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You aren’t going to believe this.

I can still not even believe it myself.

Are you ready?


Here we go.

Last night.

I finished writing the first draft of my book. O_O


Let me tell you how it happened;

Emma and I challenged each other to write 100 words a day for this month. Well, we were just bosses with our writing (as I quote Emma 😉 ) and were dishing out thousands of words.

Suddenly, as we were writing together (we FaceTime and write all the time!) I realized I was trying to figure out how to drag out the story because I was nearing the end. I knew that if I kept writing, I would finish it that night.

Then depression struck me. I was not prepared emotionally to be done with this book. Yes, I know there’s still lots of editing and rewriting to do, but still. The story in itself was basically written. And that just made me really sad. I thought I’d be working on my book for over a year. I just wasn’t ready to be done.

I turned off the lights and draped a blanket over me so I could mourn. Emma screenshotted a picture of me:

Depressing, right? Now, yes, that was dramatic of me, but it literally was how I was feeling. It took me forever to continue writing.

After probably 20 minutes or so, I started writing again. And when the very end was in sight, I told Emma I had to go. I needed to give my undivided attention to my book.
This was the end. The tragic, depressing, terrible end.

And I wrote the last sentence. And I just stared at the screen and then into open space. When I clicked out of my document, I felt dead. Drained. It was similar to how I feel when I watch an amazing movie that kills me. Only, I feel like this was worse.

As I helped my mom make lunches for my dad and brother last night, I had the same expression on my face – so solemn. I looked like I just lost something.

Then, as we were watching The Andy Griffith Show, I read a post on Go Teen Writers about taking 6 weeks off after you finish writing your first draft. She mentioned how exciting it is and how you need time to celebrate and then I realized something – I wasn’t happy at all. I was depressed.

I decided right then that I was being ridiculous. Yes, it’s okay to be sad when you finish your first draft, but hey – YOU FINISHED YOUR FIRST DRAFT!!! That is a HUGE milestone! You should be happy and excited!
I mean seriously, this is the longest story I’ve ever written and I’ve made one step closer towards completely finishing it up and having it published!

So now, I’m not fully depressed anymore – I’m happy. Though there is still that sadness inside me (I CAN’T WRITE IT ANYMORE DURING MY FACETIME DAYS WITH COOKIE!!!! *sobs*) but I’m also so excited! I get to enter a new chapter in the life of a writer – editing. Oh, the horror. XD I’ve heard such terrible things and I know this book needs a TON of editing. *whimpers*  BUT I’M EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S NEW AND EXCITING, NO MATTER HOW SCARY IT IS!!! XD

I’m placing my trust in God to help me get through the editing stage. But, you know. I’ll still need all the encouragement I can get from my wonderful writing friends! ;D

Hopefully it’ll be published next year? Maybe? It depends on how much I procrastinate which will definitely be a lot… XD


Well, a howdy-do to ya’ll! *waves* *tips hat* *bows* And all that fun stuff. XD

I was looking through my drafts today and found this insanely random story I wrote in February that makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!! Which is probably why I stopped writing it at such a terrible spot….

Anyways! I thought it would be fun to share it with you because – who doesn’t love random stories? I remember laughing as I wrote this… I honestly just wrote this story just to write. So yeah, enjoy. XD


Long, long ahead, in the the year 4087, a young girl slips out of her fluffy bed and sets her bare feet onto the cold, hard wooden floor. She flips her buttery blonde hair out of her face and stares at the wall blankly.
Today was another boring, uneventful, tiresome day. It was Saturday and the girl, named Avery, had no plans.

Avery put on her rainbow robe and unicorn slippers and walked drearily down the mahogany stairs, the scent of alfalfa waffles traveling into her nostrils.

“Good morning, Avery! How’s my little cupcake of a muffin?” Her mother cooed as she poured some honey over the crispy waffles.

“Fine.” Avery replied without any enthusiasm. She pulled out one of the bamboo chairs and sat at their table, which also, was made out of bamboo.

