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Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but as what happens to many bloggers – I’m having some blogger block lately 😉



Because today I have something of interest to share with you! *conscience whispers to me* Oh. Right. The title already told them what it is….

Okay, well, yes! I do have a book blurb to share with ya’ll! In case some of you might not know what a book blurb is, it’s the description that would go on the back of the book 😉

Alright, enough rambling. Here is the blurb for my book – True Colors:

In Shano, the people are quite different from you and me… Or rather, their hair is. In this small town, everyone has multiple colors in their hair that represent a different part of their personalities. It’s understandable then that the people of Shano are outraged when head of the town council, Zachariah, appoints Connor – a redheaded, hot tempered, grump – to lead a foursome of young adults; courageous Astrid, optimistic Alina, and clumsy Sawyer to seek out and destroy the prophesied Dark Warrior. How could Zachariah choose someone as hot headed as Connor to lead this group on such a dangerous mission?

As the four depart on their journey into The Wild, they all must do their part to help Connor stay on the right path, but with some bumps along the road, things don’t go quite as they had expected. With Connor’s hair blackening more and more each day, they begin to lose hope of ever succeeding. Astrid, however, is determined to help Connor overcome his evil in any way she can – at least until she learns some distressing news that would jeopardize their whole mission.

Will they be able to work together to find and destroy The Dark Warrior? Or will petty arguments and disagreements get in the way of their mission?


So, I’m not sure if that’s all staying, but for now, that’s what I have :)

True Colors is still being written (still on the first draft. I’m a slow writer 😉 ), but my goal is for it to be published – one day. And yes, I’ll definitely tell you all when that happens :)

Oh, and in case you’re all wondering, yes, that is the Connor you’ve been learning about in the Character Studies 😉

Well, I need to get ready for my soon to be sister in-law’s bridal shower, so I’ll talk with you all soon! Make sure to tell me your thoughts on my book! :)

Bye- bye! 😀

P.S. Emma will be posting a blurb on her blog soon, too, so be sure to look out for that! 😉

Today, I am ignoring the temptation to lie on the couch, read blogs, or just wander around helplessly. Today, I am listening to Master Yoda’s wise words; Do or do not, there is no try.

Today, I have decided not to try to write, but to actually write. But in order to get myself more in the mindset, I need my writerly effects.

1. Attire. I need to be comfortable and cool during these hot days, so I chose to wear my tank top that says “Wandering.” To me, it can represent many things, but today it represents my wandering into/inside my book.

2. Accessories. In the previous picture, you can see I was wearing a OUAT Storybook necklace. How can wearing a book around your neck not make you wanna write? Also, I snapped on my “Authoress” and “Storybrooke” bracelets. I wear my “authoress” one every time I write. The Storybrooke seemed fitting to my mood today, so I chose that one, as well.

3. I need something yummy. I was craving some S’mores Oreos, so I grabbed a couple to tide me over until lunch. Also, I always make it a point to have a water bottle with me, but I was craving something more refreshing, so I chose my Strawberry Lemonade Sparkling Ice drink :)

Now, all I need to do is resist the temptation to go online and actually start typing, and I will be set for a writing day! XD

What are your “writerly effects?” 



