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So, the other day, while I was in my room taking pictures for my other blog, I heard my brother come home from work, but didn’t go out to say “Hi!” since I was in the middle of something. So he called out “Hey Pack!” (that’s my nickname LOL!) “What?” I yelled back. “Come here!” “Why?” “Because! Don’t you wanna say hi to your brother?” So I stopped what I was doing and walked into the kitchen and saw my brother standing there with the LEGO Jurassic World video game!!! I like screamed and just gave him a HUGE hug!! I was laughing, super excited, and felt like I was going to cry!!


Just to be clear, this game is not mine. So now you might be thinking, “Why are you so excited then?” And here’s the answer to that – Me and Jordan always used to play the LEGO video games together. It’s always been one of my favorite things to do with him. But when we got the LEGO Marvel game, it froze a lot and we would lose all of our progress and would have to do things all over again (which took forever!). Eventually, Jordan was just done with it and we never ended up finishing the game 100%. I didn’t think he would ever want to play any of the new LEGO games again and he didn’t really seem interested anymore (especially in The Hobbit one). So to see that he had bought LEGO Jurassic World for us to play together really touched me. Especially since I know that he’ll be leaving soon (since he’ll be getting married) and we probably won’t play these games anymore. But for the time being, I’m gonna enjoy playing this game with him and sharing those good times together. Making memories that will last a lifetime :)

So we played the game the other night and oh my gosh it’s AMAZING!!!! We did the whole first movie in one night!! It was AWESOME!! I love all the characters, the actual dialogue from the movies, and just the silly things they add in! LEGO games are so stinkin’ fun! 😀

Is there a special thing you enjoy doing with your sibling(s)? Do you like the LEGO video games?


8 Responses to LEGO Jurassic World Video Game!!

  • That is so adorable! Me and my brother and my oldest sister do that too! We did LEGO Star Wars first, then LEGO Indiana Jones…but I don’t like it as much. My brother (he’s younger by 3 years) got LEGO Batman 3 (I think?) but I haven’t done it yet. When my sister comes down from college we need to do Star Wars…

    Oh and when we were at Rebekah’s when I was 7 or so we played LEGO Star Wars and I didn’t know how to play so I just kept pushing the button that punched. I punched Rebekah’s Leia, and she punched my Leia. It was a Leia punching match! LOL.

    But I’ll stop talking about me…that is so adorable and so sweet! Have fun with him while you can! And when he’s married…have fun with him still! 😛

    • Oh, that’s so awesome!! Yeah, we played the LEGO Star Wars games a TON! And LEGO Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Marvel, Lord of The Rings (of course that was my favorite LOL!), and now this one! Those games are so fun! I’d really like to play the Indiana Jones and Pirates ones again, though, since when I first played them I hadn’t seen the movies yet and couldn’t really appreciate them as much as I would now LOL!

      That’s so funny! LOL! Jordan used to make me so mad when he was being Emperor Palpatine because he would zap me with the electricity all the time! XD

      Awe, thanks! It was super sweet of him :)

  • Aww, that’s so awesome! 😀 It’s so great you got to spend time with your brother.

    My sister and I love watching shows together; especially Star Trek TOS. We have TONS of inside jokes from that show. XD Recently she hasn’t been liking it as much, but she still watches it with me occasionally. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    • Thanks! :)

      Oh, yeah! Me and my mom love watching things together. And I’ve watched things with my sister, too which is super fun! That’s great that you two have something you love to do together! :)

  • Aw, that was so sweet of your brother to get the game!!!! 😀 It sounds like you both are having fun with it. 😉
    My sister and I watch a movie or a TV show together almost every night, usually after our parents are upstairs and getting ready for bed. (Because we got ready for bed already…..HAHA!) It’s so much fun, and it always makes us go a little crazy for some reason. 😛 A couple of weeks ago we watched a bunch of Brady Bunch episodes. :)
    I’m so glad you’re able to spend some good quality time with your brother before he gets married next year. 😉

    • Yeah, it was! 😀 So far we’ve played it once, but we’re going to today and I can’t wait! 😀
      That’s awesome! Being crazy with siblings is the best! :) I’ve never watched The Brady Bunch, but I’d like to! :)
      Awe, thank you! I am, too :)

  • I’ve actually never heard of Lego video games! Sounds like you and your brother have a llot of good memories together. :-)
    Me and my slightly younger sister play together a lot, we really like making stuff and crafting together. :-)

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