Avery’s mother, Mrs. Brown, set a plate of steaming cold alfalfa waffles, drizzled with honey in front of her daughter. Avery stared down at her plate and sighed ungratefully. “Mom, is there no more JuJu Berry Juice?” She inquired expectantly.

“No, I’m sorry, cupcake. The cows have been slacking off lately.” Her mother informed, apologetically.

Avery sighed once again and began eating her alfalfa waffles, spoon in hand. As she brought the spoon up to her lips, she closed her eyes and took a bite. When she opened her eyes, she saw a place filled with millions of exotic plants and hundreds of cows. There were trees growing strong and tall, full of cupcakes, donuts, and wrinkly marshmallows. Growing closer to the ground were peanut M&M, raisin, and cookie bushes, but that wasn’t all. There were spaghetti flowers, banana split clouds, and a cheeseburger for a sun. The cheese rays were shining through the banana split clouds and highlighting a glaze river. Avery blinked her eyes about a half dozen times, but still she remained in this strange land.

“Where am I?” She wondered out loud and startling her out of her skin, a farmer who seemed to be half human and half a milk carton called out, “Why, you’re in Grubba Malanka – the capital of Sugvegmefruitatia!”

Avery’s mouth hung open. “Ummmm…. Okay.”


*nervous giggle* I hope you liked it! XD

Namarie! (I’m feeling so LOTR-ish lately, oh my gosh!!! *dies*)


Hey everyone!

I just wanted to pop in real quick and let you all know about this super fun giveaway that Katie is having at A Writer’s Faith! She’s giving away an adorable journal and some pens, so make sure you head over to her blog and enter – the giveaway ends soon 😉

Also, just gotta encourage you to browse around her blog because she is amazing and hilarious. I guarantee you will laugh out loud at SOMETHING! XD

Okay, well, that’s all for tonight! I’ll be back with a new post soon :)


Hi everyone!!!

Last week Emma and I were talking about how our phones make us sick. Or, rather, how much we use our phones makes us sick. We both have the problem of checking something (for her it’s Pinterest, for me, my WordPress feed), closing that app, and then instantly reopening it. How disgusting is that, right? Are we really so desperate that we have to reopen the same app once we close it?!

The sad answer is, yes, we are.

So we challenged each other (in an epic conversation of speaking in ridiculously long hashtags) to go a day without using our phones or computers.
These are the rules we made:
1. We can use our phone if a parent texts us.
2. If there was an emergency.
3. For a calculator.
4. We can use the computer to write only.
5. We can’t watch anything unless it’s with someone.
6. Taking pictures is allowed, but no posting.

So Monday was our day we spent away from the online world and distracting apps and games. And each other.

We both recorded our day and here is my little diary of a sort, of what I did and went through yesterday without a phone or computer:


I was woken up from a sound sleep by my mom. Of all days, I wanted to sleep in today, hoping it would kill time of being without a phone. But instead, I had to get up EARLY so I could lock the door while my parent’s went to take my dad’s car in. I was so into my dream!! I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! *cries* And I’m so dead. *yawn*
While they were gone, I read 2 chapters of The Guardian by Beverly Lewis. It was hard not to go on my phone in the morning and catch up on things…


I’ve been up for about an hour and I still feel dead. Thank God for coffee (may I add that it’s in a BB-8 mug? 😉 )! My mom and I had our weekly planner meeting. I’m moody cause I got up early and don’t wanna do things. I don’t know why, but I was feeling like a failure….? XD


Oops! I was about to text Cookie. I’m feeling better now and more like myself. Now I was about to stalk blogs on my phone. Jaclynn, GET IT IN YOUR HEAD!!! NO SCREENS!!!!
Wow. I’m tempted to use my phone like every 5 minutes. I definitely have an unhealthy addiction.