YAY! It’s time for the next part of TMCOC!!! 😀


Erebelle cried in her bed that night. She was hurt that Damarias was sentenced to die. She was hurt by what her mother did, and she was hurt by the prince’s cruelty to innocent animals. Suddenly she had an idea.
“I’m going to take him out of there and send him far away.” She said to herself and hopped out of her bed to quickly change. She was going to take him back that night.
Erebelle pulled the hood of her cape over her face as she neared the castle. She crouched behind a bush that was just outside the castle gates. She had to think of a diversion to get the guards out of the way, just for a moment, so she could enter without anyone knowing it. She searched the ground for a stone and picked one up.
“Oh, I hope I aim this right.” Erebelle said under her breath and threw the stone as hard as she could. It landed with a loud clank on the bars of the gate.
“What was that?” One of the guards asked, raising his sword.
“Someone must be out there, let’s take a look.” The other guard said and they both set off in separate directions.
Erebelle quickly went to the gate and climbed over it, which was not very easy to do in a dress. When she jumped down from the gate and hurriedly got out of sight, she sighed in relief.
“Now all that’s left to do, is find Damarias and somehow sneak him out of here.” She thought, beginning to doubt if she would be able to succeed.
“Well, I’ve come this far, so I have to keep going.” She decided and crept through the palace courtyard. She came to the stables, wondering if Damarias would be kept there.
“Damarias!” Erebelle whispered. “Are you here?” She asked hopefully. Then suddenly she heard a little growl. Only it wasn’t coming from one of the stalls, it was coming from the direction of a locked wooden door. Erebelle busted the lock and opened the door, where she found a spiraling staircase that went down forever. Erebelle hesitantly began stepping down the stairs, hoping that she would find Damarias at the bottom.
When Erebelle neared the last few steps, she whispered, “Damarias, are you in here?”, and a low, gentle moan answered her voice. Erebelle’s heart stopped for a moment and she ran down the last few steps. There lying in chains, was sweet Damarias. Erebelle threw herself on top of him and gave him the biggest hug.
“Oh, my sweet little guy! How could they do this to you?” She cried and Damarias blew on her face, just as he always did when he was happy to see her. Erebelle laughed and rubbed her tears away.
“Alright, buddy, we have to get you out of here.” She said as she tried to slip off the chains, but they wouldn’t budge.
“Damarias, would you by any chance know where the key is to unlock the chains?” She asked hopefully and Damarias shook his head to the left. Erebelle gasped in surprise. She had not noticed the sleeping guard in the room. She then noticed the keys on a loop in his hand. Erebelle studied the loop, and then looked at Damarias’ tail.
“Hey, I need you to do something for me, Damarias – well, for yourself, too. I need you to very carefully slip your tail through the key loop and hand it to me, okay?” Erebelle explained her plan and Damarias nodded his head. He stretched his tail out as far as he could and cautiously slipped it through the loop, but paused when the guard moved. Erebelle sighed in relief and motioned for him to continue. When Damarias had the keys he lifted his tail to Erebelle.
“That’s my good furry boy!” She said and stroked his head. Erebelle unlocked the chains and quietly placed them on the floor.
“Now, let’s get out of here!” She said with determination and Damarias snorted in agreement. Erebelle slowly and quietly lead Damarias past the snoring guard. There was a large door that was just big enough for Damarias to fit through and it lead right into the woods. Erebelle was outside the door, waiting for Damarias, but while he was walking, his tail whacked the guard and he fell to the ground. Damarias turned around to look at the man who was staring angrily at him and Erebelle.
“YOU! Get back in here!” The guard shouted, but Erebelle yelled,
“NO! He belongs to me and I am here to retrieve him! Damarias, RUN!”
With that Damarias darted out of the room and into the woods. Erebelle had swung herself on top of him, so they were now running for their lives through the dark woods. Royal officers were chasing after them on horseback, and they were nearly on their tail, but Damarias made a quick turn that only he could fit through and lost them.
“Damarias, I don’t think it’s safe for us to go home now. We’d be better off hiding out here in the woods.” Erebelle said sadly. Damarias flapped his ears to try and cheer her up.
“Well, at least I have you back.” She said and kissed the top of his soft head.


