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My Team Won 1st Place in AAWC!
My Team Won Second Place in CWWC!

THIS IS THE LAST CHALLENGE OF AAWC!! *cries* I’m really sad. It’s been so much fun, but I’m sure that Misty will be quite relieved once it’s over, so I’ll be happy for you, Misty! ;D

I used the word “Invisible” and included a plot twist. Unfortunately, a swan didn’t fit in anywhere in my story, so I was unable to do that…

Anyways, let’s get on to the story!


Always alone. Never safe. That’s been my life for as long as I could remember. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is for outlaws. Really, though, I think outcast suits me better. My people voted me out of the throne in my kingdom, and since then, I’ve been on my own. They couldn’t accept me for who I was.
“All hail Queen Gloria in all her glory!”
I raised my head in annoyance at the sound of Edmund’s voice. Okay, so I wasn’t alone, alone. At least not with him around. We always ran into each other on the streets, since we were both outlaws and pretty much homeless.
“Oh, my apologies, your outlaw-ness. It seems I’ve offended you.” Edmund bowed dramatically before me, but I just glared at him.
“Leave me alone, Ed.” I demanded, returning my eyes to my worn out leather journal. Sometimes I wished I was invisible so he wouldn’t know where I was. Then I could escape him.
“What’s wrong, Glooooooria?” He teased, singing my name like that part in the song, “Angels We Have Heard On High.” He knew I hated it when he did that.
“Edmund, would you stop it?” I bellowed. “Just leave me alone!”
“What are you gonna do; hit me?” He inquired, clearly thinking I couldn’t do it.
“I might, if you don’t go right now!” I warned, but he didn’t move a muscle. I pursed my lips together and rose to my feet, raising my fist back and sending it flying into his stomach. He didn’t even flinch.
“Wow. That was better than I expected it to be. I expected to feel nothing, like a little tickle, but I actually felt a teeny, tiny bit of something. You’re not as weak as you look, Your Highness.” He mocked. Edmund never did believe that I was royalty and he gladly used it to make fun of me.
I picked up my journal and stomped away, ignoring Edmund’s words behind me. Someday I’ll get even with him. Someday.

Five Years Later…..

My little miracle. My perfect weapon. 
I lovingly stroked my fingers across my newest creation – a machine built for torturing my worst enemies.
“Bring him.” I commanded one of my faithful servants.
Within moments, my servant entered the room, dragging Edmund in behind him.
Realization entered into Edmund’s eyes. “Gloria?” He inquired, as though not sure it was me.
“It’s been a long time.” I remarked. Motioning for my servant to place Edmund in the chair, I headed for the door.
“Wait! What’s going on? What is this thing?” Edmund questioned, sounding partly confused and partly angry.
I turned my head slowly and locked my eyes onto his and said, “Payback.”

The process was over in 2 minutes. He didn’t stop screaming for another 5. Either he was a big baby, or that machine was more painful than I thought.
I pushed the door open and entered the room where Edmund sat, breathless. Slowly, he raised his head and shouted, “Why?!”
“It’s payback for everything you’ve done to me in all the years I’ve known you! All the torture you put me through!” I shouted back.
“What are you talking about?! I never did anything like this to you!”
“No? You tortured me every day with your teasing, your mockery, the public humiliation! So I spent the last two years creating this machine to get even with you!”
“I didn’t mean to torture you!”
“Then what were you trying to do?!”
“I don’t know!”
“Yes , you do!”
“I just-”
“You were-”
“Then what was it?! Why did you treat me the way you did?!”
“Because I love you!”
Everything fell silent. My heart froze and I couldn’t find a word to say. All those long years he was teasing me, mocking me, because he loved me?
“You’re lying.” I breathed, unable to believe it.
“No. I assure you, I’m not.” He promised, then continued, “I love you, Gloria. I always have.”
I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes welling up with tears. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this. Here was a man sitting before me that I hated my entire life, professing his love for me. It touched me in a way I had never experienced before in my life. I felt my heart softening toward him. Maybe it was possible……..
No. I shook away every positive feeling I had for him and replaced it with my anger and vengeance. I scowled at him and said, “It’s too bad nobody loves you.”


Wow. Poor Edmund. XD


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