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Greetings! Today I gathered up everything BB-8 I own and took pictures of my collection! I must admit, I was surprised by how much I had! When it’s all scattered around your room it doesn’t seem like much, but, ahem, this is not a bitty BB-8 collection XD

Here is an overview of my collection. Awww! Just look at all the adorableness!! :O

Yes, there’s quite a lot. XD Now, let’s take a look at it all now, shall we? 😉

Starting from the left, we have a BB-8 eraser, a sticker, pencil and pen, and 2 notepads. I got the eraser, pencil, and one of the notepads in a set at Target in the $1 section :) The pen is actually a Funko POP! pen and my newest addition to my BB-8 collection- It’s ADORBS! And the sticker my sister got for me for my birthday from ManandTheMouse :)

Here’s my BB-8 keychain (from Target in mystery packs. If you feel through the packs, you should be able to find him 😉 ) which I got from my brother and soon to be sister in-law for my birthday – it’s always on my purse and, yes, I always hold onto it. XD The keychain is attached to a cup that I got at Target – I use it to hold my pens, pencils, and scissors on my computer desk :)

Here is my BB-8 Itty Bitty! It’s so soft!!! He’s from Hallmark :)

My ornament, Vinylmation, and POP! Did you hear that there is supposed to be a new BB-8 POP! coming out? I think he’s going to be making his “thumbs up!” *dies*

My BB-8 sipper from Disneyland! I just love how they made him look all dirty – he’s like a real BB-8! 😀

My BB-8 folder! I think this may have been my first BB-8 item ever… Not 100% sure on that, though 😉 I got this at Target as well. Inside my folder I have a BB-8 drawing that my friend gave to me. I would have shown it, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do so 😉

Here we have my limited edition BB-8 pin from HerUniverse, another pin (Hot Topic), eraser (Target), and my coin purse (Loungefly) which I use all the time! 😀

Here is another pin/button from Parkbound – isn’t it cute? 😀

Trading cards!! I have so many SW trading cards – it’s kinda crazy! XD

Here’s my BB-8 mug that my BFF got me for my birthday! Isn’t it awesome?! Literally, I was drinking water out of it because it’s just so cute 😀

Here’s a mini journal that I got at Target in the $1 section :)

My AWESOME BB-8 slouch hat that my mom made me!! I wear this at LEAST once a week! 😀

Probably my favorite BB-8 shirt from Hot Topic! I wear the heck out of this thing XD

My BB-8 necklace that my mom gave me for Valentine’s Day! I LOVE it! 😀

This shirt is another favorite! It’s so soft and comfy! I got this at Disneyland, but you can also get it at HerUniverse :) I also have a poster hanging up in my room that is the same picture as this shirt! :)

And my sweatshirt! This is a girl’s shirt (yes, I’m very small 😉 ) so the neck is a little uncomfortable, but it’s still so cute! :)

Out of my whole BB-8 collection, this plush is my favorite! I got him at Disneyland – you can read the story on how I got him at the end of this post. I hug him to death, and I do talk to him – he’s too adorable to not talk to! XD

That’s everything! You probably think there’s no way I can get anything else, but, ahem, I do want that BB-8 purse…. And that supposed POP! that’s coming out… Hee hee XD

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What do you like to collect?



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