Hurray, he’s back!! What will happen in Part 6? Stay tuned! 😉


Hey guys! Ready to read the next part of TMCOC (I abbreviated it because it’s a long title 😉 )? This part is sad and where things start to pick up! I hope you like it! :)


Erebelle entered through the kitchen and set her basket full of berries on the counter.
“Goodness, Erebelle, what’s all the rush about?” Erebelle’s mother questioned.
“Oh, I’m just so excited to be home, that’s all. Well, I’m gonna go speak with the animals. I’ll be in soon, Mother!” Erebelle called over her shoulder, as she was already running out the back door.
Erebelle ran down the stone steps, smiling all the way, but as the shed came into view, her smile faded. The door to the shed was wide open. Erebelle scurried into the shed.
“Damarias! Damarias!” She called as she looked around for her friend. Erebelle looked at the ground and noticed Damarias’ paw prints, and she saw that they were following hoof prints.
“No…” She breathed and hurried back into the house.
“Mother! Did anyone come to visit today?” Erebelle asked breathlessly.
“Oh, I take that you went to your father’s work shed. Yes, some of the prince’s men came by looking for a mysterious creature. I’ve known about that creature for a while now, so I sold him to them. Thank goodness they came when they did or we would have no money to keep the house.” Her mother said quickly. Erebelle tried to fight the tears.
“How could you? I’ve taken care of him for months! I’m like a mother to him! He understands me like no other animal does! First I lose Papa, and now I lose my dearest friend.” Erebelle felt tears going down her cheeks. Her mother wouldn’t make eye contact with her because she was too ashamed with what she had done.
Erebelle ran out of the house and hurried to the palace. She walked up to the entrance, but was stopped by a royal guard.
“Please, you must let me in! I have to speak with the prince! It’s a matter of urgency!” Erebelle cried.
The guard replied, “Sorry, miss, but not just anyone is aloud inside, unless their presence is requested by the king.”
Erebelle sighed. “Please, sir, I have to speak with him!” She begged, but the guard sent her away. Erebelle walked a  few steps away and then fell to the ground. The prince happened to be walking by and stopped in front of her.
“Erebelle, is everything alright?” He asked. Erebelle looked up at the prince with tears pouring out of her eyes.
“Sire, my dearest friend has been sentenced to death – by you.” She said slowly. Neal raised an eyebrow. “You must be confused. No one here is sentenced to be killed.” He assured her.
“Not all friends are humans, Sire. Sometimes the very best of friends are animals.” Erebelle stated.
“Do you speak of that creature?” He asked with disgust.
“That creature is the last of his kind!” Erebelle said, raising her voice.
“It’s a vicious monster.” Neal stated.
“No! I have taken the time to get to know him! He’s a kind and gentle creature! But you wouldn’t know that. All the time you’ve spent with him is chasing him down to kill him!” Erebelle shouted, and the guards and Alfred joined the prince’s side.
“What would you ask of me?” Neal inquired.
“Let him go. Spare his life and let him be free!” Erebelle said.
“I’m sorry, miss, but that creature, although he is good to you, could be a threat to the rest of the kingdom, just as his parents were. I will not let him go. Leave now or the guards will take you away.” Neal commanded, and Erebelle, very hesitantly left.
Neal walked out to where Damarias was being kept and looked into his eyes.
“Am I doing the right thing, Alfred?” Neal asked unknowingly.
“I think any decision of yours is right, Sire, but yes, this creature needs to die. It’s parents were mad.” Alfred replied.
“But does that make him that way as well? Do you think perhaps I ought to let him go?” Neal wondered. Alfred answered sincerely, “No, Highness. You’re doing the right thing.”


OOOOH!!!! XD Poor, poor, Erebelle and Damarias… 😉

The next part will be up in a week! 😀


I decided to get the next part up a day early, since that would have been going quite a few days without a new post. 😉


