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Hi everyone! *waves*

I am currently stranded in the car with my mom cause our car was overheating and now we are waiting for my dad to get here and look into things. Yippee. XD

Anyway, I thought I’d talk to you all about how my first week of NaNoWriMo went.

Day One:

I set my alarm for like – 7:45’ish so I could get started writing right away….

That didn’t work out as I had planned. My morning routines got in the way of that. *glares at Facebook and WordPress Reader* So I didn’t get started writing until after 10. *shrugs*

Here’s my set up! I had a lot of screens open that day. XD

Isn’t this mug ADORBS? It’s a s’mores snowman thingy!!! :O

I was so happy it was cold the first morning of NaNo. Perfect for hot chocolate. <3 (ugh our van needs to be towed. Sorry for that random interruption. Let’s get back on track.) 

Dark chocolate kisses to reward myself with. :)


The weather was just perfect for writing! I was so excited! 

I’m pretty sure I ended my word count on a little over 2,000 words that day. Pretty good :)

Day Two:

Ugh. This day wasn’t good. I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to write and was just really blah. I didn’t start writing till like 9:30PM and only got in about 200 words. Bleh.

Day Three:

This was a writing day for me, but um, I only got in about 2,000 words…. Not good. I was insanely distracted.

Day Four:

Another writing day and got in another 2,000 words. I’ve realized that’s my average daily word count XD

And then there’s today…. 

I haven’t written yet and probably won’t get a chance to till tonight. My total word count is over 6,000 words right now, which I feel is pretty good. I’ve gone through some depression and simply not wanting to write moments, but yeah, I think I’m doing pretty good so far…. I think….

Anyways, how are you guys doing? Are you surviving this? Or are you falling through a dark hole that you can’t climb out of? Let’s support each other!! 😀


30 Responses to NaNoWriMo – How Week One Went For Me

  • You had a great week, Jaclynn! And I’ll let you in on a little secret…*lowers voice to whisper*…you only have to write 1,667 words per day to win! *mind explodes* XD XD XD
    Things have been going great for me! I’m at 8,692. I’m hoping to get 10K by the end of today, but we’ll see. 😉
    Good luck!
    ~Grace <3
    P.S. I think I may steal this post idea…XD

    • Thanks, Grace!! 😀
      LOL! Well, actually I only have to write 833 words since my goal is 25,000, but I like to get in as much as I can. :)
      Oooh! Nice job, Grace! I hope you reached your goal! 😀
      P.S. LOL! Go for it! ;D

  • falling. 😛 i’m supposed to be writing right now…..

    P.s. I’m Olive-loves-Star-wars if you want to see how badly i’m going. 😉

  • You’re doing awesome!!! I was the only one of the 5k in 1day group that didn’t make 5k… I made 5k today though! *sends chocolate* Keep on writing!!

    • Awww, well that is a hard goal! As long as you get a lot done, that’s what matters! 😀
      *gobbles down chocolate* *says with mouth full* Same to you! XD

  • You’re doing great! 2000 words a day is amazing, Jaclynn. I’m only doing about 500 words a day…is that really bad? My word count goal is 20,000 words and I’m at 1,200something right now. Do you think I should be spending more time writing? ?
    Also, what is your novel about? I’d love to know!??
    And just so you know, I really enjoy updates posts like this from bloggers. I’m not sure why- I just do! So if you make more posts like this about NaNo I won’t mind at all.?

    Sorry about your truck. ??

    • Thanks so much, Rutvi! 😀
      No, I don’t think that’s bad! Especially with your goal being 20,000! Let’s see… *does math* you would have to do 666 words a day to meet your goal. So you’re really close!! Maybe just spend a bit more time writing so you can get those 666 words in a day! :)
      Ooh… *bites lip* Well, it’s set in the regency era and it’s about a girl’s brother who ran away and has been missing for 11 years. It’s sort of a mystery/romance/historical book 😉
      Ooh yay!! That makes me happy to hear! I always enjoy posts like these, too and I’m definitely planning to do more! :)
      Thank you. We’ve had so many car problems this year. :(
      Good luck with your writing! If you ever need someone to talk to or rant to about NaNo, I’m here! ;D

      • Historical and mystery are my favorite genres (mostly thanks to AG ?) so I’m looking forward to it!!

