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Why, heeeelllooooo! Today I present to you – The World’s Hero! Honestly, a tear trickled down my cheek and I got teary like twice as I read and wrote this. I hope you enjoy! 😀

(Loren, I used 10 prompts! And Misty, I included the word “silent” and a swan :) )

My two younger sisters and I waited on the stairs for our parents and older siblings to come out from the meeting. We weren’t allowed to go inside and hear what was going on.
“It’s grownup talk,” Papa had said, “We’ll be discussing things your little ears don’t need to hear.”
So we waited, though we did so rather impatiently.
“How long has it been now?” Alisha, the youngest of us, moaned.
“About two minutes longer since you last asked me.” I replied, getting a little annoyed by how much she had asked me that same question.
“What do you suppose they’re talking about?” Britta inquired, her voice barely audible. I knew she was scared, I could see it in her big eyes. I looked at her with sympathy and said,
“I don’t know. But I’m sure everything will be fine.” I assured her, though I wasn’t sure if that was true. I was almost as scared as she was. Two months ago, things began to change. Paul, my older brother who was eighteen years old, had been leaving early each morning with a weapon and returning late each night. Myra, our older sister who was sixteen years of age, started to say in her prayers,
“And, Lord, please keep us safe.”
Mother was being curiously frugal with the money and was making sure that we had plenty of food stored up in the cellar. Father was working over time at the shipping yards and had been attending more and more meetings.
I didn’t know what was going on exactly, but I knew something definitely wasn’t right.
A group of people suddenly emerged from the closed room, their faces were solemn and full of worry, especially those of my family.
“Girls, we need to tell you something.” Papa said gravely and Britta, who was always emotional, instantly began to cry. Mama placed her hand on Britta’s knee and shushed her, though Mama’s eyes were full of tears as well.
“We have to send you away.” Papa announced, getting straight to the point, as he always did.
“What? Why?” I burst, my eyes welling up with tears.
“The world’s not safe anymore, Julie. We have to give you your best chance.” Mama explained.
“We’ll see you all again, won’t we?” Alisha inquired with a glimmer of hope.

“No, my darling. No one ever comes back if they cross over the border, what lies beyond is unknown. We have to say goodbye now.” Mama choked.
“Please, Papa, don’t send us away!” Britta cried.
“We have no choice, sweetheart. We have no choice.” Papa stated, as tears trickled down his cheeks. Mama and Papa wrapped their arms around the three of us as we all sobbed. When I looked up, I saw that even Paul and Myra were crying. I knew then that they truly did love us little ones, no matter how mean or bossy they acted. And I would miss them desperately.

“Keep going, Britta! Alisha, keep up!” I shouted as my sisters and I dashed through the village, trying to escape the monsters that were chasing us.

They were white, almost invisible, but everyone knew that they looked a lot like lizards. Giant lizards that walked on two legs and snatched up their prey with their long talons.
Faster, faster. I kept repeating that over and over to myself. I could barely see them, and they were close. Too close.
“Julie, help!” Alisha cried from behind me. I whipped around and held my lantern out so I could spot her.
“Alisha!” I shouted and flew to her side and helped her up, just in time before the monsters got hold of her.
We met up with Britta in our safe haven, where those who used to live in the village chose to live after the monsters had destroyed every last building.
“Julie, there you are!”
I spun around and saw Erica, a friend of mine, rushing toward me.
“What’s the matter?” I inquired once she reached my side.
“You have to come quickly. They’re holding a meeting at the swan’s lake.” Erica explained. My heart skipped a beat. That was never a good thing.

“We must find a way to stop them before they destroy all of us and the world, too!” Our leader, Mr. Perkins declared. His eyes lit up as he saw me arrive and he motioned for me to join him.
“I’m sure most of you know Julie already. She’s an excellent survivor and I wanted her to be with us during this meeting so I could ask her a very important question.” Mr Perkins explained, then turned to me and asked, “What do you know about these monsters?”
I froze, completely speechless. Why was he asking me to do this? He knew I wasn’t a good speaker.

“Um… Well, they’re cunning, they’re brave, and brutal. They’re relentless and….They’re hunting us.” I declared and the crowd went silent, as though they were waiting for me to say more, so I went on, “I don’t know why they’re hunting us, or even where they came from. What I do know, is that if we don’t find a safer place to live, the human race will be wiped out and all that will remain is a broken world.”
“What do you propose we do? There is no where else to go!” A man with a long beard shouted.
“What about all the children? We have to find a way to save them at least! We have to give them their best chance!” A tall, redheaded woman stated. My heart leaped in my chest and my mind traveled back in time….