“NEAL!!” The king yelled at the top of his lungs from the palace steps. Neal was just walking up.
“Yes, Father?” He asked with a huff. Whenever Neal was out hunting, his father would get furious.
“Have you been hunting again?!” The king shouted.
“Yes, I have.” Neal replied with a sigh.
“You know I don’t want you hunting anymore! You should be in the palace learning how to be a proper ruler. You don’t rule your kingdom by killing animals!” The king yelled furiously.
“Father, you have a good many years ahead of you, and as do I. It’s not time for me to be king yet, so I will continue to hunt.” Neal said decidedly. The king clenched his jaw and lowered his eyebrows.
“Neal, I am your father and your king, and you will do as I say! No more hunting, Neal!” The king said firmly. Neal sighed.
“Father don’t do this. I am so close to finally getting the rare beast I have been after all these months!” Neal said, trying to change his father’s mind.
“Neal, I didn’t want to do this, but you leave me no choice. I forbid you from hunting! I forbid you from even going outside the castle grounds! You will spend the rest of the year learning how to be a good king, and at the end of the year, you will choose someone to be your queen, at which time, I will retire from ruling.” The king commanded.
Neal’s face was completely serious. He had never imagined this would happen to him, and this time he couldn’t do anything but agree.
With a bow of his head, he said, “Yes, father.” And slowly headed back down the palace steps.
“Where do you think you’re going?” The king inquired in a loud voice.
“Just going for a walk in our secluded palace grounds.” Neal replied and walked away.
When he was out of sight, he climbed the palace wall and entered the forest where most of the commoners went to pick berries. As he walked along, he suddenly caught sight of the young girl he had met in the butcher’s shop that day.
“Well, we meet again.” He said to Erebelle, who, rather startled, spun around quickly at the sound of his voice.
“Oh, good afternoon, Your Highness.” Erebelle said with a curtsy.
“Picking berries, Miss Erebelle?” He inquired.
“Yes, I come here most every day. If it isn’t for berry picking, it’s simply to take a walk.” Erebelle stated. She hadn’t had much practice speaking to royalty, so she was a little nervous.
“I come here a lot, too. But unfortunately, today I had to climb the palace wall to get out here.” Neal said with annoyance.
“May I ask why, Sire?” Erebelle asked politely.
“My father has just forbidden me from hunting and from even stepping a foot out of the palace grounds. Although I shouldn’t have told you this. Please promise me you will not tell a soul.” Neal begged of Erebelle, who was smiling broadly.
“Oh, forgive me, Sire, I am not smiling at your troubles. But yes, I promise I will not tell anyone.” Erebelle had to bite her lip to keep from smiling. She was so excited that he wouldn’t be hunting anymore, because perhaps now, Damarias could come out of hiding and live freely.
“Thank you, Miss.” Neal said gratefully.
Erebelle fixed her shawl and said, “I’m sorry I have to rush off like this, but I really must be going now. Good day, Your Highness.” Erebelle curtsied and darted off towards home.


I know the first three parts are kind of slow, but the next part, well…. Hehehehe….. 😀

Are you enjoying this story so far?


Yep, I knew I’d be too excited to post the next part. XD Plus, I’m just in a posting mood ;D

Enjoy the second installment of The Mysterious Creature of Charzul!


Erebelle sprinted through the door of her cottage while humming her favorite song.
“Erebelle, dear, is that you?” A gentle voice called from upstairs.
“Yes, mother! I’m going back out to check on the animals. I’ll be right in!” Erebelle called back, and went outside.
She walked past the well and across the little bridge that went across their moat. She walked down some stone steps and came to her father’s old work shed. She spun her head around to see if anyone was looking, then unlocked the shed and stepped in.
“Hey, Damarias. I got some beef for you. I got all the beef they had actually.” Erebelle whispered as she walked over to her strange creature. She knelt beside Damarias and stroked his fur.
“I know you don’t like being cooped up in here, but the prince and his men are after you. I promised I would keep you safe, so I think you should stay in here from now on, okay?”
Damarias moaned as he chewed his beef and looked at Erebelle with sad eyes.
“I know, I know, but trust me. This is best. I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”
Although Damarias was an animal, and he couldn’t talk, Erebelle knew that he understood every word she said, and they communicated in their own way.
“Well, I better get back inside before mother comes looking for me. Be a good boy!” Erebelle said as she kissed his fluffy forehead and scratched his jaw, then she got up and went back into the house.
“What took you so long, dear?” Her mother asked as she entered the kitchen.
“Oh, you know me, Mother. I just love talking with the animals.” Erebelle replied as she tied on her apron.
“Yes, I know, but I meant, what took you so long in town?” Her mother corrected herself. Erebelle paused as she tried to think of the words.
“Oh, I just, um-” Erebelle began, but was interrupted by her mother,
“Oh, please tell me you didn’t go for a walk in the woods again! I worry for you so when the prince is hunting in the area you are by.”
Erebelle bit her lip. “Sorry, Mother. I just love the woods, you know?” Erebelle said with a guilty smile. She hated having to lie to her mother, but she couldn’t let her find out about Damarias. “No one must know about him.” Erebelle said to herself and began kneading some dough.


