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Hi friends!!

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and sister at Downtown Disney and also at a store near Disneyland called My D-Pins and Collectibles! Seriously, that store is probably one of the best stores ever. They have SO many POP!s, pins, collectibles, and old rare things that you can’t get anymore! We were in there for forever. *heart eyes*

So needless to say, I got a couple things and one of them was a Davey Jones Dorbz! He was $8 which I think is a very good price for such an adorable little thing. The more I looked at his face, the more I was convinced that he needed a photoshoot. You will soon understand why. O_O


Suspense to see his chubbiness… XD


AHHH!!! Is he CHUBBY or WHAT? Those eyes! That smile! The roundness! The overall CHUB! My heart can’t take it.


I was thinking of putting some of his quotes in with this shoot, but uh – he looks so chubby and sweet that all the quotes I can think of wouldn’t suit his expression. XD




For reals. His face makes me forget that he’s a villain. <3


Who doesn’t love Davey Jones, though? Even as a villain, he is epic and awesome and his story is sad and makes you love him more and and and – *dies*

If you can’t tell, I feel quite pirate-y. No thanks to the new POTC movie. *cries*

Do you like Davey Jones? What’s your favorite POTC movie (if you’ve seen them)? Have you seen the new one?


14 Responses to Davey Jones – Isn’t he just ADORBZ?

  • Aww I am so close to Downtown Disney, you should’ve told me! XD Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    NO, Davy Jones is EVIL and CREEPY and EVIL*, NO MATTER how chubby! His story doesn’t make me love him, it makes me think “Wow this dude has issues and doesn’t know how to deal with troubles in life. Sucks for him but DUDE you can deal with this better” and “He is creepy” so I don’t like Davy Jones AT ALL. XD ??

    *I can’t stress EVIL enough

    • *gasps* *frowns* *cries* HOW CAN YOU SAY ALL THAT ABOUT LITTLE DAVEY JONES?! *sobs*
      I am not normally a fan of villains, but he’s one of few that I really LOVE! He’s just really cool and I love his story… *angel face* XD

  • Awww, he’s so adorable! He reminds me of an octopus-kitten… if that’s even possible. Lol! :)


  • PotC isn’t my fandom, but THAT FIGURE. IS. SO. CUTE. I love it. :p

  • *screams excitedly* my mom just finished reading the part in return of the king where the ring gets dystroyed and ooooooohhhhhhmmyyyyyyyygooooooooosssshhhh!!!!!!! *squeals* I can’t even…. it was so good! 😀 😀 😀 😀 now my mom just has to read us all the mopping up and the weddings… and then my siblings and I can watch the movie! *grins*
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  • If only they’d remake the movie with him as the villain! I’d watch it so many times…XD

    • BTW how’s your writing going? If you have a case of writers block I can relate…

      • Ummm… Yeah, writers block is definitely a thing for me right now… >_< I keep thinking I found the right story, but then - nope. Maybe I should just work on editing right now. I don't know. XD ~Jaclynn~

    • LOL! Awe, I know. But… *sniff* he… *sniff*… died… *cries*

  • oooooh, I like your new profile picture! 😀
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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