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Whew! This post is late! I’ve been so busy and suddenly it was Thursday and I’m like – okay, I need to write my AAWC story! 😛

Just an FYI that I used this prompt for this story 😉

And, Misty, I did include “Broken” (of course XD ) and a swan :)


Have you ever wondered what causes fissures, cracks in the pavement, or even how The Grand Canyon was made? Well, let me tell you, it’s not at all what you think. I’m here to tell you the story of how The Grand Canyon was made – the story of how a broken heart could cause so much damage to the world, and yet turn out to be so remarkable hundreds of years later….

Judy and Nigel ambled arm in arm through the woods together, laughing and chatting along. Neither of them ever grew tired of each other’s company. They were a perfect pair and practically inseparable.
As they were strolling past the lake where the swans glided gracefully on the water, they noticed a young woman sobbing by an oak tree. They both knew the look on her face, they’d seen it several times before. It was the look of a broken heart. Judy and Nigel glanced at each other with pity and walked along, not wishing to disturb the poor girl.
“I’m so glad we haven’t had any fights, Nigel.” Judy said gratefully.
“I am, too.” Nigel agreed, patting her hand which was looped through his arm.
“We’re so lucky to have each other. And I know we always will.” Judy said with a smile. Nigel smiled forcefully at her, trying to hide his sadness and uncertainty. He felt in his heart that something was going to come between them and that somehow, they never would see one another again.

The months passed and nothing had interfered with their lives, so Nigel’s worry fled from him and he and Judy were now making preparations for their wedding. It was one bit of joy during the hard times of the war.
“Oh, we’d better invite my Aunt and Uncle Phillips and of course, Louisa and George must come, as well. Do you think I’ve forgotten anyone?” Judy asked her husband to be.
Nigel looked up from his paper and smiled. “No, I don’t think you have.” He confirmed. Suddenly the fear entered into him again. The same feeling he had all those months ago. His eyes saddened and his heartbeat quickened. He wasn’t sure what was happening. Judy noticed the look in his eye as he stared at her. She raised her eyebrow and inquired, “Nigel, what’s wrong?”
“I don’t know exactly.” He replied, his face expressing sheer terror. Judy walked around the table and sat beside him, laying her hand on his shoulder. Suddenly a horn bellowed so loud it made the two of them jump and Judy shrieked. Without saying a word, they both flew downstairs and out onto Main Street where they saw strong, threatening men driving dozens of prison wagons into town, whipping their horses along.
The men stopped driving once they had all entered into town and they jumped off the wagons yelling out orders and pulling and shoving all the men into the wagons. The women screamed and the men shouted for help, but there was nothing to be done.
The strongest looking man made his way over to Judy and Nigel and grabbed his arm, but Judy shouted,
“Wait! What are you doing with them?”
“It’s orders, Missy! All men from every town are called to serve in the war and if they refuse, they be hung!” The man barked back. Judy gasped and as the man started pulling Nigel away, she grabbed hold of his other arm, trying to keep him with her.
“Nigel! Don’t go! Please! Stay with me!” She cried. Nigel looked at his bride-to-be with tears in his eyes. He shut them tight, remembering and treasuring each wonderful moment they had spent together. Then he opened them and said, more sincerely and lovingly than he ever had before,
“I love you.”
Tears gushed out of Judy’s eyes and she held onto his hand until she no longer could. Those were the last words she ever heard from Nigel, and the last time she ever saw him.

Many hearts were broken that harrowing day, but none more so than those of Nigel and Judy whose love was greater than all the stars in the night sky.
And that heartbreak that occurred that day is exactly what caused The Grand Canyon to form. I guarantee that now you have heard this tale, every time you hear about or see The Grand Canyon, you will remember dear Judy and Nigel – the pair with the perfect love.



Okay, why do I write such tragic things? XD

Well, I hope you liked it and, as always, I’d love some feedback! :)


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