Things are going to start getting more exciting in the upcoming parts, so stay tuned! 😀


Hi there! Today, I’ve been reading some of my stories I’ve written and I came across 2 of them that I had always been undecided of making into a photostory on littlehouseofamericangirl. But I finally decided, that I would share them here with all of you – that way you are all still able to read them :)

This particular story I wrote almost a year ago. It’s one of my few stories about an animal. I hope you enjoy :)


18 year old Erebelle Morrison, was walking through the woods, just as she would do every day, but today was unlike any other day. As she crossed over a giant log, she heard a low growl come from inside of it. Erebelle gasped and when she jumped down from the log, she peeked inside. Staring back at her were two sad, green eyes. “Hello there. Don’t be scared, come on out.” Erebelle persuaded the creature. She was known, at least by her mother, for being able to communicate well with animals. The creature slowly poked it’s large head out of the log. Inch by inch it made it’s way out of the log, and Erebelle grew more and more amazed. She had never seen an animal quite like this one before. It crawled on all fours and had a hunched back with a long spiraled tail. It was furry and had a large mouth. “Well, whatever you are, you are definitely a baby. Where are your parents?” Erebelle asked the little creature and it wailed. “Oh. My papa is gone, so I can understand how you’re feeling.” Erebelle said sympathetically. The adorable little creature crawled over to her and nuzzled her arm. Erebelle giggled. “You know, you’re going to need a name. How about… Damarias! Yes, that’s perfect for you!” Erebelle decided and Damarias growled, almost as if he agreed that it was a good name. Erebelle smiled and stroked his long ears, but Damarias began to panic. “Damarias? What’s wrong?” Erebelle asked, and then she felt it too. The ground was shaking, and she knew it was the prince out on a hunt. Erebelle saw the fear behind Damarias’ eyes and she realized that the prince must have killed his parents, and that now they were after him. “Come on, Damarias, I’m bringing you home with me, where you’ll be safe.” She told him, and he let her scoop him up in her arms and carry him home. Erebelle brought him down to her father’s old work shed. Her mother never went in there anymore, so she knew he’d be safe in there. Erebelle grabbed a rope and spoke gently to Damarias. “I have to tie you up, okay? Do you trust me?” Erebelle asked and he lifted his head for her to tie the rope around him. Then Erebelle made a promise to him,”I won’t keep you in here forever. I’m going to protect you. And I’ll let you out once in a while, when it’s safe, so that you can run around and play. I promise.”

Six months later….

