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Hi guys!! I’M SO EXCITED FOR TFA I CAN’T EVEN STAND IT!!! I think I’m gonna have anxiety in the morning because I’m so excited XD

Anyway, it’s time for another short story! Are you excited? *assuming you said, yes* I am, too! 😀

I’m using all three of these prompts:




(I want this costume….)

Also, before I begin, may I just say…. GO TEAM DRAGONS!!! I’m SO proud of you guys!! We are actually winning right now! Use as many prompts as possible and post on time, and we can probably win this! 😀


Darkness. That’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve never been outside when the sun was up; not for anything. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve never wished to be outside during the day. So many times I have looked out the window from my lake house, just staring at the sun. Longing more than anything to be able to really enjoy it. The moon feels cold and silent, so what must the sun feel like? I may never know, for according to our benevolent king, the streets aren’t safe after dawn. But why is that? So many times when I should have been asleep, I would look out on the horizon. I saw no danger, only beauty. A beauty that I couldn’t possibly describe in my own words, but it looked so happy and inviting compared to the dark of the night. My life was dark, cold, and silent. Surely there must be more to life than that….

“Veronica!” My friend, Logan whispered harshly as he nudged my arm with his elbow. I removed my gaze from the stars and as I noticed the General coming toward us I stood straight and tall.

“Miss Mills, please put on your mask and pull your hood over your head.” General Harding commanded with a stern brow. I looked down and realized my mask was still in my hands and sighed so softly that not one person could have heard it, but myself. I slipped it on and pulled my black hood over. Now all that could be seen were my bright blue eyes.

“I have told you time and time again to have all your armor and coverings on before you show up here, now isn’t that true?” General Harding asked impatiently.

“Yes, Sir. It won’t happen again.” I assured him. General Harding sighed exasperatedly and shook his head.

“Veronica, you have promised me that too many times to count. I will give you one more chance, but the next time you disobey one of my orders, you’re off the force.” He threatened and walked back to the front of the line of soldiers. I gulped. My feelings were so mixed up. A part of me was excited when he made that threat, but another part of me panicked. If I was off the force, I’d be shunned. No one would ever be able to speak to me again. Logan must have been reading my thoughts because he said,

“Veronica, don’t worry. Just try hard to obey the rules and nothing bad will happen.” He said comfortingly.

“That’s just it, Logan. I don’t know if I want to be on the force any longer. I mean, standing guard all night long just in case something or someone bad comes our way seems so pointless to me. We pace back and forth waiting for something to happen and yet we’re also hoping nothing does. We’re just hiding in the dark. What kind of a life is that?” I asked Logan, uncertainly.

“Wait, what are you saying? Are you saying you want to be shunned all your life?” Logan questioned, shocked

“I’m saying that I want to see the light. I want to stand beneath the sun instead of under the stars. I want to find out what is so bad about the day.” I said, longingly. Logan stared at me blankly.

“Veronica, that is – absolutely insane! What’s wrong with you? Do you even realize what you just said?” Logan burst in a sharp whisper.

“I know, but Logan, I can’t shake this feeling. I’ve tried for years to make it disappear, ever since I was a child, but I feel like instead of it diminishing it’s just been growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. Now, I’m going to leave tonight, once the General returns to the palace. I’m gonna go to the hilltop that looks over Bailey’s Farm. I’ll return in the morning.” I explained my whole plan to him and he just stared at me, his eyes full of doubt and fear.

“Well, then take this with you, just in case. You never know what you might find way out there when the sun comes up.” He warned and handed me his silver sword. I had forgotten mine at home and was relieved that General Harding hadn’t noticed. I nodded my thanks to him and looked past him as I watched General Harding walking away.

“It’s time. Farewell, Logan.” I said bravely and turned away, but Logan called out, “Veronica!” And I turned halfway around to face him and placed my gloved hand on the hilt of his sword.

“Good luck. I hope the sunlight is all that you’ve always hoped it would be.” He bid with a smile and I smiled back. “Thanks, Logan.” I said gratefully and walked away. Now it was time to find out what the sun was like; and what was so dangerous about the day.


I woke up feeling warmer than normal. I opened my eyes and saw light. Quickly remembering how I had left to see the sun, I raised to my feet and looked up. It was so warm, so bright. It cast such a gorgeous golden glow across the countryside that it made feel all happy and tingly inside. I couldn’t help but smile at the view. I was so calm and relaxed. I believe the sun made me feel like a new person.

After a while longer of soaking it all in, I knew I had to return home. At least I’ll be walking in the light.

On the way home, I saw no sign of any danger. No ferocious beasts, no evil men, there was nothing that could do any harm to me besides a few fire ants, which are easily squashed.
As I approached my home, the moon was already in the sky, but until the sun was completely out of sight, I would have to remain indoors. I had just a few minutes to rest before I had to return to guard duty.
I sprawled across my bed and let out a big yawn. Then I smiled as I said to myself, “This was the greatest day of my life.”


I really liked writing this story and I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments below! :)


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