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I was going through my drafts today and thought I should post another Character Study! These are so fun :)

image (1)

Character Studies is done by Morgan. So basically what you do, is you copy and paste the questions from her blog and then have your character answer them. My main character, Connor, in the book I’m writing will be answering the questions below :)

1 – The world ended (literally or figuratively, your choice).  It was your fault.  If it had been an accident, what happened?  If it had been intentional, what happened, and why did you do it?

If it was an accident – I probably punched the hero out of anger unintentionally just as they were about to save the world from destruction, causing them to fail. If it was intentional…. Well….. I’d probably be getting my revenge.

2 – What is something that would ruin a friendship for you?  Something completely and utterly inexcusable, even if your closest friend did it.

Like I’ve said before – lying and tricking me. Also picking on my height.

3 – Somebody wants you to do something you don’t like.  What’s the best way for them to get you to do it?  (Bribe, blackmail, etc.)

By telling me how I’m the only one who can do this, that I need to be a hero if I want a chance at losing my anger.

4 – Somebody is getting on your nerves and you really want them to go away but they don’t seem to get the hint.  What do you do?

If they don’t stop whatever it is they’re doing that’s irritating me by seeing my signs of suffering, I flat out tell them to stop before I punch them in the face.

5 – What is, in your opinion, the worst thing you’ve ever done? What would you have done differently?

Left a certain someone to die. I don’t think I would have done anything differently.

6 – Somebody you used to trust betrayed you in a big way, and then begs for you to forgive them. Do you and why or why not?  If not, is there something they could do to get you to change your mind?

No, I wouldn’t forgive them and I don’t think there would be anything they could do to change my mind…. (he actually just lied, and no, I will not tell you what it is.)

7 – What’s your opinion on lying?  In what situations would you lie? When do you feel it’s important to tell the truth, No matter how painful it might be?

Lying is fine for me to do and I lie about my personal feelings and tell the truth about others. I hate it when people lie to me, though.

8 – You’re confident that you can do something great. What could someone do/say to destroy that confidence? Would you let them know their comment hurt you?

They would probably say something like – I’m not capable of doing something like that because I have such a bad temper and I’m never going to change. No, I’d never show my true feelings to them, but I’d definitely yell at them, telling them they’re wrong.

9 – What’s your opinion on loyalty?

I don’t know. I don’t have much experience with that.

BONUS: Do you like the rain?

Yes, but only if it’s storming.


I’m realizing how much I miss Connor right now… And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to edit my book! XD

Do you enjoy these studies? Why or why not? :)


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