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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Hello! I thought it would be fun and interesting to start talking about movies that I see. Please do not read if you haven’t seen the new live action Cinderella movie and don’t want any spoilers, as I will be mentioning some major ones :)

The Story:
I am really happy that Disney kept the Cinderella movie true to the original. Although there were some minor things added, such as Cinderella’s mother and father being alive at the beginning, her father was a merchant, Cinderella first meets the prince in the woods, and just simple things such as that, but really, I loved it all! There was one change, however that I didn’t like and that is that they made Jaq be a girl, changing the name to Jacqueline. And they didn’t have Bruno in it either, which was a little disappointing, but it didn’t bother me too much.

My Favorite Scene:
Oh, my goodness there are so many! I love when Cinderella and Kit first meet in the woods!!! It’s just so awesome and sweet! And oh, their dance at the ball is just beautiful! And, AAAAAH! THE ENDING!!! When Kit is disguised as a guard and he hears Cinderella singing and insists that she be brought out – EEE! And when Cinderella comes down and is telling Kit everything she doesn’t have and then says, “Will you take me as I am? An honest country girl who loves you.” And then Kit replies, “Yes, but only if you take me as I am – an apprentice who is still learning his trade.” OMGOSH I DIED!!! 😀 So, yeah, all of my favorite parts include Cinderella and Kit together. I totally ship them LOL! My mom gave them the couple name, “Kitella” Love it! Oh! I also love when Kit curls up on top of his dad when he’s dying!! It’s so sweet and touching and heartbreaking!

The Cast:
At first when I saw the actress who would be playing Cinderella I thought she would do okay, and I thought the same for the prince. But, oh my gosh, they were PERFECT! I can’t imagine anyone else playing them! Lilly James and Richard Madden did an amazing job! And the stepsisters were great, too! Just as weird and ridiculous as they are in the animated film. The stepmother also did fantastic! When I first saw a trailer with her in it, I thought the acting was kinda cheesy, but again, I was so wrong! Cate Blanchett does a great job at acting as the stepmother- a character that you just hate because she is so cruel.

The Feeling:
This movie was very emotional, although I didn’t shed a single tear, I did get teary. It’s shocking for me that I didn’t cry, but I realize that my emotions came out through my body. I can’t describe how I felt exactly, but it felt like my body just died (although it didn’t really LOL) and I couldn’t move. I was just too sad to cry I guess, or maybe my mood wasn’t cry-ish. Who knows? Her parent’s deaths killed me, Cinderella’s pain of being a servant killed me, her happiness with the prince made me smile, the wedding day made me smile even bigger. And when the movie ended, I just wanted to watch it all over again! I can not wait until this movie comes out on DVD! Literally, I feel like it’s taking a year for it to come out!!! *insert crying face*

I absolutely rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars! I couldn’t be more pleased with this movie!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these in the future! :)


Hello everyone! A while back, my friend suggested that I keep a writing journal that you carry with you everywhere to write down story ideas, names that you can use for your characters, plan out stories, etc. At first I thought “I don’t know if I’ll do that. I use my iPod for all of my notes.”, but I did not know what I was missing out on!


My brother got me this journal for one of my birthdays, and I’ve always loved it, but I just didn’t know what to write down in there. So I decided that I could use this as my writing journal. I hadn’t really used it much, but last week when we went to Hobby Lobby, I felt so inspired by the flowers there, that I took out my journal and wrote a small scene. I can’t tell you how much fun it was! I thought I would feel weird walking around writing in a journal, but I didn’t feel weird at all. It was AWESOME!

So that is when I got hooked. Every time we went in a store where there were journals I HAD to peek at them! There are seriously so many awesome journals out there, I could have a whole bookshelf just filled with blank journals! I love them! 😀


Yesterday, we went to WalMart and I got the adorable journal pictured above! I adore polka dots and I loved how it said “Write” on the cover!


And of course if you’ve got a cute journal, you just gotta have an adorable pen! I’ve had this awesome donut pen for a few years (actually it was a backup. The first one died so I’ve been using this one for a couple weeks now.) that I got from Target. I’m in love with donuts, so writing in a perfect journal with a donut pen is just awesomely fun! 😀


Here’s a peek inside my jumbo journal! Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that it was jumbo, huh? LOL! I love the inside because there are different color pages and each page has a little date box in the corner :)


Here are my two writing journals side by side. My jumbo journal I will use at home, and the small one I’ll use on the go :)


I just have to say that if you love to write and hope to be an author someday as I do, I highly recommend having a writing journal! I’m loving mine and they are such a huge help with planning out stories and what your characters will be like.

I know I have already said a few things you could put in your writing journal, but here’s a list with a few more ideas:

– Plan a story
– List your characters and describe their personalities
– Write down first names and last names you could use for characters
– Write down any quotes, lyrics, etc. that inspire you
– Things that you need to work on improving in your writing
– New words you learn that you’d like to use in your stories
– And so much more!

If you start a writing journal, please let me know in the comments section down below! :)

Do you enjoy writing?


Wow, it has been like a decade since I’ve posted (yes, I exaggerate LOL!)! I am so, SO sorry about not posting on here in such a long time! I guess it’s just kinda hard for me to run two blogs… 😕

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately and what I could do to get myself more motivated to post on here and keep it interesting and fun for anyone and everyone. So I’ve come to a decision…

I will be posting about our new puppy as well as writing. I love to write, so I will post when I am working on a new story, hit a dead end in a story, when I need inspiration, inspiration for you, etc.

Don’t worry! That’s not ALL I’ll post about! I’ll still post about cute, chubby, fluffy, and all obsession worthy things. I actually have so much to share with you, so hopefully I can get around to doing so soon! :)

If you still check this blog and read this post, thank you so much! I am going to try my best to get back into the swing of posting on here :)

Please comment if you read this post, so I know you’re there! :)


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