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Hi everyone! So, I saw Anonymous A and Loren do this Character Studies thing, so I looked into it and I thought it would be a really good thing for me to do! 


Character Studies is done by Morgan and you seriously need to check out her blog – it’s awesome! So basically what you do, is you copy and paste the questions from her blog and then have your character answer them. I decided to start with the first Character Study from March and have my MC in the book I’m writing answer the questions. I hope you enjoy! :)

1 – What’s your name?  Do you have a nickname?  Is there any meaning behind your name or nickname?

My name is Connor. There’s no meaning behind it and I don’t have a nickname. Not everyone does, you know?

2 – How old do you look?  Is that your real age?  How old are you, actually?

I don’t know – 19 I guess? I’m actually, twenty, though.

3 – What’s your gender?

I’m a guy. Isn’t that obvious?

4 – What’s your eye color?  How easy is it to tell your eye color from a distance?

I have green eyes and yeah, you can see them pretty well from the distance. They’re surprisingly bright.

5 – What’s your ethnicity?  Does anybody ever get it wrong?

Ethnicity? I’m a Shanite. No one can get it wrong because we are all Shanites living in Shano.

6 – What’s your build?  How tall are you?  Are you strong?

*squints eyes* You just had to ask that, didn’t you? No, I’m not tall, I’m short. Yes, I’m pretty strong, so watch what you say!

7 – What’s your foremost physical trait—The first thing someone will notice about your appearance?

…..My red hair….

8 – What’s your favorite outfit, or what do you wear the most? Why is that your favorite?

Favorite outfit? I don’t care about that stuff, I just throw on whatever is in my reach.

9 – How do you usually introduce yourself to new people?

I don’t normally introduce myself to anyone. The first words I usually say to someone would be something like – “Would you stop talking already?”

BONUS: What would you do if you were a pirate?

I’d search for buried treasure, duh! And probably take down any ship that threatened me.


Yeah, he’s um… yeah…. He’s fun to write LOL! XD

I hope you liked reading this! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these – Connor gets a bit crazier in the next ones 😉


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