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Hi everyone! I was so glad you all enjoyed reading my Character Study, so I’m here with part 2 of Introductions! 😀


In case you missed it, Character Studies is done by Morgan and you seriously need to check out her blog – it’s awesome! So basically what you do, is you copy and paste the questions from her blog and then have your character answer them. My main character, Connor, in the book I’m writing will be answering the questions below :)

1 – How do you usually enter a room?  (Dramatic entrance, Walk in behind somebody so you aren’t noticed, etc.)

I just stomp in because I usually don’t want to be there.

2 – How would you describe yourself in one word?


3 – Three words?

Angry, frustrated, rude.

4 – What kind of first-impression do you usually make?  Do you think it’s a good first-impression?

There’s never a good first impression when I’m involved. Everyone hates me. I’m known as the “Town Grump”, people!

5 – What kind of first-impression do you want to make?

……I don’t know. Doesn’t matter.

6 – How would your best friend describe you?

Best friend? Sorry, I don’t have one of those.

7 – How would your enemy (or least favorite person) describe you?

I have two worst enemies and both of them would say that I’m a hot head, have temper problems, and probably that I’m mean, evil, and hopeless.

8 – Do you agree with either (or both) of those descriptions?  Why?

Yep, but they don’t need to know that.

9 – How do you usually exit a room?

Same way I enter usually, I stomp out. Unless someone made me mad, then I storm out and slam the door behind me.

BONUS: If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be?

A flower? Who wants to be a flower? And what kind of a question is that? I don’t know anything about flowers. Are there poisonous flowers or ones with spikes or thorns? If so, probably one of those.


I know, he’s terrible, but surprisingly fun to write! XD

I’m so excited to post the next ones! 😀

Do you have any characters that are as temperamental as Connor? 


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