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Monthly Archives: April 2016

HIIII! I’m SO excited because AAWC HAS BEGUN!!! YAY!!! You’ll be seeing a lot of stories this month ;D

Oh, and Misty, I used a swan in my story and title (as you already can see XD ) :)

Now, introducing…

The Silver Swan

James paced the floor, pausing every six seconds when he had an idea and then would shake his head and continue pacing.
“Calm down, James.” Malcolm urged, “You’re giving me a headache.”
James plopped on the velvet sofa and huffed. The entire kingdom had their mind on the war between man and beast. James, however, had his mind on an entirely different matter.
“I can’t stop thinking about her.” He whispered. Malcolm raised his eyebrow and set his book down.
“Is there something you need to tell me, James?” He inquired. Being James’ best friend, he felt he was entitled to know absolutely everything that was going on in his life and – usually – James was happy to share.
“Last week I saw a beautiful young maiden in the forest. Her dark hair blew in front of her face and she stared at me with her sad eyes. I was going to speak to her when suddenly a giant winged creature swooped down from above and carried her off into the sunset. Ever since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. I believe she may be in trouble.” James explained, his eyes full of worry. Malcolm grinned and said, “James, I know exactly who it is you saw.”
“You do? Who is she?” James pressed.
“She’s known as the Silver Swan. She goes down to the lake in the forest every day.” Malcolm informed.
“Why?” James inquired.
“No one knows. You can try asking her yourself. She lives in the Holland Tower in the back of the forest.” Said Malcolm. James immediately rose from his seat and headed out the door. He didn’t want to waste a single moment. If she was in trouble, he was going to save her.

Riding through the forest on his mighty steed, James practically flew to the Holland Tower. As he approached it, he noticed how solemn it looked. So old, so dark. Something wasn’t right there. Swiftly he dismounted his horse and ran to the tower. He looked around, but no door was in sight. He would have to climb. He pushed back his crimson cape and grasped the creases between the bricks, hoisting himself upward. Quickly he climbed, for fear that he would be too late to save The Silver Swan.
At last he reached the top window and climbed through, leaving him standing in a dreary room. He peered through the darkness and caught sight of the young maiden he had seen in the forest, suppressed in the shadows beside a golden mirror.
James took off his hat and held it tightly in his hands as he approached her.
“Who are you?” A gentle almost inaudible voice emerged from the maiden.
“I have come to find out who you are. And to determine that you are safe.” James replied. They looked into one another’s eyes for a few silent moments. The young maiden was so touched by this man’s concern that it made her heart soar in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. At length she said,
“I am Arella, The Silver Swan.”
“Y-yes. So I heard.” James stated. “I am James, Guard of the Citadel.” He introduced with a bow.
“And what more information do you seek, Sir James?” Arella inquired.
“I wish, if it pleases you, to know more about you. Why do you live in a tower with no doors? Why do you hide away in the rear of the forest? And why do you go to the lake every day?” James asked respectfully. Arella lifted her head and dropped it again as she let out a soft sigh. She stepped into the light and James noticed for the first time that she had long silver wings – like that of a swan’s – only much bigger. He remained silent, however and waited for her to speak. She wandered to the window and gazed out – her eyes mournful.
“Many years ago, a castle stood strong right over there.” Arella began, pointing her finger to a demolished part of land, “A wonderful king and queen lived there and ruled their kingdom with kindness and generosity. Until one day, the queen gave birth to a baby girl. They loved her and they cherished her, but as their daughter grew older, she became different. She wasn’t like the other young boys and girls in the land, and the king and queen grew fearful. They became so preoccupied with protecting their name, their status, that they sided with the people, who also were fearful of the princess, and they did something they would later come to regret.” She paused, her eyes looking down at the window’s ledge.
“What did they do?” James urged. Without looking up she said, “They banished her.” Arella turned away and continued, “The princess always remembered this. She became depressed and insecure about herself, so she stayed in hiding, keeping away from anyone and everyone. Until she heard about the attack on the kingdom. She rushed back home, but by then it was too late. Everything was gone. Her parents, the kingdom, everything but this tower was destroyed. She forgave her parents for their wrongdoings and she settled down in the tower, to keep them close to her heart.” Arella finished, now standing in front of the mirror. James shook his head in disappointment and walked over to her.
“Arella, I am deeply sorry for all you have been through.” He said sincerely. Arella looked at him with tears in her eyes. She took a deep breath in and said, “And to answer your other question; I go to the lake every day to look at my reflection. To remind myself that not only am I human, but a swan. I belong there as well, in the forest and the sparkling waters. That’s where I feel free and beautiful. And when I return here, I look into the mirror. Where I see the human who could have been a princess, kind and generous just as her parents once were. But alas, I remain here, to avoid being seen by anyone so that they won’t ever fear me.”
“I can’t understand how anyone could fear you. Arella, you are beautiful – inside and out. Whoever can’t see that is clearly out of their mind. You’re a special young girl and you were made different for a purpose. That I truly believe.” James inspirited her. For the first time in years, a genuine smile spread across Arella’s face. Her one dream had come true at last – to be loved and happy again.