        • Awe, I’m glad your excited! I admit I have been feeling doubtful about this book, but I’m hoping I can make it really great! :)

      • OK, thanks! That sounds doable. 😉
        I will be ranting a bit. I haven’t fallen into the deep dark hole called writers block yet, but i know i eventually will! by the way, i’m typing this on my computer, which means no autocorrect. I don’t know whether to be happy or not! XD ANYWAY, just saying because this comment looks really unproffesional. 😛 nothing’s capitalized!

  • Aghh I was thinking I was going to do NaNoWriMo and I completely blanked on the fact it’s November already!! ?? Whoops..

    Yes, Facebook is so distracting! “I think I need a tech free day to actually get stuff done around here…hm well 5 minutes of Facebook won’t hurt” I probably need to lock up all electronics to actually do that..most of the time I’m just staring at Facebook while no-one is posting and I’m supposed to be doing school or cleaning or something and nothing gets done and I feel so unaccomplished, you know?

    You’ve got this, J! I believe on you!! Sorry about all of the car trouble, that stinks! Stay safe. ?

    • Oh no!! That’s so sad! ?? Maybe you could still join in, but go for a lower word count?
      Oh gosh, yes. I feel you. Mostly texting distracts me and also refreshing my wordpress feed mindlessly, hoping for a new post to show up… Yeah. Not good. XD
      Awe, thank you! I always get so excited to receive a comment from you – they make me happy :)
      P.S. Just an FYI that Hillside is coming up really soon!! It’s on the 25th, 26th, and 27th and then December 3rd and 4th! :)

      • Hmm maybe..right now I have a two and a half page essay due Tuesday so I need to work not that first, but I really want to do NaNoWriMo so that could be like therapeutic antistress writing (my school writing is SO stressed lol). No stress about reaching a goal, just trying as hard as I can..thanks!
        Exactly! Like, if I reload it enough times something new is going to appear, right? But nope..
        Aww that means so much! ? Your posts and comments make me feel happy too!

        I’ll check with my mom, I SO hope I can go! How long have I been trying to go, like 3 years? LOL. Since it happens so many days there’s a pretty good chance if I can convince my mom to drive up there. Let me go check her calender..(autocorrect keeps trying to change calender into cake dear ??)

        • *work on
          I did not type not. I need to re-read my comments before posting thanks to autocorrect ??

        • Oh yeah, that would be a great idea! :)
          Ha ha! I wish… Sometimes I’ll just be like – WHY IS NO ONE POSTING TODAY? I NEED A POST TO READ!! And then I’ll go text Emma that and beg her to make a post… XD
          Aww, thank you!! 😀
          LOL! Probably that long…XD I hope you can come, too, though!! It would be great to see you! 😀
          (LOL! Cake dear? XD )

          • So from ‘stealing’ my mom’s calendar LOL, 25 and 26 have nothing, 27 is busy, part of December 3 is busy, 4 is free…what to do with this info I’m not sure but I’ll ask my mom and THIS YEAR IT CAN HAPPEN.
   sure I could be productive instead of waiting in front of my computer screen but why would I? (okay seriously I need to do a day like you and Emma did with restricted device)
            I don’t understand it either…like did I accidently hit a space in the middle or something?

          • I hope you can come this weekend!! I’d really love to see you again! 😀

          • I made a NaNoWriMo account FINALLY! My username is wildroseazureskies (the one I wanted was taken so I just merged two different usernames I use LOL). I tried the word sprint (not for the novel, just trying a super short story to see what it was like since I haven’t started the novel yet lol) and it was fun! We should do one sometime XD

          • Oh that is awesome!! We should totally war sometime :)

      • Oh my goodness, that is so ME. Haha!

  • So far I’ve failed Nanowrimo so desperately it isn’t even funny. I’m glad it is coming along for you though 😀

  • You’re doing so great! I love your set up, and THAT MUG. AH. I’m kind of obsessed with mugs. xD I’ve just started the tradition of buying myself a mug every year that I complete NaNo, and it is so much fun. *happiness*

    You can do it! I’m so impressed. <3

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith

    • THANK YOU!! I feel so bad for replying so late, but this month has just been crazy for me. ISNT IT ADORABLE?! I love that you’re doing that. Mugs are wonderful. *hugs a mug* XD

  • Nice! What is your story about?

    • Well, it’s a historical fiction about a brother who ran away from home when he was 8 and has been missing for 11 years. When Lillian (the main character) loses everyone she loves, she moves away and starts to search for her missing brother. It’s not the greatest explanation, I know, but it’s kind of hard to explain without giving a whole bunch away :)

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