

Here’s a closeup of one of them. I think her name is Madi or something like that 😉

Aaah the magnificent Matterhorn. Isn’t it awesome? I wish they hadn’t changed the ride so much cause I remember liking it when I was little, but I don’t even want to go on it now. :(


This BB-8 pin is SO cute! His body spins and it says Join the Resistance! I think I’m going to need this…. 

This Han Solo shirt for guys is awesome! 

Kylo Ren!! This is a cool picture by the Build Your Own Lightsaber station :) Isn’t his Lightsaber awesome?! 

One of my favorite spots in all of Disneyland- the Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland! This is where I get all my AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC LEATHER BRACELETS!!! Which one do I want next… Hmmm…. LOL! 

I didn’t take a pic, but I got a gold leather bracelet that says The Force Awakens. Perfect. 😀

  The absolutely gorgeous view from our Bozone. It’s a long story, so I’ll tell you about the Bozone some other time when I feel crazy LOL! 

This is at The Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country on the deck area. It’s so beautiful and peaceful over here and we always sit right in the corner. I love when the Mark Twain Riverboat passes by cause it makes such pretty waves on the water. And the ducks are super fun to watch, too :)


Here’s me and my mom hanging out at the Bozone! LOL! I really gotta tell you about that sometime XD
  Okay, this mug is awesome. *dies*

Aaand we went back to Star Trader to look at BB-8 again. Literally, you have no idea how much I love him. He’s the most amazing thing *dies* (sorry for dying so much in this post XD )

OOOH! A picture of BB-8! XD

Shining, Shimmering, splendid! Isn’t it beautiful?! In case you didn’t know, Disneyland is celebrating its 60th Anniversary, so that’s why it’s all decorated :)

I love this spot. It’s right by Big Thunder Mountain and I always gaze into that cave and wanna go in there!!! Doesn’t it look so fun? 😀

Here we are again by a cute fall cart :)

So, I’m not too fond of adult Elsa’s face in this painting, but the little Anna and Elsa are adorable!!

Okay, now this is what we call “The Room” or “The Big Room”. It’s just like this big room with tons of huge screens that shows scenes, pictures, and art from movies while a song from that movie plays. I love this picture of Simba, so I took a pic to show you :)

It was hard to get pictures while Let it Go was playing, but I did my best :)

There are a ton of things to do inside this building, too! There’s Turtle Talk With Crush, Animation Academy, Meet and Greet Anna and Elsa, and also this other room where you can voice over scenes from Disney movies and it’s like Ursula is taking your voice away. And also where you go in this room that’s like a room from Beauty and The Beast with a fireplace, the picture of Prince Adam before he became the beast, and it’s just really cool! I’ll try to take pics sometime :)


Here you can see the different screens and how big they are :)


They also put projections on the floor sometimes that dance around :)

Alrighty, well now we’ve come to the end of our Disney day! But wait, there’s one more picture…

I GOT BB-8!!!! AAAAHH!!! Okay, seriously, we went back to Star Trader so many times that day just so I could look at BB-8! First, I really, really, wanted him, but he was $29.95 and I had no money. Then as we were eating lunch, I got an Etsy order for $35!!!! It was like SO meant to be! But then… I started thinking about his size and how I just had no room for him on my bed or really anywhere. So we went to the store to look at his size and I realized how impractical he was, so I sadly turned him down. I felt like I just walked away from a friend. Yep, that’s how attached I was. And I kept looking at my pic of him wishing I could buy him. And finally my mom told me to just get him because I’d regret not buying him and be so happy when I did. She was SO right!! This guy has been with me so much! He’s so huggable and cuddly that once I give him a hug, it’s hard to put him down! I’m so happy I have him, though. He’s just the best! 😀

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll try to get more pictures next time for sure! :)



Do any of you think about Star Wars almost instantly after you wake up? Are you imagining the awesomeness of seeing TFA in theaters as you’re doing chores or school? In other words…. Are you excited for TFA?! If yes, please comment on this post with *rawwwr* Yes, that’s a Chewie roar :)


(Credit goes to whoever owns and created this picture)

Do you wanna build a sandman? We can name him BB-8. He will roll all around the floor, come out the door, before the Tuskan Raiders wake!

I just made that up right now LOL!