Hunting horns sounded as the prince of Charzul and his men galloped on their horses through the Plormont Woods. They had been hunting for this creature for months, but even with how close they got to killing it, they never did catch it. None of them knew what it was, only that they wanted it dead. They chased after it for miles, but once again, it vanished. The company came to a halt and the young prince jumped out of his leather saddle. With a sigh he asked, “Are we ever going to catch that beast, Alfred?” Alfred, the prince’s royal guard, dismounted his horse and joined his highness’ side. “You are the country’s greatest hunter, Sire. I know you’ll catch it.” Alfred replied as he straightened his cap atop his head of long black hair. The prince mounted his horse again and he and the company rode back to the palace, but this time, the prince wanted to cut through the village. He loved his people, and he enjoyed checking in on them from time to time, to see that everything was good in their lives. As they were riding past the butcher’s shop, the prince brought his horse to a halt. “Sounds like a bit of a ruckus in there. I am going to check it out.” The prince said and dismounted his horse. As he entered the butcher’s shop, he saw a young lady with long red hair arguing with the butcher himself. “Please, sir, just stop talking for two minutes and let me explain!” The lady said with annoyance. “No! You may not purchase all of my beef! I care about the people here, and I’d like them all to be able to buy beef! I do not care about the money!” The butcher yelled. “Excuse me, butcher, but what exactly is the problem here?” The prince interrupted. The red headed lady turned around and rolled her blue eyes, thinking the prince hadn’t noticed. “Oh, Prince Neal! Forgive me, I didn’t see you come in.” The butcher said, quite embarrassed and surprised to see the prince in his shop. Prince Neal raised his hand, “No, it’s alright. I heard a bit of a commotion in here, and I thought I’d come in and see what the trouble is.” The red headed girl curtsied and said, “Please excuse me for saying so, Your Highness, but really, I don’t need any help.” Prince Neal took a step closer to the two. “Why do you wish to purchase so much beef, Dear Lady?” He asked, his hand resting on his sword. “I, uh, have a large family.” She replied slowly. “No, now that is not true! She comes in here all the time! She is an only child living with her mother on a small farm just outside of town!” The butcher corrected. “Ah, I see.” Prince Neal said with a tilt of his head, then continued, “So you would take the risk of lying to your prince?” He asked with a smile. “Well, I – Ugh, I just need the beef. It can not be described, especially to you! You wouldn’t understand!” The girl said in frustration. “Oh, please explain, Miss…?” Prince Neal said. “Erebelle. And no, I can’t explain, Your Highness.” She said firmly. Neal put his hand over his mouth and chuckled, “Very well. You may keep your secrets, Miss Erebelle. Butcher, give her the beef. I will pay for it.” Erebelle’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Really, Your Highness, that won’t be necessary. I have enough to pay for it myself.” She assured him. “Please, allow me. Accept it as an apology gift for any frustration I may have caused you by trying to force you into telling me your secrets.” Prince Neal pleaded. Erebelle nodded her head in agreement. “Thank you, Sire.” She said with a curtsy and went on her way home.


That concludes the first part! I hope to post one part at least once a week, but I might get too excited and post twice a week… Who knows! XD



Hello there! I was trying to think of what to post on here today and I finally decided on a writing prompt! This is my first one I’ve created, but I hope you like it and that it inspires you :)

If you write something using this prompt, feel free to post it on your blog and link back to me, or even share it in the comments! I’d love to see what you come up with :)



“I’ve put this off for far too long.” YES!!! I am finally back to writing! Ahhh… It’s been months since I’ve really written and that is far too long to go. Although I have a few stories in progress right now, I’ve suddenly become inspired to write a brand new story. But what is really cool about this story, is that it will tie into one of my WIP – the WIP being the sequel 😀

I almost feel like this story has been handed to me. The idea for it came through a random and quite silly, “What if…” question I asked my mom last night. And after laughing about how silly and random it was, I thought, hey. What IF that really happened? Through that crazy “what if” I thought of something very interesting for a story and also figured out the message inside of it. Today, ideas and plans for this new story have been flowing onto the paper and I can’t wait to get everything figured out so I can start writing it! And possibly share a bit of the plot with you 😉

Well, I’m off to continue my writing! Wish me luck! 😀

Where do your story ideas come from?


I thought of such a plot twist and got so excited about this story and the sequel that I literally wanted to scream! I had an ice cream bar to celebrate XD Do you ever get so excited about your story that you feel like you’re about to burst?

