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Ahem. Sorry for screaming, but it was quite necessary because ZOOTOPIA CAME OUT ON DVD TODAY!!!! AAAAGHH!!! *dies*

Seriously, you may not know this, but I am seriously in love with this movie. I’ve been counting down the days till the release (I think I’ve texted Emma almost every day the past few days, telling her how much longer until Zootopia XD ) FOREVER and now it’s finally here and I’m just… I’m just so happy… *cries* LOL! No, not really, but I am super happy ;D

My Judy and Nick Infinity Figures are posing with the movie- ISNT THE CASE SO CUTE?! I saw this movie twice in theaters- proof that I loved it. It’s just such an amazing movie. The story is great, intense, and it even gets scary at points (literally I was freaking out at one scene) and it’s super fun, funny, and heartwarming. I definitely believe it’s a must see! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed :)

VOICE CAST INTERVIEWS?! YESS!!! I love to see the voices of the characters- although I already know Ginnifer Goodwin since I watch OUAT and also Jason Bateman. I still can’t believe awesome Nick Wilde is little Jeb Carter in Little House on The Prairie… O_O

OOOH…. Deleted scenes… AND CHARACTERS! WHAT IF THERES A SUPER CHUBBY DONUT CHARACTER WITH BIG ADORABLE EYES?! :O……. Sorry. I’ve been craving a donut for like 4 days. XD

Judy Hopps is adorable. I love her purple eyes <3

Awww, little Nicky!! XD I love Nick. He’s just awesomely amazing.

HIS POSE IS SO PERFECT LIKE I CANT!! Okay, I know I’m yelling and screaming in your face a lot, so I’ll try to calm down a bit… *deep breath*

I love the texture on his shirt! It’s fun to run your fingernail through the leaves and such :)

I just love the expression on his face!

And isn’t Judy just too adorable?

Her gun is so cute. That carrot! :O

Judy, you’re too cute. You and I need to go beat up some bad guys on Infinity so I can see your adorable bunny kick XD

Awww, her little TAIL! 😀

They are just amazing. People, please. If you haven’t watched Zootopia yet, go buy it and hug it! LOLOL! JK! I don’t know what I’m saying- I’m hyper right now XD

Here’s the back, in case you wanted to see it. Did you know that Judy hugs a giant donut in the movie?! And that Clawhauser loves donuts?! Yes, this is definitely the perfect movie for me XD

Description of the movie….

Look. At Judy’s. Happy little face. *squeals and obsesses in squeaky voice*

Okay, now for a question….

Do you love Zootopia as much as I do? Are you craving a donut, too? XD



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