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My Team Won 1st Place in AAWC!
My Team Won Second Place in CWWC!


Wow, it has been like a decade since I’ve posted (yes, I exaggerate LOL!)! I am so, SO sorry about not posting on here in such a long time! I guess it’s just kinda hard for me to run two blogs… 😕

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately and what I could do to get myself more motivated to post on here and keep it interesting and fun for anyone and everyone. So I’ve come to a decision…

I will be posting about our new puppy as well as writing. I love to write, so I will post when I am working on a new story, hit a dead end in a story, when I need inspiration, inspiration for you, etc.

Don’t worry! That’s not ALL I’ll post about! I’ll still post about cute, chubby, fluffy, and all obsession worthy things. I actually have so much to share with you, so hopefully I can get around to doing so soon! :)

If you still check this blog and read this post, thank you so much! I am going to try my best to get back into the swing of posting on here :)

Please comment if you read this post, so I know you’re there! :)


I just can not stop making Frozen collages and edits!! It is SO much fun and I just had to share some more with you! :)


This isn’t a quote or lyrics from a song- I just made it up :)


These are lyrics from “At the Beginning” which is played at the end credits of Anastasia :)


These are also lyrics from Anastasia. The song is called “Journey To The Past”. I LOVE this song!!


Something else I made up :)


A quote from Sam in The Lord of The Rings- The Two Towers. That part always makes me cry :(


More quotes from Sam :)


Another thing I made up :)


A song that Pippin sings in The Lord of The Rings- The Return of The King. :)


Lyrics to the credits song in The Return of The King. It’s called “Into The West”

(P.S. SO sorry if some of these are hard to read! I was able to read them fine on my iPod, but it’s worse on the computer 😕 )


More from me LOL


Lyrics to “Where Do I Go From Here” from Pocahontas 2- Journey To A New World.


Lyrics from “Where Do I Go From Here”


Lyrics to “Once Upon A December-Reprise” in Anastasia.


Something else I made :)


This a quote from LOTR also. I just changed the names to be “Anna and Elsa” instead of “Sam and Mr.Frodo” 😛


Lyrics to “Reflection” from Mulan. I changed the last part up a bit to match Elsa a little more :)


I’m actually not sure what this song is called… It might be called “Remember Who You Are”, but it’s from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron  by Dreamworks :)


This one might be called “I’m Free”, but again, I’m not sure. Also from Spirit 😉


This is also from Spirit and the same song as the previous one 😉


Lyrics to “When Somebody Loved Me” from Toy Story 2 :)


This is something I made up :)


Another one I made up :)


I’m pretty sure this song is called “I’m Still Here” and it’s from the movie Treasure Planet :)


Also lyrics to “I’m Still Here” from Treasure Planet. And ugh- so sorry about the wrong spelling of “there”. It was supposed to be “Their” not “They’re”. I don’t know how I let that one slip 😛

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know which ones were your favorites! 😀

So, how many of you have heard of or like Squinkies? I have a ton of them and although I don’t play with them anymore- I still LOVE them! I’m here today to show you my collection of Squinkies! 😀


Here are my Squinkies from Brave.


These are Merida’s brothers- in human and bear form! 😛


The Witch, Fergus, Elinor, and two versions of Merida. Aren’t these ADORABLE?!


Some sets come with little “props” as I call them. Here is Merida’s target, Elinor as a bear, and Merida’s horse Angus. All of the little pegs you see, are where you place the Squinkies. Although on Angus, I place them in between the peg and the horse. It looks weird if they sit on the peg 😛


This is my Snow White set! I have all the dwarves, Prince Charming (or David as I call him), and two versions of Snow White. The set also came with The Evil Queen, but I gave her to my mom since I hadn’t seen Once Upon A Time and actually liked her yet 😉


Here are few from Tangled. Maximus, Pascal, Flynn (I know, his name is Eugene, but I never call him that. I like Flynn a lot better LOL! 😛 ), and Rapunzel! They are SO CUTE!!


