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Hey everybody! Here’s a chubby little story for you all that includes the lovely Anna and adorable Tsum Tsums! :)


Anna grunted as she climbed up the giant computer chair. She hadn’t been around for very long and she wanted to explore her surroundings.


As Anna was about to climb up the computer desk she paused and gasped. “Awww! You’re all so cute!” She exclaimed.


“What are you guys?” She wondered aloud.


“Oh, right, um, hi! My name is Anna.” She introduced herself to the adorable little things.


To Anna’s surprise, one of them jumped down to greet her!


“Okay, you are so cute!” Anna said as she stroked his fur.


“You like it when I scratch behind your ears, huh? You’re just the sweetest thing!” Anna said with a big smile.


Bruno jumped into Anna’s arms and she gave him a cuddle.


Bruno’s sweet eyes would make anyone fall in love with him!


Bruno squirmed out of her arms and seemed to be talking to the other Tsums.


Before Anna knew it, she was sitting down on the desk, completely surrounded by all the Tsums. They were crawling all over her, trying to say hello. Anna loved them all so much!


Although Anna loved all of the Tsums very much, her dearest friend of them all was Bruno :)

The End


4 Responses to Anna Discovers The Tsums!

  • That was so cute! Anna is so adorable! I love Bruno!:)
    -Emma AKA Cookie-

  • Oh my gosh! The Disney Anna is so much cuter than the one from Target- my sister has the one from Target. :-)
    This is cute! Do more fun posts soon. :-)

    • I know, I had that one, too, but then I sold her cause I wanted the one from Disney instead 😛
      Thank you! I’m trying to get back on track with posting on my blogs, so I definitely hope to have more fun posts up soon! :)

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