*deep breath, deep breath* Okay – I worked out and now I’m out of breath. Whew!
What to do…. I guess I could start cleaning my room… *groan* Oh! I tidied up the bathroom! YAY! Why can’t guys put their stuff away after they use it…. -_-
Remember how I mentioned earlier that our car had to be taken in? Well now we also have to take my mom’s car in cause it died. o_o


Cleaning room and watched an episode of Little Rascals with my dad (SPANKY IS SO ADORABLE HELP). I’m really hungry…. still haven’t used my phone. Well, only to read a text from my dad and to talk to my mom. 😉


Well, I ate lunch (teriyaki chicken! Yum!) and watched 2 more episodes of Little Rascals with my dad. I got tempted to use my phone, but didn’t.
Then I watched my mom setting up our new printer. It’s so cool! I need to find something to print out so I can use it (I CAN PRINT THINGS OUT FROM MY PHONE NOW OH MY GOSH)!
Oh! And my room is clean! Now what? XD


Just came in from riding the bike. I usually watch something on the iPad while I ride, but instead I read more of The Guardian. It was much easier for some reason and distracted me from my sore, peddling legs. I think I’ll read while I ride from now on!
Uh, guys? I just used my phone……O_O


Boredom has kicked in. I really should write, but where do I get the motivation? Ugh. This day is torture in more ways than one. SAVE ME!!!!
Cookies n Cream Atkins shake – pretty good.
My eyes hurt. I should get my glasses, but they’re all the way across the room in my purse. *tries to use the Force* Did I mention that I got a Facebook messenger notice earlier and how HARD it was NOT to read it?!!?! UGH!!!


Still haven’t written. BUT! I did take pics for a very weird photostory featuring Infinity figures!
*sings* I’m a – potatoooooo…. TIRED! Okay. I should write…. Let’s see if I actually do.


I’M WRITING!!! I love this part I’m writing, oh my gosh. I SHIP THEM!!!! Ahem.
Also I’m about to hit 20,000 words, so please celebrate with me in a little bit….

(I forgot to mention that before I started writing I was sprawled out on my bedroom floor singing a very weird version of that song from the Muppet Movie about being a muppet of a man. And then I started quoting things in WEIRD, CREEPY voices. Yeah…. XD )


20,550 WORDS!!! OH MY SWEET DONUT!!! I’ve never written anything this long before!!! *dies*
Yes. I did celebrate (by myself – *cries*). I had a brownie and listened to some songs I thought were appropriate for this occasion. Back to writing!!


Oh, I missed 6, didn’t I? Well, I ate dinner and then we had to pick up my dad’s car (which prevented me from being able to take pictures outside -_- ). Now I’m home and we’re probably gonna watch something.
I WANT POPCORN! *cries cause I can’t have any* (I’m trying to eat healthy, so that’s why I can’t have popcorn 😉 )


I’m so tired. We are watching Big Hero 6 and I’m working on an order. Crocheting makes me tired. Need. Sleep.


Movie is over. I’m so tired. I think we’re either gonna watch Mayberry R.F.D. or make lunches for my dad and brother. Can I just stay in this chair? Or better yet, move to the couch? *heart eyes*



I know it’s early, but we’re gonna watch Once Upon a Time and I don’t wanna interrupt it. I’ve almost survived!!!


Time to get ready for bed! I SURVIVED EVERYONE!!! I LIVED A WHOLE DAY WITHOUT INTERNET, MY PHONE, OR WATCHING SHOWS ALL DAY!!! *celebrates* *dances around*

Here’s a little Q&A for myself:

Q: Was it worth it to you?
A: Well, I guess it was. I went through some boredom and had to resist the temptation to use my phone which was hard, but I’d say, it was definitely worth it.

Q: Would you do it again?
A: Yeah, I think so! I feel like I’m constantly disgusted with myself by how much I use my phone. It’s probably because of my phone that I need to wear glasses! Our phones really keep us from socializing and talking with our families. I’ll be doing a post on HRMW soon about this problem. But all in all, I would like to do it again. Maybe make it a weekly thing just to get a break. It’s also crazy how much easier it was for me to write yesterday….