Hi everyone! Today is the day I post another story for the CWWC! I’ll be using all three prompts below,




(I love this picture, I can’t even tell you)


Into The Teacup

I stared out the crystal clear window in my bedchamber and watched the people in the village scurrying about below. Now that both of my parents were gone, this entire kingdom was mine. It was mine to rule and to protect. But how can a thirteen year old girl rule an entire kingdom on her own?

“I am too young. The people don’t even want me as their queen. Oh, how I wish you were still here with me, Mother.” I whispered longingly to myself.

I turned away from the window with a sigh and headed down the spiraling staircase and out to the royal gardens. As I walked by the wisterias that were beginning to wilt, I knelt down and gently lifted up a petal. “You’re not feeling very well either, are you? You look sad and like you’re losing all of the strength you once had. Sounds kind of like my kingdom.” I muttered to the flower, feeling like I held all the weight of the world on my shoulders.
As I rose to continue my moping through the garden, I saw Herald, my dear friend who was like a father to me, standing not but three steps in front of me.

“Oh! Hello, Herald.” I greeted, sounding way happier than I actually felt.

“Princess, you know you can’t hide anything from me. You are worried about the kingdom.” Herald predicted.

“How did you know that?” I inquired as I shielded my eyes from the sun, so I could see his face more clearly.

Herald put his arm around my shoulders and led me to a bench in the shade. “I could tell by the look in your eyes. Well, that and I heard you talking to the wisteria.” He answered with a mischievous smile that made me giggle.

“Well, you’re right. You know, since Father died when I was just an infant, Mother had double the duties to do. And, even though we were very close, she was always too busy to teach me how to rule a kingdom. I know a great deal, but I don’t believe it’s enough. I know the people don’t want me as their queen, especially at a time like this, with the war beginning and all. They just don’t believe I can do it. And, well, I’m afraid they may be right.” I finished with a sigh and hung my head down.

Herald pulled me into a comforting hug and said, “Lift up your head, princess. If not, the crown falls.”

I slowly lifted my head to look into Herald’s eyes. He smiled at me, winked, and then walked away. I sat alone with a thoughtful look on my face. This wasn’t the first time he did that. His sentence was a clue, but to what? With my curiosity and excitement bubbling up inside of me, I jumped off the bench and ran after Herald.

“Herald! Wait a minute!” I called as I approached him, and he turned to face me, with a mysterious twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, princess?” He said casually once I was standing before him.

“I know you. I need more of a clue than that!” I pleaded, looking straight into his eyes.

Herald chuckled, then knelt down and whispered, “Go to Asante Forest tonight. When you’re feeling discouraged, remember what I told you. You will find help there.”

So late that night, once the servants were asleep, I tiptoed down the stairs and slipped out the back door, past a sleeping guard. “What a wonderful guard.” I thought sarcastically to myself.

I sprinted down the road until I came to the entrance of Asante Forest. It’s amazing how much more spooky it looked late at night. A part of me wanted to turn to back. “No. You have to do this, Scarlet. For the kingdom and for yourself.” I told myself bravely and headed deep into the dark forest.

The trees were unbelievably tall and I was almost certain that there was someone else in the forest with me. “No, it’s just your imagination. Or not…” 
It was getting terribly late and I hadn’t seen anything so far that could help me. “What am I even looking for?” I asked myself, feeling discouraged. And it was then that I remembered what Herald had told me, “Lift up your head, princess. If not, the crown falls.” I pondered that for a moment. “Lift up your head…” I repeated aloud. It couldn’t be, could it? Did I really just have to look up? Not knowing what else to do, I lifted my head and looked straight up. Nothing. I spun around and didn’t see anything but the moon. Wait a second, the moon? The moon should be way far away from here, shining it’s glow on the palace. The trees are too tall for me to be able to see it way out here. I spun back around to face the moon again. “Are there two moons?” I shouted in utter bewilderment. I took a step back and thought of Herald’s words again and gasped. “Lift up and crown falls! I have to look down now!” I exclaimed and slowly lowered my head. I squinted my eyes, trying to see through the shadows. “Wh – what is that?” I stammered and ran towards whatever it was. As I got closer, I knew exactly what it was. A giant teacup. This didn’t make any sense. Was I normal size, and this teacup was just ginormous, or was I mini and the teacup normal size?

