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Hi everyone! I was nominated by Clara for the Quote of the Day Challenge! Thanks so much, Clara! 😀

Here are the rules:

Post one quote a day for three days. You don’t have to post three days in a row, just be sure to do it once so the challenge will be passed on :)

Nominate three new people each day. 

Okie dokie! Here’s the amazing quote for the day:

It was hard for me to choose a quote, since I have a gazillion favorites, but I decided to go with one of my newer favorites said by Han Solo in The Force Awakens. This scene is hilarious. Finn, who doesn’t really know anything about the Force, says they can use the Force to complete their mission. But Han Solo, who is quite frustrated with Finn, says “That’s not how the Force works!” I love the expression on Han’s face when he says this- it’s so funny! XD

So there’s my quote for the day! Since I don’t know who has or hasn’t been nominated for this challenge, I’ll nominate the first three people who say they’d like to do this challenge! :)

Have a great day! 😀



22 Responses to Quote of the Day Challenge- #1

  • Haha! I’ve been nominated already, which reminds me, I better get started on my post xD

  • Ooh! Yeah, I loved that part too. :) Actually, I just watched the movie this afternoon and anything that has to do with Star Wars excites me. 😀 Han Solo’s face in hilarious. XD

    • YAY!! I get so excited whenever I hear that someone loves Star Wars or just saw TFA or anything! XD
      Isn’t it?! Agh!! I love that part! 😀

      • I just love any scene with Han Solo. :) Except the one where, you know…. *sniff* :( Or any scenes with BB-8, he’s so chubby! 😀 I like to call him Butter Ball 8. :)

        • Me too! Han Solo is my favorite character! Yes. The only bad scene with Han Solo… *sobs* BB-8 is my other top fave character!! He’s SO CHUBBY!!! 😀 LOL! That’s so cute! I just call him “My little BB-8”, but I say “BB-8” super chubby and almost baby-ish ;D

          • He’s mine as well. He was the comic relief of the older movies. :)Poe might be the new Han. 😉 “So, do I talk first, or do you talk first?” when he first met Kylo Ren. :) Finn and Poe are both pretty funny actually.

          • Yes, Han is hilarious! So are Poe and Finn! :)
            I think Poe may be Han’s replacement, too. Which is sad, but I do love Poe :)

  • That’s a good one. :) I just got home from watching the Force Awakens. It was awesome. But sad. Han had to get in some funny quotes before *SPOILER ALERT* he died. My heart was pounding when Kylo Ren was handing Han the lightsaber. I knew it was coming. I loved the part where Finn was so excited because he was in control of Captain Phasma, and Han was like, “Take it down a notch!”
    Oh, I loved it. I bet my siblings and I will be quoting from it for a while. :) And reading the Visual Dictionary during mealtimes. :)
    I saw in an article online that someone wrote “SPOILER ALERT: If you still have to be warned about spoilers, you should probably see the movie. It’s really good.”

    • YAAAY!!! I’m so glad you were able to go see it in theaters! Yes, it’s very sad. Oh gosh I know! I had my hands clasped over my mouth and when it happened tears just started streaming down my cheeks. It was awful *cries*
      LOL! Yes!! That part is great! “And guess what, Captain Phasma? I’m in charge! I’m in charge!” XD
      Ooh!! You got the Visual Dictionary?! Awesome! I really wanna get that book! 😀
      LOL! That’s great, and so true! XD

  • Oh, and Han follows up with “Oh really, you’re cold?”

  • I love that part!! That’s probably my favorite line from the entire movie. XD

  • Lol, I loved this line! Pretty much every part of the movie featuring Han Solo was awesome – except for you-know-what. In the theater, for some reason, I just didn’t see it coming. I thought that maybe… just MAYBE… Kylo Ren would turn back to the Good Side. Then IT happened. And I started crying harder than I ever have in a movie before. It took me a few days to recover. Lol! :'(


    • Amen to that! XD
      Oh really? I saw it coming and when he approached Kylo Ren I was just like “No. No. No.”, shaking my head, hoping to prevent it, but obviously I couldn’t. I did, too!! I had never cried that hard at a movie before!! I was trembling and just- ugh!! After we got out of the theater I just kept replaying that scene in my head, staring off into space (haha XD), feeling so depressed. Ugh. I even get teary thinking about it sometimes :(

      • I managed to stop crying a few minutes after the scene, but when the movie ended and the credits started rolling, it hit me again that he was really dead, and I lost it. Dad saw me crying and just sort of squeezed my knee. I knew he understood. 😉


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