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These are fandoms I am a part of. The images have been found on Facebook or were sent to me by a friend, so I don't know the owners of the images. If you see yours here and would like it removed, just drop me a comment and I'll remove it immediately. Or if it's yours, but you want it linked to you, I can do that as well :)

My Team Won 1st Place in AAWC!
My Team Won Second Place in CWWC!

Do any of you think about Star Wars almost instantly after you wake up? Are you imagining the awesomeness of seeing TFA in theaters as you’re doing chores or school? In other words…. Are you excited for TFA?! If yes, please comment on this post with *rawwwr* Yes, that’s a Chewie roar :)


(Credit goes to whoever owns and created this picture)

Do you wanna build a sandman? We can name him BB-8. He will roll all around the floor, come out the door, before the Tuskan Raiders wake!

I just made that up right now LOL!

Okay, this picture is just too adorable for words! Rey as a little girl making a BB-8 sandman. Combining TFA and Frozen. Genius. *dies*

This picture was actually my screensaver for a time, but then BB-8 got his own official poster and so that replaced it πŸ˜‰

And is it just me, or does this get you wishing for Disney to make a Disney Animator’s Collection Rey Toddler Doll that comes with a BB-8 plush?! Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing EVER?! :O PLEASE DISNEY! I WOULD SO BUY THAT FROM YOU!!

Would you buy a Rey toddler doll? 



30 Responses to BB-‘8’ Days of Star Wars – Day 2

  • So cute! I actually thought Rey was a boy…
    Also, you should probably try to find links for credit next time.;)

    • Oh how funny! XD
      Well, the pictures were sent to me by my mom and she just found them on Facebook somewhere, so it would be hard to find the original owner πŸ˜‰
      And also, I’m not allowed to go searching randomly on the Internet, so I give them credit as best as I can :)

  • I love building robots
    Let’s build lots and lots
    And give them all funny names!
    Do younp you wanna build a sandman?
    It doesn’t have to be a sandman!

    Go away Rey.
    OK bye…

    Do you wanna build a sandman?
    Or ride our starship round and round
    I think some company is overdue
    I’ve started talking to George Lucas
    (I need an even bigger role)
    It gets a little lonely here on Taatoine
    Just watching the days go by!

    (Knocking) C3P0? Please I know you’re in there
    People were asking where we’ve been.
    They want more movies
    And one is coming out
    But that’s not enough
    They want another 10!
    We could make another trilogy
    Starring the wookies
    Chewbacca’s already agreed!
    Do you want to build a sandman?

    I continued your song:)

  • Rawrr. I am a wookiee.

  • RAWRR!
    Also this is the wrong post but I needed to catch up on all your Star Wars posts: Anyways you said you died too many times in the Disneyland post
    I blame my brother
    *Hides my journal full of TFA theories*

    • Also I’m dressing up as Rey when I go see it! (I love being homeschooled so I can go see early morning showings!) Are you dressing up as someone?

      • Oh that is awesome! I’m not dressing up as anyone, but I’ll be wearing a TFA shirt, my BB-8 hat, and TFA bracelet! πŸ˜€

        • Oh, I love your BB-8 hat! Does your mom sell them, or did she just make one for you?

          Also, do you have any ideas on how to make an actual person-sized BB-8? I’m trying not to look anything SW related up other than their actual website because of spoilers.

          • Thanks! Yes, my mom sells them in her etsy shop! Just go to
            Oh, I wish I did, but unfortunately I am not a very crafty person… Good luck with that, though! :)
            I can think of a way to make a mini one, but I’m not sure if that’s what you want πŸ˜‰


            Ooh! Fancy! *adds to Christmas list*
            I’d love to hear ideas about a mini one! I was thinking a plain white mini soccer ball colored with sharpies, but…. It wouldnt look great.

          • AGH!!! I CANT WAIT!!! I’m just waiting for my brothers to wake up so I can hear what they thought of it, but mostly, I’m waiting for TOMORROW TO GET HERE ASAP!!! *dies*
            Okay! I was thinking maybe getting two of those white styrofoam balls and cutting one of them in half, then gluing it on top of the other ball. Then you can paint it, color it, or whatever to look like BB-8. What do you think? :)

          • Haha, did you like it? WASN’T REY AMAZING?
            Ooh that’s a really good idea! I hadn’t thought of that! If I do it I’ll have to send you pictures!

          • YES!!! REY WAS SO AWESOME!! And Han!!! *dies*
            Thanks! I’d definitely love to see it if you do make it! :)

          • I know! Rey was so cool! And yes! Argh!

    • OMGEE! That’s a LOT! LOL!
      *dies* You have a journal full of TFA theories?! You’re amazing!!

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