“Okay, now I guess I should start climbing.” I decided and pulled myself onto the saucer and started walking around on it, looking for the handle. Ah, there it is. I cautiously stepped onto the inside of the handle and then flung my arms around the curve. I pulled myself up until I was hanging upside down inside the handle. I rolled over so I would be at the top now and crawled across. There was no way I was walking, because it would not end well if I fell.
I came to the rim of the teacup and tried to reach my arms over, but I was too short. I had to jump.
“Okay, Scarlet, you can do this.” I encouraged myself and leaped forward as high as I possibly could, smacking my hands onto the rim, barely holding myself up.
I hurriedly pulled myself over and landed with a thud on – grass?

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. There was a whole other world inside this teacup with pine trees, a town, and birds flying through the air. Why, it even had it’s own moon! The view was so astonishing and beautiful, it took my breath away.

Suddenly, I felt my feet starting to slip. I looked down and realized I had wandered to the edge of a cliff and just as I was about to step backward, the part I was standing on collapsed and I went falling down, screaming, hoping someone would somehow save me.

Then I heard a horse whinny and I landed on something hard that hurt my back. Whatever I was on, instantly dropped to the ground and I heard a painful neigh this time. I tumbled onto the ground and groaning, I stood up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a carousel horse and it was breathing and moving and blinking. The horse stared at me awkwardly, “What’s the matter?” The horse inquired and I gasped.

“Y-you talk?” I asked in astonishment.

“Of course, I can.” The horse replied as though I should have known that.

“I’m sorry, I’ve never seen a carousel horse that was, well, alive.” I explained apologetically.

“You’re not from around here then. Who are you?” She asked with her eyebrow raised.

“I’m Scarlet. I come from over the teacup.” I informed her.

“Over the teacup?” She repeated, clearly confused.

“Yes, you know, how your world is inside of a huge teacup? Well I come from over and beyond the teacup.” I explained, but she just stared at me blankly. Did she not know that she was living in a teacup? I watched her waiting for an answer, but instead she shook her head and began to get up, but stumbled with a painful groan.

I took a step forward and asked, “Are you hurt?” She didn’t say a word, for her eyes said it all. I went over to her and said, “Let me see. Maybe I can help you.” I offered and she slowly moved her back leg toward me. I clasped my hand over my mouth and gulped. “Don’t move.” I commanded and sat down beside her, pulling her gently onto my lap. I ran my fingers lightly over her leg and whispered, “Your leg is broken and it looks really bad. How did it happen?”

“It was a man. He wanted to take me far away and sell me to some dirty scums, but I fought him and then this happened.” She explained with sadness in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” Those were the only words I could find to say.

“It isn’t your doing. Anyway, you really should go before he finds you, or more importantly, before he discovers who you are.” She said with concern.

“What do you mean? I’m just a girl.” I told her plainly, but she sighed.

“I can sense things about people. I know you have royal blood inside you and believe me, you do not want him to find that out.” She warned.

“Why? What would happen?” I inquired, not understanding any of this.

She looked straight into my eyes and said gravely, “He has killed or imprisoned all the royals who have ever been here. No one knows why.”

Fear came over me and I wanted to return home more than anything, but I knew I couldn’t. Herald sent me here to find something to help my kingdom, and that’s what I was going to do.


Whew! That was a long one! Sorry about that, Loren! 😛

Uuuughhh! NOOO!! I want to continue this story now, too!! What on earth am I going to do? *cries* LOL!

Well, I hope you liked it! Talk to you all soon! 😀


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