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Star Wars

Hello! I’m sorry that this post is coming so late, but we had family over today, so I didn’t have a chance to post until now 😉

Okay, isn’t this journal just adorable?! The artwork was done by Jerrod Maruyama and his art is always just adorable! But you know what would make this journal better? Do you? If you know me and Star Wars you should. Okay, I’ll tell you….. If BB-8 was all huge and chubby right in the middle of it! Actually, I need a journal with just BB-8 on it. Yes. That would be wonderfully amazing :O

I found this journal at The Wonderground Art Gallery in Downtown Disney. I think it was somewhere around $15-$20 :)

The Force be with you, may it be 😉



Yaay! It’s time to share something else Star Wars-y! 😀

(Photo found on Facebook. Credit to whoever owns it.)

This. This is me beyond words. All of their reactions is so how I would be if I was getting my own real BB-8! Whoever made this is amazing 😀

What gift would make you act like the princesses in the picture?



Do any of you think about Star Wars almost instantly after you wake up? Are you imagining the awesomeness of seeing TFA in theaters as you’re doing chores or school? In other words…. Are you excited for TFA?! If yes, please comment on this post with *rawwwr* Yes, that’s a Chewie roar :)


(Credit goes to whoever owns and created this picture)

Do you wanna build a sandman? We can name him BB-8. He will roll all around the floor, come out the door, before the Tuskan Raiders wake!

I just made that up right now LOL!

Okay, this picture is just too adorable for words! Rey as a little girl making a BB-8 sandman. Combining TFA and Frozen. Genius. *dies*

This picture was actually my screensaver for a time, but then BB-8 got his own official poster and so that replaced it 😉

And is it just me, or does this get you wishing for Disney to make a Disney Animator’s Collection Rey Toddler Doll that comes with a BB-8 plush?! Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing EVER?! :O PLEASE DISNEY! I WOULD SO BUY THAT FROM YOU!!

Would you buy a Rey toddler doll? 



OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH. MY. GOSH!!!! Can you believe that The Force Awakens comes out in EIGHT DAYS?! AAAH!!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!! 😀

I thought it would be fun if each day leading up until TFA comes out, I’d post something Star Wars-y :)

(Credit to whoever the picture belongs to. Found online.)

This is by far one of the most amazing and creative things I have ever seen! Can this please be a shirt or a sweatshirt or something? I’d seriously wear this all the time if it were a shirt. 

Also, I watched a video of Daisy Ridley and the guy who plays Poe Dameron (I can’t remember his name at the moment…) singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together and I was like, oh my gosh they should have sung, “BB-8’s cold outside”! Wouldn’t that have been amazing?! *dies just thinking about it*

Who’s your favorite character so far from TFA?



That moment when you are so dead excited for the new Star Wars movie that you just have to….

Take off your TsumTsum T-shirt….

Unsnap your Captain Swan bracelet…

And change into your Star Wars Sweatshirt….

Snap on your “The Force Awakens” bracelet….

And put on the awesome BB-8 slouch hat that your mom made you.

And also, little BB-8 must sit with me while I crochet so that I can look at him and get happy by his chubbiness! 😀

Please pardon my fangirling, but I’m sure some of you must understand 😉

May The Force Be With You!



Hey guys! I’ve been super Star Wars-y lately, so today I am watching A New Hope and working on my order for a Rey costume. How appropriate, right? 😉


Aaah… I just love Star Wars!! My love (or perhaps I should say obsession) for it finally  began to grow this year. I can’t wait for The Force Awakens to come out!!! It’s less than 2 months away now!!! EEE!!! 😀
I better go now, but I’ll be posting again soon about my trip to Disneyland! Bye for now! :)

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?



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