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Today, I am ignoring the temptation to lie on the couch, read blogs, or just wander around helplessly. Today, I am listening to Master Yoda’s wise words; Do or do not, there is no try.

Today, I have decided not to try to write, but to actually write. But in order to get myself more in the mindset, I need my writerly effects.

1. Attire. I need to be comfortable and cool during these hot days, so I chose to wear my tank top that says “Wandering.” To me, it can represent many things, but today it represents my wandering into/inside my book.

2. Accessories. In the previous picture, you can see I was wearing a OUAT Storybook necklace. How can wearing a book around your neck not make you wanna write? Also, I snapped on my “Authoress” and “Storybrooke” bracelets. I wear my “authoress” one every time I write. The Storybrooke seemed fitting to my mood today, so I chose that one, as well.

3. I need something yummy. I was craving some S’mores Oreos, so I grabbed a couple to tide me over until lunch. Also, I always make it a point to have a water bottle with me, but I was craving something more refreshing, so I chose my Strawberry Lemonade Sparkling Ice drink :)

Now, all I need to do is resist the temptation to go online and actually start typing, and I will be set for a writing day! XD

What are your “writerly effects?” 



14 Responses to My Writerly Effects

  • Awesome post! Your effects are awesome! Master Yoda’s saying is very wise. 😀
    ~Grace <3

  • I love your shirt! It’s cute. :) Oh, I love oreos!
    If I’m ever going to write anything, I need it to be absolutely silent. Whether that means yelling, “BE QUIET, EVERYONE!” or just going in my room, it’s very important.
    And if I get a story idea, I HAVE to write it down right away or I WILL forget it. XD I admit that I have gasped/screamed after getting a story idea, lol.

    • Thanks! I love it, too 😉
      LOL! I can totally relate! Sometimes Emma and I will FaceTime and write and she’ll be talking to me a lot and I’m like – hey, I need to concentrate right now, this scene is super intense and emotional! XD
      LOLOL! So have I! I’ve literally died to my mom over a story idea XD

  • I like Threepio’s wise words: “It seems we were made to suffer” and “I am sure this is all your fault.”

  • Master Yoda is so wise. 😉


    I don’t really have any “writerly effects”. When I decide to write, I just….write. I usually tell myself I’m going to write, and then I never do. XD


    • Indeed 😉
      LOL! I KNOW!! I got it at Hot Topic a while ago – I always get so happy to see OUAT merch 😀
      Oh, yes, I definitely understand that…. #storyofmylife XD

  • i got a bb-8 tee YAYA

  • I turn on dark/fantasy/inspirational music :D. And I usually FaceTime my friend Aaliyah (You and Emma are EXACTLY like Aaliyah and I!). And…. I eat snacks while I write. ~Mya

    • Oh, how funny! You two must have a ton of fun writing together, then! 😉
      Oh, yes. Snacks are a must when writing. 😀

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