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Hey guys! Ready to read the next part of TMCOC (I abbreviated it because it’s a long title 😉 )? This part is sad and where things start to pick up! I hope you like it! :)


Erebelle entered through the kitchen and set her basket full of berries on the counter.
“Goodness, Erebelle, what’s all the rush about?” Erebelle’s mother questioned.
“Oh, I’m just so excited to be home, that’s all. Well, I’m gonna go speak with the animals. I’ll be in soon, Mother!” Erebelle called over her shoulder, as she was already running out the back door.
Erebelle ran down the stone steps, smiling all the way, but as the shed came into view, her smile faded. The door to the shed was wide open. Erebelle scurried into the shed.
“Damarias! Damarias!” She called as she looked around for her friend. Erebelle looked at the ground and noticed Damarias’ paw prints, and she saw that they were following hoof prints.
“No…” She breathed and hurried back into the house.
“Mother! Did anyone come to visit today?” Erebelle asked breathlessly.
“Oh, I take that you went to your father’s work shed. Yes, some of the prince’s men came by looking for a mysterious creature. I’ve known about that creature for a while now, so I sold him to them. Thank goodness they came when they did or we would have no money to keep the house.” Her mother said quickly. Erebelle tried to fight the tears.
“How could you? I’ve taken care of him for months! I’m like a mother to him! He understands me like no other animal does! First I lose Papa, and now I lose my dearest friend.” Erebelle felt tears going down her cheeks. Her mother wouldn’t make eye contact with her because she was too ashamed with what she had done.
Erebelle ran out of the house and hurried to the palace. She walked up to the entrance, but was stopped by a royal guard.
“Please, you must let me in! I have to speak with the prince! It’s a matter of urgency!” Erebelle cried.
The guard replied, “Sorry, miss, but not just anyone is aloud inside, unless their presence is requested by the king.”
Erebelle sighed. “Please, sir, I have to speak with him!” She begged, but the guard sent her away. Erebelle walked a  few steps away and then fell to the ground. The prince happened to be walking by and stopped in front of her.
“Erebelle, is everything alright?” He asked. Erebelle looked up at the prince with tears pouring out of her eyes.
“Sire, my dearest friend has been sentenced to death – by you.” She said slowly. Neal raised an eyebrow. “You must be confused. No one here is sentenced to be killed.” He assured her.
“Not all friends are humans, Sire. Sometimes the very best of friends are animals.” Erebelle stated.
“Do you speak of that creature?” He asked with disgust.
“That creature is the last of his kind!” Erebelle said, raising her voice.
“It’s a vicious monster.” Neal stated.
“No! I have taken the time to get to know him! He’s a kind and gentle creature! But you wouldn’t know that. All the time you’ve spent with him is chasing him down to kill him!” Erebelle shouted, and the guards and Alfred joined the prince’s side.
“What would you ask of me?” Neal inquired.
“Let him go. Spare his life and let him be free!” Erebelle said.
“I’m sorry, miss, but that creature, although he is good to you, could be a threat to the rest of the kingdom, just as his parents were. I will not let him go. Leave now or the guards will take you away.” Neal commanded, and Erebelle, very hesitantly left.
Neal walked out to where Damarias was being kept and looked into his eyes.
“Am I doing the right thing, Alfred?” Neal asked unknowingly.
“I think any decision of yours is right, Sire, but yes, this creature needs to die. It’s parents were mad.” Alfred replied.
“But does that make him that way as well? Do you think perhaps I ought to let him go?” Neal wondered. Alfred answered sincerely, “No, Highness. You’re doing the right thing.”


OOOOH!!!! XD Poor, poor, Erebelle and Damarias… 😉

The next part will be up in a week! 😀


8 Responses to The Mysterious Creature of Charzul~ Part 4

    *runs around screaming*

    -Clara <3

      Yes, poor Damarias… All alone…. In a strange place…. Just wanting to be home with Erebelle – his best friend….
      Okay, I’ll stop torturing you now LOLOL! XD
      I’m glad you’re… Liking the story? I think that’s what I’m getting from this comment… Or perhaps you hate me now…. XD


  • wha?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh-Oh-OH_OH poor poor Erebelle, damarias, and Neal………… The last couple of lines gave me the feels…………………………….. ‘runs into a corner and bawls”

    • LOL! Awe, yay!! Although I’m sorry for your sadness, it’s always a time for rejoicing when a writer hears their story gave the reader “The feels” 😀

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