“The world’s not safe anymore, Julie. We have to give you your best chance.” Mama explained.
“We’ll see you all again, won’t we?” Alisha inquired with a glimmer of hope.
“No, my darling. No one ever comes back if they cross over the border, what lies beyond is unknown. We have to say goodbye now.” Mama choked.

What lies beyond… It couldn’t be….Could it?
“Mr. Perkins, I just had a thought!” I exclaimed, making poor, old, Mr. Perkins jump up.
“Goodness sake’s, what is it, child?” He inquired.

“The mirrors. The Legend, what if it’s true? What if there are Ferrymen that guard mirrors? And what if those mirrors do lead to different worlds?” I suggested and I could tell that Mr. Perkins was in deep thought.
“I don’t know, my dear. I think all they are, are legends.” He said thoughtfully.
“My mama once said to my sisters and I, No one ever comes back if they cross over the border, what lies beyond is unknown. What if the worlds where the mirrors lead are what’s beyond?” I exclaimed, my head spinning with thoughts and excitement.
“And what if they’re not?” Mr. Perkins wondered, doubtfully.
“It’s sure worth finding out, Sir.” I determined.
“Very well. Get together a scouting party and go hunting for one of those mirrors. I leave this in your capable hands.” Mr. Perkins agreed and I wrapped my arms around him in a grateful hug. Now all I could do was hope that we could find a mirror.

I ducked underneath a low hanging branch and meandered through the forest. I caught sight of the sign my sisters and I had placed on an old oak tree several years ago. It said; Here be faeries. Oh, how we loved to believe faeries were real! If only they really were…
“Well, perhaps they are, Julie!”
“Who said that?” I inquired as I looked around, knowing that no one was around.

“Down here!” The voice called out. I looked down at the mossy ground and saw a tiny girl with blonde hair and glowing blue eyes staring up at me.
“Wh-wha-who- who are you?” I stammered, not really knowing what to say.
“I’m a faerie, you should know! But I’m sure you didn’t know that this forest truly is where faeries live.” The little faerie explained.
“You mean, faeries are real?” I asked, full of awe and wonder.
“Oh, yes! But enough of this, I’m here to help you find what you’re looking for.” The faerie said, quickly changing the subject.
“How do you know what I’m looking for?” I inquired.
“I’m small and quick as a firefly, I can sneak around and pick up on things. What you seek is real, Julie. I’ll take you to it. Follow me!” She commanded and flew off, but I ran after her, trying to keep up. She was definitely fast!
She lead me to a deep, dark part of the forest, but I could see myself running forward. This doesn’t make any sense…Wait…. It’s my reflection!
“Here we are! This is the Grand Mirror – the biggest mirror in the entire world! It circles the entire forest. All you have to do is walk through, and it will take you somewhere safe.” The Faerie explained.
“What about the Ferrymen? Are they real, too?” I inquired.
“They are, but I’ve already spoken with them. After much deliberation, they’ve finally agreed to let you all through!” She exclaimed and I nearly screamed for joy.
“Oh, thank you ever so much! I don’t know how to repay you.” I said out of utmost gratitude.
“You don’t have to repay me. Just get everyone here so you can go through and be safe.” She instructed and flew away before I could say another word.

“Mr. Perkins! Mr. Perkins! Mr. Perkins!” I shouted over and over until I spotted him sitting on a log bench, reading a book.
“Good heavens, child! What is it? Please tell me it’s not another ambush!” Mr. Perkins fretted.
“No, no, Mr. Perkins! I found it! I found a mirror and the Ferrymen agreed to let us all through!” I explained and stopped to catch my breath. Mr. Perkins looked into my eyes and I saw the tears entering his.

“My dear, girl. You’ve done it. The world needed a hero, and that’s exactly what you became. I’m so proud of you. And I know that, if they were here, your parents would be, too.” Mr. Perkins affirmed. A smile spread across my face and tears trickled down my cheeks.
“Thank you, Mr. Perkins.” I said gratefully and he gave my hand a squeeze then went to announce the good news to everyone.
Word had reached my ears several years ago that my parents had passed, but even though I didn’t have them with me, I could feel them smiling down at me. Mr. Perkins was right, they were proud of me. And knowing that made my heart soar.


*Sigh* It’s about time I had a story end with a happy ending XD

Go Dragons and Swans!!! 😀


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