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*WARNING: This post contains screaming and extreme fangirling. Read at your own risk.* 


Today was also the day that The Phantom Menace Tsum Tsums were released!! So this morning, my mom and I got up early and went to the mall with my sister to pick up our Tsummie Wummies (as I often call them)! Then after that, we went to Target to buy TFA!! YAAAY!!! 😀

Here are some pictures of the displays in stores!

Okay, I took a picture of this because LOOK AT ALL THE BB-8’s!!! :O

I bought this shirt. XD Literally, the only clothes I ever buy myself are fandom shirts XD

Here’s the display at Target! What? No, no, I did not squeal/half scream in the middle of the store where all was mostly quiet when I saw this AMAZING DISPLAY, no no, what are you saying? XD


Awww, Han!!! He’s amazing!! And – *holds back tears*


BB-8!!!!! YOU ADORABLE LITTLE DROID!!!! *hugs you*

Another display in Target 😀

Now here’s an overview of what I got today! Minus the shirt ;D

First, my sister gave me this awesome iron on BB-8 patch! I want to get a denim jacket and put it on there! 😀

And my Tsummies!! Aren’t they adorable?! Let’s take a closer look at them…

Here is Queen Amidala! She’s just – she’s just SO cute!! I love her little red dots!! 😀

Qui Gon Jinn! OMGEE HES AMAZING!!! He totally looks like him, doesn’t he?!

HIS HAIR IS LONG!!! OH MY GOSH!! And there’s his green lightsaber, too! 😀

And here is Obi Wan!! Can we please just talk about his hair?! It’s so cute!! So fluffy and just – *dies*

And I’m seriously in love with his Padawan braid! :O

And here’s his lightsaber! 😀

And of course, TFA!!! Isn’t the case just beautiful? :O

I LOVE all the pictures on the back, like oh my gosh!

This is part of the inside…

Um…. Why isn’t this a poster because I’d really love to have this hanging up in my room! XD

And this is the case completely unfolded. *dies* It’s so amazing.

Well, that was all for today! I just can’t wait for my brother to get off work and get home so we can all watch it!! I’m going to be hugging my BB-8 plush, probably have a few Star Wars tsums with me, and I will be wearing Star Wars clothes, as well. It’s going to be awesome 😀

Are you excited about TFA? Will you be watching it tonight, too?



24 Responses to HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!!!

  • YAYYYYY! I’ve been needing to watch TFA again since the moment I got out of the theater. XD I told myself I needed to give my wallet a recharge, but…little Tsum Padme! So cute!

    • LOL! That’s how I feel, too! XD
      Oh, yes, the temptation to spend money… Amidala is ADORBS! 😀

  • YAY!!! I love your Padme tsum…total adorableness! I’ll need to think of an excuse to go to Target…and just happen to bring a gift card… heh heh heh XD
    <3 , IrishAG

  • Oh my goodness! I am so excited for you!! And I would glady squeal and die right along with you! LOL! XD I love reading your fangirling! :) I already watched TFA, but it’s so good. Han Solo is just so funny! Almost every quote I love from Star Wars is from him, even if they don’t apply to my life, I just repeat them anyway. He’s just that funny. When I watched a New Hope, I remember thinking, “No, Leia can’t love him! He’s a jerk!” But obviously, I changed my mind. :)
    That picture seriously should be a poster. I love it. :)
    Have watching TFA with your BB-8! I bet he is dying to watch it too! :)
    And there’s a really funny Han Solo deleted scene in the bonus features, so be sure to watch that. 😉
    Have you read the Han Solo and Chewbacca book called “Smuggler’s Run” ?

    • LOLOL! I’m glad you enjoy my fangirling! 😀
      I know, Han is just the best! He has some great lines, that’s for sure! “Watch your mouth kid or you’re gonna find yourself floating home.” “I’m in it for the money.” “I don’t care what you smell just get in there!” AGH! I love him. XD
      LOL! Yeah, I totally ship them! They’re a great couple! At least… They were… *sniff*
      Oh, he was! I think he really enjoyed himself 😉
      OOOH YAAY!! We’ll probably watch some bonus stuff today! I can’t wait!! 😀
      No, I haven’t, but I really want to! Is it good?

      • I know! My sister quoted the “watch your mouth kid…” and I was like, “Who said that?” and when she told me, I thought, “Oh, duh, it totally sounds like something he’d say!”
        I didn’t know what “ship” means! I had to go look it up. XD But, yeah, they are…were. *wants to cry*
        Sounds fun! I want to watch the documentary sometime. :) We haven’t watched the prequels either but my dad said maybe someday, the older kids can watch them. We just got tons of Star Wars books at the library and some of them have some “fake” stuff. I think some company made comic books and made things happen that obviously didn’t, such as Chewie died when Han was younger, and stuff like that. It’s kinda rude, in my opinion. I refuse to believe that stuff. :)
        Yes! It’s really interesting and funny too. :) It’s a little violent for a book, but then again, it’s Star WARS. It was at our library but before that I had it in my wishlist on Amazon. :)

        • LOLOL! That’s so funny! XD
          Oh, oops! I just use that word so much that I don’t even think that there are people who don’t know it! I’ve made that mistake a few times now XD
          Oh, you haven’t watched the prequels?! AAAAGHH!!! They’re SOO GOOD!! :O
          Oh, my goodness! Poor Chewie! *sobs*
          LOL! True, true… I’ll have to read that book sometime :)

  • TFA!!!!!!! Omigosh!! It’s here!!!!!!!!!!! XD my friend and I spent our whole lunch period squealing about how adorable BB-8 is.
    You are quite the fangirl, Jaclynn! LOL! In a really good way. :)
    Rey is awesome.

    • YESS!!! 😀
      That. Is. Amazing. You and your friend both get a high five from me and a thumbs up from my BB-8 plush ;D
      LOL! Yeah… XD
      She is so awesome. *dies*

  • *Fangirls* No. *cries* RAYYYY! BBBBBB-88888!

  • No, as in we don’t have the movie. YET.

  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!! AAHH! I’m so happy it’s out! I WANT it!

  • AAAAAA I love everything you got! 😀
    But… correct me if I’m wrong… I thought that Star Wars Day was May 4th. You know – like, May the Fourth be with you? 😉


    • Thanks!! So do I! 😀
      LOL! Yeah, you’re right! I was just calling it Star Wars Day because new Star Wars stuff came out and it was an amazing day because TFA was on DVD. So it wasn’t really Star Wars Day, but I was just calling it that. XD

  • -hugs you- SCREAMMMM
    -sends telepathic message to relatives-

    I actually have to wait ’till tomorrow… -DIES-

  • aww, the tsum tsum’s are soo cute. you have inspired me and now i have got some lol!!!!
    they are soooo adorable. Congrats on your awesome finds!! How did the movie go?

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