Here’s my Sleeping Beauty set. The “props” are the Spindle, Maleficent as a dragon, and a bed. Then I have Prince Phillip, Aurora, Flora, Merryweather, and Fauna. I LOVE Merryweather!!


This is my Cinderella set! I have Bruno, Lucifer, Jaq, Gus, Mary, one of the little birds, Cinderella- Maid, Cinderella- Pink Dress, Cinderella- Blue Dress, Cinderella- Wedding Dress, Prince Charming, and The Fairy Godmother. My favorite has to be Gus!! 😀


This set is very small, but at least I have Belle and The Beast! It also came with the Rose and the mirror :)


Here’s The Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Sultan. Isn’t the Sultan adorable?!


*Gasp* I feel like I’m missing one!! I thought I had King Triton! Oh NO!!! I HAVE to find him!!! :O
Okay, sorry about that! I have Scuttle, Ariel, and Prince Eric. And it also came with a clam/oyster with a “dinglehopper” 😛


This was like an Animal Friends Set (or something like that 😛 )! The “props” are a Kennel, a play thing-y, and a tub :)


Here is Kaa, Baloo, Bambi, Thumper, Pumbaa, and Simba! I love Pumbaa and Bambi! 😀

Well, those are all of my Disney Squinkies! In the next part you’ll see all of my other Squinkies 😉

Do you have any Squinkies? Which one is your favorite?

Today is my brother, Jacob’s, 25th birthday!


This was taken in November 2011 at Disneyland! This is one of my favorite pictures of us!! That day was SO much fun and one of the best Disneyland memories I have with my mom and brothers!

Happy Birthday, Jacob! Have a great day! 😀

Four weeks ago today we lost Majesty (we had to put her down), my brother’s beautiful golden retriever. And although she was my brother’s dog, I loved her so much and I still sometimes cry when I think about her. Yesterday was one of those days with my mom and brother and myself.
Since this blog is about things I love, it seems only right that I post about her on here. A lot of these pictures are from her last days with us.


Majesty LOVED her squeaky toys, but her lightbulbs were her absolute favorites! She had 3 of them and almost always had one with her :)


She always looked so sweet in this position. <3


Majesty had this face a lot! I think it was when she was relaxed and happy that someone was with her :)


This is at the vet, the day we had her put down. You would have never guessed something was wrong with her or that she was in pain. She was always happy…


I totally loved when her ears were up like that! It made her a million times cuter!!


The people at the vet gave us a bag of dog treats to give her and Jordan fed her a lot! I believe she ate a bag and a half of treats!!


This picture melts my heart. My brother’s face when he was looking at her and petting her was so sweet and I could see how sad he was. :(

Now let’s look back at the past when she was a little “Butterball puppy”


I love this picture of her! I have it as my wallpaper on my iPod :)


She looks so cuddly wrapped in that blanket!!!


I used to love watching her eat the peanut butter out of the KONGs!


Jordan always had a little fun with her ears 😀


I loved when he would scrunch her face! He did it all the time and she didn’t even care 😛


This has got to be my favorite picture of Majesty. She is so beautiful and fluffy, her ears are up, and you can see her gorgeous gold eyes so well in this picture!

I miss Majesty so much and will never forget how on the last day, just a little while before they were gonna put her down, she let me hug her. I had never been able to hug her for that long before. I think she knew I was sad and that’s why she allowed it. The only one who could ever hug her was Jordan, so I was really happy that she let me.

I will never forget that day and how much we were hugging and kissing her. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I still look in the backyard and expect to see her there. And sometimes I think I hear her walking up to the door or in her crate. I pray that I will see her again someday.


Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

I am super happy to be starting Little Miss Fluffet so I can show you everything I love and obsess over!
A few of the things I love are Disney, Vinylmations, POP!s, Frozen, The Lord of the Rings, and SO much more!

I certainly hope you enjoy my blog and will come back often! And I love comments, so please don’t be shy to leave one :)

Have a wonderful day!!

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