So, what did you all think? I’d love to know! :)


YAY! It’s time for the next part of TMCOC!!! 😀


Erebelle cried in her bed that night. She was hurt that Damarias was sentenced to die. She was hurt by what her mother did, and she was hurt by the prince’s cruelty to innocent animals. Suddenly she had an idea.
“I’m going to take him out of there and send him far away.” She said to herself and hopped out of her bed to quickly change. She was going to take him back that night.
Erebelle pulled the hood of her cape over her face as she neared the castle. She crouched behind a bush that was just outside the castle gates. She had to think of a diversion to get the guards out of the way, just for a moment, so she could enter without anyone knowing it. She searched the ground for a stone and picked one up.
“Oh, I hope I aim this right.” Erebelle said under her breath and threw the stone as hard as she could. It landed with a loud clank on the bars of the gate.
“What was that?” One of the guards asked, raising his sword.
“Someone must be out there, let’s take a look.” The other guard said and they both set off in separate directions.
Erebelle quickly went to the gate and climbed over it, which was not very easy to do in a dress. When she jumped down from the gate and hurriedly got out of sight, she sighed in relief.
“Now all that’s left to do, is find Damarias and somehow sneak him out of here.” She thought, beginning to doubt if she would be able to succeed.
“Well, I’ve come this far, so I have to keep going.” She decided and crept through the palace courtyard. She came to the stables, wondering if Damarias would be kept there.
“Damarias!” Erebelle whispered. “Are you here?” She asked hopefully. Then suddenly she heard a little growl. Only it wasn’t coming from one of the stalls, it was coming from the direction of a locked wooden door. Erebelle busted the lock and opened the door, where she found a spiraling staircase that went down forever. Erebelle hesitantly began stepping down the stairs, hoping that she would find Damarias at the bottom.
When Erebelle neared the last few steps, she whispered, “Damarias, are you in here?”, and a low, gentle moan answered her voice. Erebelle’s heart stopped for a moment and she ran down the last few steps. There lying in chains, was sweet Damarias. Erebelle threw herself on top of him and gave him the biggest hug.
“Oh, my sweet little guy! How could they do this to you?” She cried and Damarias blew on her face, just as he always did when he was happy to see her. Erebelle laughed and rubbed her tears away.
“Alright, buddy, we have to get you out of here.” She said as she tried to slip off the chains, but they wouldn’t budge.
“Damarias, would you by any chance know where the key is to unlock the chains?” She asked hopefully and Damarias shook his head to the left. Erebelle gasped in surprise. She had not noticed the sleeping guard in the room. She then noticed the keys on a loop in his hand. Erebelle studied the loop, and then looked at Damarias’ tail.
“Hey, I need you to do something for me, Damarias – well, for yourself, too. I need you to very carefully slip your tail through the key loop and hand it to me, okay?” Erebelle explained her plan and Damarias nodded his head. He stretched his tail out as far as he could and cautiously slipped it through the loop, but paused when the guard moved. Erebelle sighed in relief and motioned for him to continue. When Damarias had the keys he lifted his tail to Erebelle.
“That’s my good furry boy!” She said and stroked his head. Erebelle unlocked the chains and quietly placed them on the floor.
“Now, let’s get out of here!” She said with determination and Damarias snorted in agreement. Erebelle slowly and quietly lead Damarias past the snoring guard. There was a large door that was just big enough for Damarias to fit through and it lead right into the woods. Erebelle was outside the door, waiting for Damarias, but while he was walking, his tail whacked the guard and he fell to the ground. Damarias turned around to look at the man who was staring angrily at him and Erebelle.
“YOU! Get back in here!” The guard shouted, but Erebelle yelled,
“NO! He belongs to me and I am here to retrieve him! Damarias, RUN!”
With that Damarias darted out of the room and into the woods. Erebelle had swung herself on top of him, so they were now running for their lives through the dark woods. Royal officers were chasing after them on horseback, and they were nearly on their tail, but Damarias made a quick turn that only he could fit through and lost them.
“Damarias, I don’t think it’s safe for us to go home now. We’d be better off hiding out here in the woods.” Erebelle said sadly. Damarias flapped his ears to try and cheer her up.
“Well, at least I have you back.” She said and kissed the top of his soft head.


Hurray, he’s back!! What will happen in Part 6? Stay tuned! 😉


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