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’re feeling the same way about your phone and/or computer, I challenge you to do this, too! Though it is hard, it’s really refreshing :)

Have a great day everyone!

If I did this challenge again, would you want me to make another post like this?


Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but as what happens to many bloggers – I’m having some blogger block lately 😉



Because today I have something of interest to share with you! *conscience whispers to me* Oh. Right. The title already told them what it is….

Okay, well, yes! I do have a book blurb to share with ya’ll! In case some of you might not know what a book blurb is, it’s the description that would go on the back of the book 😉

Alright, enough rambling. Here is the blurb for my book – True Colors:

In Shano, the people are quite different from you and me… Or rather, their hair is. In this small town, everyone has multiple colors in their hair that represent a different part of their personalities. It’s understandable then that the people of Shano are outraged when head of the town council, Zachariah, appoints Connor – a redheaded, hot tempered, grump – to lead a foursome of young adults; courageous Astrid, optimistic Alina, and clumsy Sawyer to seek out and destroy the prophesied Dark Warrior. How could Zachariah choose someone as hot headed as Connor to lead this group on such a dangerous mission?

As the four depart on their journey into The Wild, they all must do their part to help Connor stay on the right path, but with some bumps along the road, things don’t go quite as they had expected. With Connor’s hair blackening more and more each day, they begin to lose hope of ever succeeding. Astrid, however, is determined to help Connor overcome his evil in any way she can – at least until she learns some distressing news that would jeopardize their whole mission.

Will they be able to work together to find and destroy The Dark Warrior? Or will petty arguments and disagreements get in the way of their mission?


So, I’m not sure if that’s all staying, but for now, that’s what I have :)

True Colors is still being written (still on the first draft. I’m a slow writer 😉 ), but my goal is for it to be published – one day. And yes, I’ll definitely tell you all when that happens :)

Oh, and in case you’re all wondering, yes, that is the Connor you’ve been learning about in the Character Studies 😉

Well, I need to get ready for my soon to be sister in-law’s bridal shower, so I’ll talk with you all soon! Make sure to tell me your thoughts on my book! :)

Bye- bye! 😀

P.S. Emma will be posting a blurb on her blog soon, too, so be sure to look out for that! 😉

Hi everyone! I think you all seem to enjoy these, so I thought I’d post another one today! :)

image (1)

Character Studies is done by Morgan. So basically what you do, is you copy and paste the questions from her blog and then have your character answer them. My main character, Connor, in the book I’m writing will be answering the questions below :)

1 – What are you afraid of?

My hair turning black, being killed, losing someone…

2 – Do you have a temper?

I’ve already said this like a million times. YES – I have a temper!

3 – What kind of things would make you lose your temper?

Just about anything and everything. Like the previous question.

4 – If you’re angry, how do you (try to) calm down?

Taking deep breaths, clenching my fists, biting my lip so hard that it should bleed. None of it usually works, though.

5 – You’re in an argument with your best friend/significant other.  What’s it about?

I already told you, I don’t have a best friend OR a significant other!! But the one person I thought could be my first best friend (actually friend in general) lied and tricked me!!!…….. I’m not continuing with this question….

6 – What’s your worst habit?

Punching anything in sight when I get dangerously angry.

7 – If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why?

My height. I’m tired of being laughed at for how short I am. I’d want to be at least 6 feet tall.

8 – What about your personality?

….I guess my anger… But don’t let anyone else know that or you’ll have me to deal with.

9 – You’re working with a group of people on some kind of object.  What role do you play?  (leader, strategist, laborer, etc.)  Do you like your role?

Psh! I would never be a part of anything like that! Didn’t you hear? Everyone hates me! But, I’d probably be the one doing all the hard work cause I know how to work hard. I don’t think I’d mind. It’s a good way for me to let out my anger.

BONUS: What’s your favorite kind of animal?

I don’t care about animals. I’m a hunter.