Okay, this picture is just too adorable for words! Rey as a little girl making a BB-8 sandman. Combining TFA and Frozen. Genius. *dies*

This picture was actually my screensaver for a time, but then BB-8 got his own official poster and so that replaced it 😉

And is it just me, or does this get you wishing for Disney to make a Disney Animator’s Collection Rey Toddler Doll that comes with a BB-8 plush?! Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing EVER?! :O PLEASE DISNEY! I WOULD SO BUY THAT FROM YOU!!

Would you buy a Rey toddler doll? 



OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH. MY. GOSH!!!! Can you believe that The Force Awakens comes out in EIGHT DAYS?! AAAH!!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!! 😀

I thought it would be fun if each day leading up until TFA comes out, I’d post something Star Wars-y :)

(Credit to whoever the picture belongs to. Found online.)

This is by far one of the most amazing and creative things I have ever seen! Can this please be a shirt or a sweatshirt or something? I’d seriously wear this all the time if it were a shirt. 

Also, I watched a video of Daisy Ridley and the guy who plays Poe Dameron (I can’t remember his name at the moment…) singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together and I was like, oh my gosh they should have sung, “BB-8’s cold outside”! Wouldn’t that have been amazing?! *dies just thinking about it*

Who’s your favorite character so far from TFA?



Hi everyone! Today is the day I post another story for the CWWC! I’ll be using all three prompts below,




(I love this picture, I can’t even tell you)


Into The Teacup

I stared out the crystal clear window in my bedchamber and watched the people in the village scurrying about below. Now that both of my parents were gone, this entire kingdom was mine. It was mine to rule and to protect. But how can a thirteen year old girl rule an entire kingdom on her own?

“I am too young. The people don’t even want me as their queen. Oh, how I wish you were still here with me, Mother.” I whispered longingly to myself.

I turned away from the window with a sigh and headed down the spiraling staircase and out to the royal gardens. As I walked by the wisterias that were beginning to wilt, I knelt down and gently lifted up a petal. “You’re not feeling very well either, are you? You look sad and like you’re losing all of the strength you once had. Sounds kind of like my kingdom.” I muttered to the flower, feeling like I held all the weight of the world on my shoulders.
As I rose to continue my moping through the garden, I saw Herald, my dear friend who was like a father to me, standing not but three steps in front of me.

“Oh! Hello, Herald.” I greeted, sounding way happier than I actually felt.

“Princess, you know you can’t hide anything from me. You are worried about the kingdom.” Herald predicted.

“How did you know that?” I inquired as I shielded my eyes from the sun, so I could see his face more clearly.

Herald put his arm around my shoulders and led me to a bench in the shade. “I could tell by the look in your eyes. Well, that and I heard you talking to the wisteria.” He answered with a mischievous smile that made me giggle.

“Well, you’re right. You know, since Father died when I was just an infant, Mother had double the duties to do. And, even though we were very close, she was always too busy to teach me how to rule a kingdom. I know a great deal, but I don’t believe it’s enough. I know the people don’t want me as their queen, especially at a time like this, with the war beginning and all. They just don’t believe I can do it. And, well, I’m afraid they may be right.” I finished with a sigh and hung my head down.

Herald pulled me into a comforting hug and said, “Lift up your head, princess. If not, the crown falls.”

I slowly lifted my head to look into Herald’s eyes. He smiled at me, winked, and then walked away. I sat alone with a thoughtful look on my face. This wasn’t the first time he did that. His sentence was a clue, but to what? With my curiosity and excitement bubbling up inside of me, I jumped off the bench and ran after Herald.

“Herald! Wait a minute!” I called as I approached him, and he turned to face me, with a mysterious twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, princess?” He said casually once I was standing before him.

“I know you. I need more of a clue than that!” I pleaded, looking straight into his eyes.

Herald chuckled, then knelt down and whispered, “Go to Asante Forest tonight. When you’re feeling discouraged, remember what I told you. You will find help there.”

So late that night, once the servants were asleep, I tiptoed down the stairs and slipped out the back door, past a sleeping guard. “What a wonderful guard.” I thought sarcastically to myself.

I sprinted down the road until I came to the entrance of Asante Forest. It’s amazing how much more spooky it looked late at night. A part of me wanted to turn to back. “No. You have to do this, Scarlet. For the kingdom and for yourself.” I told myself bravely and headed deep into the dark forest.

