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I felt like making a Frozen post today, but the question was, what do I post about? Then I decided that it would be interesting to take a closer look at Elsa’s life :)


Starting off when Elsa is just a little girl- she’s probably around 7 years old. She’s just having a ton of fun with her little sister and her magic and making her sister happy.


Then the ice hits her head and Anna goes unconscious. Naturally she is very worried and scared for her sister right now.


So Grandpappie (the troll) heals Anna, but removes all magic from her memory. And their father decides that Anna needs to be kept away from Elsa. Right here I think I have mostly thought about how sad it is for Anna because she randomly loses her older sister with no explanation. But really, I think it’s saddest for Elsa! She has to be kept away from her little sister because of her magic and what she accidentally did to her! And she can never talk to Anna. What must that be like to be completely shut out from the world and to have to shut others out, too?


Now it’s coronation day!! I would think that most people would be excited for that, but Elsa sure does look sad. Why is that? I think that she actually isn’t as sad as she is scared. She’s really afraid of her powers and what could happen if she makes a mistake. All her life she’s been alone, but now hundreds of people are going to be in the palace. That would be pretty scary, too.


Alright, she’s freezing the scepter and the other thing she’s holding, she’s in front of a ton of people, and if anyone noticed that she was freezing those things, that would not be good! And you know, all her life she’s been told “Conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show.” But I honestly think that wasn’t good for her to say. That just made her think about it more and made her even more scared!


Everyone knows about her power now, the entire kingdom is afraid, and she’s being called a monster. It definitely makes sense that she runs away.


Anna goes to find her sister, so she can apologize and bring her home. Now just look at Elsa’s face right here- she definitely wants to go back and have a normal life with her sister, but she can’t.


I’m sure it’s very hard for Elsa in this entire scene. She’s telling her sister to go back home and saying, “Yes, I’m alone, but I’m alone and free.” She’s trying to sound okay about it, but deep down we all know that she’s not. As Anna says, “Nobody wants to be alone.”


And once again, Elsa hits Anna with her powers, but this time in her heart.


You can see Elsa’s love for her sister really well in this picture. I wonder if she knows that she actually hit her heart? She doesn’t seem to know when Hans mentions it later. Hmm….


“How? What power do you have to stop this winter? To stop me?”

One of the saddest lines in the movie. The fact that she mentions herself needing to be stopped is heartbreaking. I still think that sayingΒ “Conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show” had a lot to do with how she struggles with her powers now. She should never have been taught that :(


Now these two body guards are trying to destroy Elsa. Seriously, if they would’ve just looked closely at her face and listened to what she said “No, please!” and how she said it, they would’ve seen how sincere it was and that she was really a good person!!!


And to defend herself from them she’s using her powers and nearly killing them, but Hans rushes in and says, “Queen Elsa! Don’t be the monster they fear you are!” making Elsa realize what she was doing and that she really was starting to be a little monster. Just think if she had went on and nobody ever stopped her! She probably could’ve ended up an Evil Snow Queen! I mean if she kept being told she was a monster and people kept trying to kill her, that could have happened.
Now here’s a question, that one guard was going to shoot an arrow towards Elsa, but Hans stopped him. Why would he do that if he had already planned to kill her once he and Anna were married?


Okay, what could be more painful than hearing that your sister was dead because of you? The exact thing you had always tried to protect her from, but it still happened. :(


Then she gets up and sees her sister completely frozen. And it’s all because of her. That is literally one of the saddest things ever! And I think what’s really sad is that Elsa was told Anna was dead already, but then she sees her frozen right in front of her. So now she knows she really wasn’t dead yet, but then right away, she practically was again.


YAY!! Anna isn’t frozen anymore!!! Elsa brought her back πŸ˜€ And now she’s bringing back the kingdom, too!!


And finally, Elsa can hug her sister and be around her without worrying about freezing her ever again :)


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