Wow, Connor. That was pretty harsh. XD

I hope you all like Connor! I personally adore him! LOL!


Hi everyone! So, I believe a few of you know my sister, Jen over at Anakin & His Angel, but if not, check out her site if you love Star Wars ;D
Anyways, each month, Jen chooses a topic to write about Star Wars and anyone who feels like participating, can make a post with their thoughts and link back for everyone to see. I decided I’d do it today :)


At first I was kinda confused, because I think a lot of the troopers are really cool! Like the Flame Troopers, Snow Troopers, and the upcoming Death Troopers and I’d have to say that my favorite are the…..

Via Entertainment Weekly

Death Troopers!! Seriously, they’re so cool and intimidating!! They look like they are ready to just destroy, and yes, I know I’m a Light Side person and I’m all about the good side winning, BUT – the Death Troopers look amazing and I need to see them be awesome as far as fighting goes.
I think what I really love about the Death Troopers is that their armor is black. We’ve only ever seen white as the main color and I just really like that they chose to go with black for these guys. It makes them scarier and seem so much more powerful. And the armor seems like heavy metal to me! I loves it 😉

So there you have it! Keep an eye out for next month’s topic! It’s gonna be a fun one! ;D

Have a great day!


Hi everyone! Wow, been a while, huh? XD

I just had such a fun time getting caught up with Character Studies, so I decided to post one of them today!

image (1)

Character Studies is done by Morgan. So basically what you do, is you copy and paste the questions from her blog and then have your character answer them. My main character, Connor, in the book I’m writing will be answering the questions below :)

  1.  You need some time with friends, being social. What do you do and where do you go?
    I’m not social. I’m a hermit. But if I have to answer this question, I’d say that I’d find someone who enjoys hunting and go hunting in the woods.
  2. You want some time alone. Just you and yourself. What do you do?
    Now this one I can answer! I sleep.
  3. You’re feeling creative. What do you do?
    Creative? Creative? Uhhh….. Decorate my house with animal heads and skins.
  4. What do you do when you don’t want to do anything useful or productive? Your favorite “useless waste of a time”?
    I never really do anything useful or productive, so let’s say sleep.
  5. What do you do when it rains?
    Stay inside and complain that I can’t go hunting.
  6. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
    Hunting. You haven’t figured that out by now?
  7. Do you like to read?
  8. What makes you laugh?
    Nothing. Try all you want, it’s not happening.
  9. You’re going to a museum/exhibit of some kind. What is at the museum and who do you go with? Do you enjoy yourself?
    One word – Booorrinnng.
  10. BONUS: What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
    Molasses cookies are the best. You should have more questions like the bonus ones.

    You’re probably wondering why I have such a terrible character, but really, the book explains it all LOL!

    Hope you enjoyed!


Today, I am ignoring the temptation to lie on the couch, read blogs, or just wander around helplessly. Today, I am listening to Master Yoda’s wise words; Do or do not, there is no try.

Today, I have decided not to try to write, but to actually write. But in order to get myself more in the mindset, I need my writerly effects.

1. Attire. I need to be comfortable and cool during these hot days, so I chose to wear my tank top that says “Wandering.” To me, it can represent many things, but today it represents my wandering into/inside my book.

2. Accessories. In the previous picture, you can see I was wearing a OUAT Storybook necklace. How can wearing a book around your neck not make you wanna write? Also, I snapped on my “Authoress” and “Storybrooke” bracelets. I wear my “authoress” one every time I write. The Storybrooke seemed fitting to my mood today, so I chose that one, as well.

3. I need something yummy. I was craving some S’mores Oreos, so I grabbed a couple to tide me over until lunch. Also, I always make it a point to have a water bottle with me, but I was craving something more refreshing, so I chose my Strawberry Lemonade Sparkling Ice drink :)

Now, all I need to do is resist the temptation to go online and actually start typing, and I will be set for a writing day! XD

What are your “writerly effects?” 



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