The trees were unbelievably tall and I was almost certain that there was someone else in the forest with me. “No, it’s just your imagination. Or not…” 
It was getting terribly late and I hadn’t seen anything so far that could help me. “What am I even looking for?” I asked myself, feeling discouraged. And it was then that I remembered what Herald had told me, “Lift up your head, princess. If not, the crown falls.” I pondered that for a moment. “Lift up your head…” I repeated aloud. It couldn’t be, could it? Did I really just have to look up? Not knowing what else to do, I lifted my head and looked straight up. Nothing. I spun around and didn’t see anything but the moon. Wait a second, the moon? The moon should be way far away from here, shining it’s glow on the palace. The trees are too tall for me to be able to see it way out here. I spun back around to face the moon again. “Are there two moons?” I shouted in utter bewilderment. I took a step back and thought of Herald’s words again and gasped. “Lift up and crown falls! I have to look down now!” I exclaimed and slowly lowered my head. I squinted my eyes, trying to see through the shadows. “Wh – what is that?” I stammered and ran towards whatever it was. As I got closer, I knew exactly what it was. A giant teacup. This didn’t make any sense. Was I normal size, and this teacup was just ginormous, or was I mini and the teacup normal size?

“Okay, now I guess I should start climbing.” I decided and pulled myself onto the saucer and started walking around on it, looking for the handle. Ah, there it is. I cautiously stepped onto the inside of the handle and then flung my arms around the curve. I pulled myself up until I was hanging upside down inside the handle. I rolled over so I would be at the top now and crawled across. There was no way I was walking, because it would not end well if I fell.
I came to the rim of the teacup and tried to reach my arms over, but I was too short. I had to jump.
“Okay, Scarlet, you can do this.” I encouraged myself and leaped forward as high as I possibly could, smacking my hands onto the rim, barely holding myself up.
I hurriedly pulled myself over and landed with a thud on – grass?

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. There was a whole other world inside this teacup with pine trees, a town, and birds flying through the air. Why, it even had it’s own moon! The view was so astonishing and beautiful, it took my breath away.

Suddenly, I felt my feet starting to slip. I looked down and realized I had wandered to the edge of a cliff and just as I was about to step backward, the part I was standing on collapsed and I went falling down, screaming, hoping someone would somehow save me.

Then I heard a horse whinny and I landed on something hard that hurt my back. Whatever I was on, instantly dropped to the ground and I heard a painful neigh this time. I tumbled onto the ground and groaning, I stood up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a carousel horse and it was breathing and moving and blinking. The horse stared at me awkwardly, “What’s the matter?” The horse inquired and I gasped.

“Y-you talk?” I asked in astonishment.

“Of course, I can.” The horse replied as though I should have known that.

“I’m sorry, I’ve never seen a carousel horse that was, well, alive.” I explained apologetically.

“You’re not from around here then. Who are you?” She asked with her eyebrow raised.

“I’m Scarlet. I come from over the teacup.” I informed her.

“Over the teacup?” She repeated, clearly confused.

“Yes, you know, how your world is inside of a huge teacup? Well I come from over and beyond the teacup.” I explained, but she just stared at me blankly. Did she not know that she was living in a teacup? I watched her waiting for an answer, but instead she shook her head and began to get up, but stumbled with a painful groan.

I took a step forward and asked, “Are you hurt?” She didn’t say a word, for her eyes said it all. I went over to her and said, “Let me see. Maybe I can help you.” I offered and she slowly moved her back leg toward me. I clasped my hand over my mouth and gulped. “Don’t move.” I commanded and sat down beside her, pulling her gently onto my lap. I ran my fingers lightly over her leg and whispered, “Your leg is broken and it looks really bad. How did it happen?”

“It was a man. He wanted to take me far away and sell me to some dirty scums, but I fought him and then this happened.” She explained with sadness in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” Those were the only words I could find to say.

“It isn’t your doing. Anyway, you really should go before he finds you, or more importantly, before he discovers who you are.” She said with concern.

“What do you mean? I’m just a girl.” I told her plainly, but she sighed.

“I can sense things about people. I know you have royal blood inside you and believe me, you do not want him to find that out.” She warned.

“Why? What would happen?” I inquired, not understanding any of this.

She looked straight into my eyes and said gravely, “He has killed or imprisoned all the royals who have ever been here. No one knows why.”

