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Hi there! Today, I’ve been reading some of my stories I’ve written and I came across 2 of them that I had always been undecided of making into a photostory on littlehouseofamericangirl. But I finally decided, that I would share them here with all of you – that way you are all still able to read them :)

This particular story I wrote almost a year ago. It’s one of my few stories about an animal. I hope you enjoy :)


18 year old Erebelle Morrison, was walking through the woods, just as she would do every day, but today was unlike any other day. As she crossed over a giant log, she heard a low growl come from inside of it. Erebelle gasped and when she jumped down from the log, she peeked inside. Staring back at her were two sad, green eyes. “Hello there. Don’t be scared, come on out.” Erebelle persuaded the creature. She was known, at least by her mother, for being able to communicate well with animals. The creature slowly poked it’s large head out of the log. Inch by inch it made it’s way out of the log, and Erebelle grew more and more amazed. She had never seen an animal quite like this one before. It crawled on all fours and had a hunched back with a long spiraled tail. It was furry and had a large mouth. “Well, whatever you are, you are definitely a baby. Where are your parents?” Erebelle asked the little creature and it wailed. “Oh. My papa is gone, so I can understand how you’re feeling.” Erebelle said sympathetically. The adorable little creature crawled over to her and nuzzled her arm. Erebelle giggled. “You know, you’re going to need a name. How about… Damarias! Yes, that’s perfect for you!” Erebelle decided and Damarias growled, almost as if he agreed that it was a good name. Erebelle smiled and stroked his long ears, but Damarias began to panic. “Damarias? What’s wrong?” Erebelle asked, and then she felt it too. The ground was shaking, and she knew it was the prince out on a hunt. Erebelle saw the fear behind Damarias’ eyes and she realized that the prince must have killed his parents, and that now they were after him. “Come on, Damarias, I’m bringing you home with me, where you’ll be safe.” She told him, and he let her scoop him up in her arms and carry him home. Erebelle brought him down to her father’s old work shed. Her mother never went in there anymore, so she knew he’d be safe in there. Erebelle grabbed a rope and spoke gently to Damarias. “I have to tie you up, okay? Do you trust me?” Erebelle asked and he lifted his head for her to tie the rope around him. Then Erebelle made a promise to him,”I won’t keep you in here forever. I’m going to protect you. And I’ll let you out once in a while, when it’s safe, so that you can run around and play. I promise.”

Six months later….

Hunting horns sounded as the prince of Charzul and his men galloped on their horses through the Plormont Woods. They had been hunting for this creature for months, but even with how close they got to killing it, they never did catch it. None of them knew what it was, only that they wanted it dead. They chased after it for miles, but once again, it vanished. The company came to a halt and the young prince jumped out of his leather saddle. With a sigh he asked, “Are we ever going to catch that beast, Alfred?” Alfred, the prince’s royal guard, dismounted his horse and joined his highness’ side. “You are the country’s greatest hunter, Sire. I know you’ll catch it.” Alfred replied as he straightened his cap atop his head of long black hair. The prince mounted his horse again and he and the company rode back to the palace, but this time, the prince wanted to cut through the village. He loved his people, and he enjoyed checking in on them from time to time, to see that everything was good in their lives. As they were riding past the butcher’s shop, the prince brought his horse to a halt. “Sounds like a bit of a ruckus in there. I am going to check it out.” The prince said and dismounted his horse. As he entered the butcher’s shop, he saw a young lady with long red hair arguing with the butcher himself. “Please, sir, just stop talking for two minutes and let me explain!” The lady said with annoyance. “No! You may not purchase all of my beef! I care about the people here, and I’d like them all to be able to buy beef! I do not care about the money!” The butcher yelled. “Excuse me, butcher, but what exactly is the problem here?” The prince interrupted. The red headed lady turned around and rolled her blue eyes, thinking the prince hadn’t noticed. “Oh, Prince Neal! Forgive me, I didn’t see you come in.” The butcher said, quite embarrassed and surprised to see the prince in his shop. Prince Neal raised his hand, “No, it’s alright. I heard a bit of a commotion in here, and I thought I’d come in and see what the trouble is.” The red headed girl curtsied and said, “Please excuse me for saying so, Your Highness, but really, I don’t need any help.” Prince Neal took a step closer to the two. “Why do you wish to purchase so much beef, Dear Lady?” He asked, his hand resting on his sword. “I, uh, have a large family.” She replied slowly. “No, now that is not true! She comes in here all the time! She is an only child living with her mother on a small farm just outside of town!” The butcher corrected. “Ah, I see.” Prince Neal said with a tilt of his head, then continued, “So you would take the risk of lying to your prince?” He asked with a smile. “Well, I – Ugh, I just need the beef. It can not be described, especially to you! You wouldn’t understand!” The girl said in frustration. “Oh, please explain, Miss…?” Prince Neal said. “Erebelle. And no, I can’t explain, Your Highness.” She said firmly. Neal put his hand over his mouth and chuckled, “Very well. You may keep your secrets, Miss Erebelle. Butcher, give her the beef. I will pay for it.” Erebelle’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Really, Your Highness, that won’t be necessary. I have enough to pay for it myself.” She assured him. “Please, allow me. Accept it as an apology gift for any frustration I may have caused you by trying to force you into telling me your secrets.” Prince Neal pleaded. Erebelle nodded her head in agreement. “Thank you, Sire.” She said with a curtsy and went on her way home.


That concludes the first part! I hope to post one part at least once a week, but I might get too excited and post twice a week… Who knows! XD



11 Responses to The Mysterious Creature of Charzul~ Part One

  • Ooh, I can’t wait to see what happens next.:) Prince Neal sounds interesting…I hope he is in the story more!:D

  • Ooh, I love this! YOU CAN’T END IT THERE! I need the next part. O_O
    LOL! Great writing!

    • LOL! Yay! Thanks so much, Misty! 😀
      I’m sorry, but that was the best place to cut off! I’ll get the next part up soon! 😀
      Thanks again! :)

  • OOOOOOOOO! Is Damaris the beast?!?! the instance the little guy was found i thought of toothless for a second. 😉

  • Oooh! I LOVE THIS! And you described Damaris so well! He’s such a cute.. whatever-he-is! XD

    -Clara <3

  • This was SO GOOD! I love your stories! <3
    P.S. Do you have any tips for getting story chapters up on time??????? I think it's been like two months since I posted the last chapter of my story on my blog…. 😛

    • Awe, thank SO much, Sunny! 😀
      P.S. Oh, absolutely! I’ve always been terrible at posting things on time and just posting regularly, but this year I got an Erin Condren planner and it is AMAZING!! It literally seems to call me to use it – I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to use a planner and stick to it, but so far, it’s working! Maybe getting a planner will help you to get organized with your posts. If you plan to post a chapter once a week (like what I’m doing), I’m sure you’ll be able to do it! Just write down what’s going on each day of the week and seeing that will help you find the right time and day to make a post :)
      I hope this helps you! 😀

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