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Hello everyone!
I seriously LOVE food and I have a major sweet tooth. Something I love eating for breakfast is….


Toaster Strudels!!! My favorite flavor is strawberry, but I have tried the apple one which is good, but strawberry is still the best! Toaster Strudels are usually kind of expensive, so we don’t buy them a lot, but we found a 12 pack value size at WalMart for a good price :)


Now, I LOVE the icing!!! It seriously makes the Toaster Strudel so much better! Me and my brother both agree that no icing must go to waste! If some gets on our plate, we’ll get our finger and lick it clean 😛

If you haven’t tried Toaster Strudels, you need to! They are SOO GOOD!! 😀

Have you ever had a Toaster Strudel? What’s your favorite flavor?

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