Fear came over me and I wanted to return home more than anything, but I knew I couldn’t. Herald sent me here to find something to help my kingdom, and that’s what I was going to do.


Whew! That was a long one! Sorry about that, Loren! 😛

Uuuughhh! NOOO!! I want to continue this story now, too!! What on earth am I going to do? *cries* LOL!

Well, I hope you liked it! Talk to you all soon! 😀


Hello everyone!

You might have heard that Loren is hosting a writing camp! Well, I entered and I am oonnn….




Ahem. Anyway… Here’s the prompt I used to write the story below. Enjoy! 😀


Michael and I stood silent in the dark near the arch stone that stood in the center of the town square. We waited impatiently for someone to arrive. Neither of us knew who we were expecting, only that someone was coming to meet us that night.

After a half an hour of shivering in the cold, we had nearly given up hope. But then Michael touched my arm and motioned his head for me to look. I strained to see through the thick fog and I could just barely make out a dark figure. It was a man wearing a cloak that flowed in the wind. His hood shaded his face completely, setting off a frightening and mysterious look.
The man slowly made his way over to us and stopped when we were about two feet apart.

“You’re the one who sent us the letter?” Michael inquired with a slight look of fear in his eyes.

“Yes.” The mysterious man answered in a low voice.

“What did you mean when you said, ‘Time is of the essence. Now is the time to unite.” I asked, slowly repeating the letter as I recalled what it said.

“You two are special. Just as your parents before you.” He stated, his voice sounding a little sad.

“How do you know our parents?” Michael questioned in his confusion.

“They were old friends of mine. Sarah and Marcus were chosen for a very special and important duty. They were given the task to protect one of the realm’s most valuable relics; The Eagle’s Flame. There are four other relics beside this one and each relic was under the protection of the five Knights of Regol; an ancient kingdom that has been long since forgotten. Unfortunately, something evil now holds in it’s possession all five of the relics. I need you two, to help me get them back.” The man said gravely. I looked at Michael, hoping that he would speak to the man first, but he didn’t breathe a word. He just stood in silence, looking down at his feet, something he does when he’s in a deep thought.

“Sir, we are nothing special. Just a normal brother and sister who have been orphaned. We’ve never done anything to be worthy of this task.” I said hopelessly.

The man chuckled softly. “Dear child, your humility is exactly what makes you qualified for this task. You and your brother shall become Knights of Regol because each of you hold the same special qualities inside of you as your parents; loyalty, humility, courage, and strength. I know you will make us all proud.” He kindly said, and though I couldn’t see it, I could feel him smiling at me.

“Why do you need more knights if there are only five relics that need protecting? Didn’t you say that there are five knights protecting them?” Michael inquired curiously.

The man pulled his hood down, revealing his face. He had a couple of burn marks that were painful to look at and it reminded me of when my parents died in a terrible fire, just barely over a year ago.
“Yes, there were others, but I was the first. I am the original.” He said gravely and looked at me closely. “You’re remembering the fire your parents died in. Well, unfortunately, all the rest of the knights died in the same fire. I barely escaped the monster…” His voice trailed off and his eyes went blank, as though he was recalling every terrible moment on that day.

“What monster?” I asked in a whisper.

He looked at us closely and said, “His name is Diego. He is the most powerful dragon that has ever lived. Normally I’d say that he is someone you would never wish to encounter, but unfortunately, you must.”

“Why must we?” Michael wondered.

“Because without the five Knights of Regol no one will ever remember the ancient kingdom, they will never be at peace, and they will never remember who they truly are. Now, are you ready to embrace your destiny?” He asked hopefully.

Michael and I looked at each other and nodded our heads. Michael said, “This is what our parents would have wanted.” And mustering up our courage we each said in unison, “We’re ready.”

The knight grinned and moved us to the side. He stepped up to the stone arch and pressed his hand up against a stone, opening a portal that we’d never known existed. With a heart full of hope and all the courage we could muster, we stepped into the swirling vortex to embrace our destiny.


I had so much fun writing this! I think I may have to continue it…. What do you think? :)

Have a great day!

P.S. Kind of funny that it has a dragon in it when I’m on Team Dragons, huh? I didn’t even mean to do that. It just sort of happened! LOL!

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Please pardon my fangirling, but I’m sure some of you must understand 😉

May The Force Be With You!



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